American Idol 2013 Las Vegas Round 3 Live Recap: It’s Ladies Night Again


The Las Vegas rounds continue on American Idol 2013 and the girls are up again. Tonight the remaining 10 girls will be performing in solo acts and will be cut in the “sudden death” round. The judges will be making cuts at the end of the night.

The girls who survive this round tonight will move on to the Top 20 and America’s votes!

I’ll be watching along with you and recapping as we go. So I’ll be  reviewing each of them below. Be sure to join in on the fun with your thoughts in our comments section!

The Las Vegas Round 3 performances (girls)

Melinda Ademi. Her performance of “Nobody’s Perfect” was kind of all over the place. She was pulling out too many tricks and runs. It was a little too gaspy at the beginning and the song didn’t really lend itself to much of a vocal display. She did have a nice energy, though. She seems to really enjoying performing.

Candice Glover. Good song choice. I like when singers focus on classics instead of only the modern songs that sometimes lack substance. So, yeah, I was happy to hear her sing “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.” I feel like she could have made it her own a little bit more and was at times flat, but Candice has already proven herself to me and many others.

Juliana Chahayed. Oh boy, it’s Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper” on a singing competition show. Again. At was at least a unique version of the song. And while it was nice to see her with a guitar, I’m not a fan of her airy, gimmicky singing voice. I’ll never be a fan of that singing style.

Jett Hermano. A piano version of Rihanna’s “Only Girl In The World.” I like. Good performance. It was shaky at parts, but I liked it. This is the first time I’ve seen her, though, it seems. So it’s probably  not looking good for her.

Cristabel Clack. Hmm. I’m feeling nice tonight, so I’m not going to go crazy with this recap event though I thought it was awful. I’ll just say that I think things aren’t looking good for her. Or maybe I’m wrong? The judges seem to not agree with me on this.

Aubrey Cleland. Eh. I was kind of bored with this. I mean it was a perfectly fine version of Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams,” but I found myself looking at the ceiling or my invisible watch.

Rachel Hale. This is the first performance of the night that actually felt American Idol-worthy. Her version of “Nothing But The Water” had a little Carrie Underwood mix and had me almost tapping my foot. So that says a lot. I liked it.

Breanna Steer. I like the song choice. “Bust Your Windows” isn’t a typical singing show song, so you know I’m appreciating that. I expected it to go somewhere, but it just kind of sat there in one place. Not too bad, I guess.

Janelle Arthur. The country girl is getting a heavy edit this season (after being cut two other times), so that on top of a pretty solid performance tonight has things looking good for her.

Zoanette Johnson. I never in my life thought anyone on American Idol would sing “Circle Of Life” (unless there was some Disney or Elton John theme). And when I heard she was doing it, I thought it was going to be even more ridiculous. And while it was weird, Zoanette got to finally show that she can sing and quite powerfully. It’s still pretty weird, though. But I think she’s very entertaining. So I’m cool if she stays.

The Results

Zoanette is up first. Randy tells her that she’s going on to the Top 20.

Melinda gets her news from Mariah. And it’s not good. The journey ends for her this season.

Keith lets Juliana know that she’s not a part of the 2013 Top 20.

Aubrey gets an easy yes from Nicki. She’s in.

Cristabel Clack is up next and Randy lets her know that she’s not moving on.

Mariah tells Candice Glover that she’s in the Top 20.

Jett learns from Keith that she’s not moving on. She’s heading home.

Nicki lets Breanna know that she’s headed to the Top 20.

So that leaves Janelle and Rachel, the two country girls. Rachel is out and Janelle is in.

What do you think of these American Idol results?




    • Why does she talk like she’s ” in the hood?” And can’t she call anyone by their name???
      Do we call her ” Little Miss Obnoxious?”?

  1. The band is too loud. We need more mike on contestants and less background music; highlight the girls!!!!!!

  2. Well… At least the judges are hearing that most people don’t understand the whole ” yay Zoenette”…but obviously they don’t care.

    • I agree! She is AWFUL! I can’t believe they are sending some home that have good voices and keeping HER!!!

  3. Please let Zoanette stay, even though her voice isn’t put to part with the other ladies. Its just something about her that touch my heart. She deserves to stay because the people love her.

