American Idol 2014 Poll: Vote For Best Top 10 Performance

The Top 10 contestants have performed on American Idol 2014 and now it’s your turn to tell us who did the best job tonight. Picking songs from the top of the chart gave these singers a big chance to wow us, but which one delivered the most on that opportunity?

CJ Harris on American Idol's Top 11
CJ Harris on American Idol – Source: FOX

FOX’s official voting opened at 8PM tonight with the start of the show thanks to their Google Search Voting method and the rest of the voting methods have joined in as the phone lines were unleashed for calls and texts.

We want to hear who you think had the best performance of the night so vote in our poll below and share your thoughts!




  1. SAM was the best by far…. I don’t understand the poll cause when I voted for him it said he has only 13 percent of the votes in the poll. And I agree the Harry seems to like to give bad comments lately.

  2. Last week was the starting gate and this week the competitors musical
    personalities are off and running! It’s intriguing to watch and hear.
    Jena’s become a ferocious front contender and giving her strongest
    counterpart, Caleb, a real run for the finish! Her song
    choices have been smart and spot on! Her command of the stage is so professional it makes her the one to watch. Harry was
    right when he first named Jena the ‘sleeper’. Who knew this
    petite, exotic beauty was such a power-house singer, musician and
    performer? Malaya’s coming up roses with each new performance. This week’s song
    choice was not only smart but smartly sung–her musical choices with the
    lyric and melody were beyond her years. She’s blossoming into a
    strong musician to be reckoned with. Other
    notable performances of the night were Alex with his deft musical
    precision and interpretive skills; Jessica, although better tonight,
    remains defiantly within the ‘comfort-zone’ and refuses to challenge
    herself to stretch beyond her own limits. Again, Harry was right to
    point out that she did nothing to bring out the lyric–which is the
    whole point to the song she chose, “Pumped Up Kicks”. MK was more confident but, her commitment throughout her song choice wavered; Sam did an interesting arrangement of the song “We
    Are Young”, with very musical harmonic choices in the chorus. Not surprisingly though, Harry was, once again, right in his
    critique that Sam needs to break out if he’s to stay in the race–having
    a ‘good voice’ at this point in the competition is just not enough to
    remain a force to be feared in this competition.

    On a
    different ‘note’, J.Lo needs to chill-out with the hostility she’s
    projecting toward Harry Connick Jr. She needs to respect his critique
    and judgement–especially since he’s a consummate, highly respected
    musician among musicians. Superimposing her opinion as the absolute
    final word to disprove his critique then following her arguments by
    making faces and sticking out her tongue is disrespectful to her fellow judge, imbecilic, immature and has
    nothing to do with the objective of a judge–which is to help the
    performers improve their performances and competitive edge.

  3. Boy that poll is looking just like it did when Scotty won. I remember James always being at the top, Haley, Casey….

    • It’s interesting to go back and look at that. Actually Scotty (red line) lead the polls nearly every week and held the top average all season. James (dark red line) did have a couple of weeks where he was on top, but if you look at the 2011 rankings chart here you’ll remember it was Scotty who was more consistently on top. Casey (orange line) never lead and Haley (yellow line) was very middle of the road until the last three weeks.

      Take a look –>

  4. I think that Harry is awful as a judge. He has nothing but negative comments to say to every one. Even the nice comments start out good then there is always a ‘but’ following the nice comment. He is constantly disagreeing with Jennifer and Keith. I am not sure if this is an act or what. I am sure that he doesn’t know EVERYTHING about singing and performing. I would think that the two sitting next to him have an idea about what they are talking about too. I think that Alex and Malaya did AWESOME last night! But, so did all of the others. I think the only one who had a bit of trouble was CJ and he can bounce back. Just my 2cents.

    • He is teaching them the most. the hardest teachers make you try harder and you learn more in the long run if you apply it.

  5. Harry Conick is at least brutually honest about a lackluster group of singers this season. Urban and Lopez are trying to save the competition with candy coating comments.

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