American Idol 2013 Top 3 Performances & Voting

Angie Miller - American Idol 2013

Here we go! It’s time for the Season 12 American Idol 2013 Top 3 to take the stage three full times tonight to perform for your votes. The weird thing is they won’t be singing in the same order each round, according to TIP, which gives everyone a chance at the last spot in the round although Candice is suppose to have the real pimp spot of the night by going very last.

Remember these songs were selected by production, Jimmy Iovine, and the judges. The finalists were not given the opportunity to pick their own songs for tonight. According to the spoilers we’ll be hearing Angie sing “Maybe,” “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word,” and “Try.” Candice is set to deliver on “Next To Me,” “One,” and “Somewhere.” Then Kree will come in with “Perfect,” “Better Dig Two,” and “Here Comes Goodbye.” Yikes, I hope that last one for Kree isn’t prophetic, but I guess someone has to go home this week.

Now we’re set to find out who deserves to go home and who really wants to win American Idol 2013!

Here’s your performance song list for tonight’s American Idol Top 3.

American Idol 2013 Top 3 Live Performances – Round 1:

American Idol 2013 Top 3 Live Performances – Round 2:

  • Candice Glover — Next to Me — 1-866-436-5705
  • Angie Miller — Try — 1-866-436-5706
  • Kree Harrison — Here Comes Goodbye — 1-866-436-5704

American Idol 2013 Top 3 Live Performances – Round 3:

  • Angie Miller — Maybe — 1-866-436-5709
  • Kree Harrison — Better Dig Two — 1-866-436-5707
  • Candice Glover — Somewhere — 1-866-436-5708

What did you think of tonight’s performances? Let’s hear your predictions for who will be voted off American Idol this week.




      • Matt, weren’t the numbers for performance night different from the usual process? Usually, the numbers are assigned by the order the contestant sings them, if there is more than one song sung. Tonight, Idol just mentioned numbers according to the first songs and added 3 for each of the next numbers. For example, Candice sang last but has the number 8, instead of 9. It was confusing. I just voted for the first song numbers because of the confusion (at least for me).

      • Yes, I know the order of performance was switched, but the numbers remained as if they had not. Am not criticizing you. Just can’t think of a worse time for Idol to make a change and cause possibility for error on the part of voters.

      • No worries. I didn’t think you were being critical.

        It was weird to have them out of order, but since voting numbers have always been the same pattern (1/4/7, 2/5/8, 3/6/9) it would have probably made things worse to change those numbers.

  1. Angie gave 3 great performances, Candice gave 1 great performance e the other 2 was not that great. Kree for me gave 3 great performances.
    The finnaly should be Kree and Angie.
    That’s the fair thing to do. we all know Candice is a wonderful singer, but she lacks personality. I don’t think she deserves to win this competition, she is just to much for american idol(a populary contest) She already have what she needed of this competition, she needed to be known, now she is.

    • Priscila,,,pls go dive in the next lake maan,,,u are yapping too much and ths is no place,,,, u pple always try to make excuses when ur favs mess up,,,,call a spade a spade, period

  2. Kree totally sang her heart out tonight with “Here Comes Goodbye” & she is the only singer that really had no bad reviews this whole season. Anyone that knows losing people you love at such an early age devastates you & your soul, I don’t know how she got through that song without breaking down because I was. I believe that song may have just gotten her over a mountain that she has been trying to climb for a long time. She has done it & for her to win will let the angels she so dearly loved pick her up off her feet & let her soar to stardom!!!!!! (where she belongs)!!!! God bless you Kree!!!!!!

  3. I’ve seen polling be wrong before. Its so obvious the judges or trying to make sure candice wins. Even though kree and angie Or the final two. I can’t believe what I saw last night. Candice is a ok singer that’s it!

    • Totally agree! Candice was good last night and so was Angie, Kree was off. Way too much drama last evening with Candice and Kree and Keith Urban’s comments were very inappropriate. It is a matter of personal taste in music, do not tell me if I do not support a particular person that I need to see a Dr.

      • Nikki was soliciting votes for Amber before she was voted off. They should only critique the singing and leave the voting up to the audience. Even Mariah tried to get votes for Amber. One thing for sure Simon never ask for a vote for any contestant. And all season Nikki has commented on how the girls are dressed…its not a fashion show!

    • u pple are so much trying to discredit Candice,,,, the gal worked so hard to be wher she is now, so pls let her be,,,last week u said the judges are trying to push Amber, and this week u guys did jump to Candice, wht do u want from her? leave the gal alone,,,, and let her enjoy her fame maan,,,,, u pple are pathetically annoying

  4. I will buying kree a nd angie first cd…not candice even the candice has THE VOICE…but that is a different show if im correct. nothing against candice just not my type of music..but she can have gospil hit for sure..might listen to her on sunday..but the rest of the week kree and angie all day long!!

  5. I think one huge mistake of American Idol is that they don’t let the contestants choose their own songs once it gets down to the top 4. Having to sing whatever someone else chooses takes these vocalists out of the comfort zones where they’re developed their own personal skills. It’s not like having judges select someone that plays the violin, for example, or the piano. It’s the public.. the viewers that get to choose. Once the artist are on their own they’ll be singing country, rock, pop, etc… not having to conform to choices someone else chose for them. They’ll be singing what’s best for them the way it should be.

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