American Idol 2013: What Should The Top 4 Sing?


Well American Idol is again withholding on the theme this week because I guess Nigel Lythgoe has fun revealing them in cheeky ways via twitter. But we do have a pretty solid rumor that one of the themes is One-Hit Wonders. So we’ll go with that.

So what should the American Idol 2013 Top 4 sing?

Angie Miller, “Tainted Love.” I think she could do a Colton Dixon-esque arrangement with this one. Start it on the piano then take into something both haunting and spiritual. Could be way rad.

Candice Glover, “Don’t Leave Me This Way.” The disco hit by Thelma Houston could stand an update. I love this song. And Candice could put that powerful pop/soul/rock hybrid sound she’s so good at. I’d love to hear her take on that song.

Kree Harrison, “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia.” I understand this was a hit with Reba McIntyre, but long before Reba covered it, Vicki Lawrence (yes, that Vicki Lawrence) had a huge hit on her hands with it. And it was her one and only. So Kree, being the soul country girl left, could tear this song to shreds. Yes please.

Amber Holcomb, “It’s Raining Men.” She’s likely to go out next so she might as well have some fun. I think she could really do something cool with this song. And that risk coupled with the judge’s unwarranted excessive praise could put her in the Top 3.

The other song theme is rumored to be free choice. In that case, I say the #1 thing for them to do is go upbeat. NO BALLADS.

Here are some quick thoughts on what each should do:

Kree Harrison should cover Patsy Cline, since she’s an idol of hers.

Angie Miller should do “Price Tag” by Jessie J since she loves her and that song is fun and modern.

Amber Holcomb should show her legs and since whatever she wants. That has worked for her for the past several weeks.

Candice Glover needs to have a HUGE POWERFUL moment, like Jimmy Iovine said last week. She HAS to solidify her spot in the Top 3 where she belongs.

What would you like to hear the Top 4 sing this week on American Idol 2013?




  1. love your choices. at this point it’s all song choice and performance. would love, love, love to hear kree sing del shannon’s “runaway”. she would blow it right out of the water. and i know no one should do adele but angie and just the piano doing “someone like you” could be magical. agree that amber needs something fun and over the top. and candice has to do something larger than life.

  2. Maybe someone could sing Adam Lambert’s “Whataya Want From Me” LOL I know that was mean. EVERYTHING he sings should be a hit.

  3. Branden you seem so bias with Amber and Candace I wonder why. Amber will be in the top 3. I see Angie going home after this week. Nevertheless at this stage of the competition all the girls are great performers.

  4. Time for amber to go home! The judges r trying to influence in her favor. No personality & avg singer. A few weeks ago she was in bottom. Nothing has changed about her since,

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