  4. I can’t even tell you how utterly stupid idol and its judges look like now by giving zoanette a standing ovation.. Really?! I was waiting for Ashton kutcher to pop out and say “you’ve been punked” last I knew idol was for singing. And that my folks was anything but. People may have thought Simon cowell was mean, but right now, idol needles him. This show has went from looking for true TALENT to looking for the rejects from the gong show. Good GOD!! Stop the madness!!

  5. So… At the end of the night. Someone ( Rachel) got robbed because the judges think Zoenettes story is what makes an American Idol… Silly me, I thought this was a singing contest…

    • Who would ever buy a Zonette CD? What performance will she do next? Anther Disney tune? I have heard Randy say so many times to others…you are good, but too theatrical, more for broadway not for this competition. She doesn’t belong. She robbed a seat from another

  6. Isn’t this a singing competition? Aren’t those the words that veteran judge Randy Jackson says when he dismisses contestants with VAST AMOUNTS OF TALENT above Zoette or whatever her name is? She can’t sing

  7. What happened to Angela Miller and Kree Harrison who made the top 10 last week? They were the BEST! They were no way to be seen tonight.???

  8. Zoanette?? Really?? She can’t sing!! Can’t understand what she is “singing??”Why let some of the other REAL talent go and keep her?? Hopefully, she’ll be the 1st one voted off. She doesn’t deserve to even be in the top 10 !! I won’t be watching Idol this season, the 1st time since the show began. WHAT are you judges thinking!? Isn’t Idol a SINGING competition??

  9. I dont get the whole Zoanette thing..isnt this a singing competition not a feel sorry for my family show….and like others have said it cost some good singers a spot..just not right..I DONT GET IT..!!!

  10. I hope the top 12 are chosen for their signing ability, along with performing talent. I hope tht the group that tours the country ( that top 12 ) aren’t chosen because 17 years ago they left Libya. It doesn’t matter her background. That’s not what te contest is about, or many many other unlamented contestants whole have been sent throug

  11. Simon Cowell is probably rolling on the floor laughing at the new and old Idol judges and their foolish picks. Knock knock guys. It’s a singing competition.

  12. This may be the end for me I can’t take watching them say good bye to the people that can sing. Zonette over Rachel Hale……..really??????

  13. What happened to Angela Miller and Kree Harrison who made the top 10 for the girls last week? They were not there tonight and they were the best!!

    • They are already in the top 20,
      last week 5 guys and 5 girls made it to top 20,
      then their letting 5 guys and 5 girls make it again,
      so next week the whole top 20 will perform,
      so get ready to vote for them next week. cause it starts(:

  14. Its about time they have an artist that plays my favorite genre….obnoxious whale mating calls

  15. Rachel should stay in the completion . This is so messed up!!!! She’s pretty n have the talent to be the next American idol. Why Zoanette??

  16. Well! awful people never wanna see nor hear of others being good. I think it’s true that the American Idol is a singing contest and that is why the judges doing what they know is right. Some of you are very races, the fact that Zoanette comes from a black color is annoying for you. I know she does care for what you think. I think she’s doing what is good for the contest……

    • Who do u think u are? calling those who comment on here racists!?! How dare you.

      • No one is talking race other than to say that the girls group is dominated by black women. If it was the other way around it wouldnt be mentioned. Point is, matteus fernandez was told not to continue making it “a pity party” by nikki by singing
        “stronger”, yet it is encouraged in zoanette. She simply should not have been put thru in favor of others with more to offer with their talent. It isnt personal. How could
        it be? For the most part people are only responding to what is shown on the program. There is no racism being promoted in any of these comments.

  17. I don’t think you need to understand everything in this world to have you going on with life. Some things are just far above to understand. I vote Zoanette cause she gives the true feeling in the songs she sings.

  18. I enjoyed most of the night,
    i think zoanette shouldve been elinmated,
    my fav girls is janelle and angela,
    and my fav guy is charlie & lazaros
    so im very excited for the top 20. im so ready for it,
    lets hope that they go with a top 12/ this year.
    5 guys 5 girls then the next 2 highest regardless of what gender.

  19. last week 9 of the 10 girls were impressive…this week, only 2 of the 10 girls impressed me…not sure what was up with this weeks girls but they all under performed…I am looking forward to America voting…that is when this show gets serious

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