Who Is Going Home On American Idol 2014 Tonight?


Last night the American Idol 2014 took on songs from the Top 10 charts, so we might see things get back to normal after some crazy voting outcomes last week.

Or maybe not. Maybe last week’s voting shift is a sign of how the rest of the season is going to play out. But I think we’ll see a little of both, actually. You’ll see what I mean in my elimination prediction below. As always, these are just predictions based on stats from last week, polls from this week and my overall expertise in this area.

Definitely Safe (I think)

Alex Preston. He made a great move last night with the One Direction song. That choice along with his already steady safety should keep him very secure tonight.

Malaya Watson. She had another good week and just keeps building momentum despite a close call the first week. And here people thought I was crazy when I called her one of my favorites before the live shows got going.

Caleb Johnson. As if he wasn’t already solid with voters, he covers a Lady Gaga song. Great move on his part.

Who is going home tonight on American Idol 2014?

Most Likely Safe (but still at risk)

Dexter Roberts. Normally I wouldn’t put him here, but he’s doing terribly in our poll. I still think he has enough country music fans pulling for him that he’s fine.

Sam Woolf. He was in the bottom last week, but I think he’ll regain his safe spot after this week’s performance.

Jena Irene. Like Malaya, I think Jena is gaining momentum after a rocky start. I think she’ll be ok again this week after her song choice and performance.

Jessica Meuse. I don’t think her song choice will effect her the way the judges were suggesting it might. Most voters weren’t paying attention to the lyrics. I think she’s safe, but maybe I’m wrong.

Possibly the Bottom Three

MK Nobilette. Her one week break is over, I think. Her Pink cover did her no favors this week.

C.J. Harris. Last night was probably C.J.’s worst performance ever, so that didn’t help him out any, I’m sure.

Majesty Rose. There’s a possibility Majesty is safe this week, but I’m not so sure after last week’s placement and last night’s performance.

Probably Going Home

MK Nobilette. I think her nine lives are up. I think this week she goes. And the judges won’t save her.

Who do you think will be safe and who do you think will go home tonight on American Idol 2014?





    • The audience went home and watched ( Survivor ) last night instead of American Idol

      TV Ratings Wednesday ” Survivor ” Beats American Idol … American Idol earned a series low 2.2, down 8 percent from last week’s 2.4 adults 18-49 rating

      Just cancel the show as no one is watching!!

  1. I hope that you are right that they won’t save MK but I kind of think they will. Not sure why but just a feeling I have.

  2. Without a doubt mk needs to go.

    but cj destoryed that good song so ewww send em home that homeboy

  3. At this point in the competition they should be more ready and not have stage fright. They should be able to learn their new songs in a week. If not, then what will they do when they have to learn one sooner. As much as I love C.J. I think it will be either him or MK. Maybe they should come back next year and try again. There are several on here that would have never made it thru Simon if he were still on AI. Time will tell. I hope the best person wins.

    • I thought once you got past Hollywood you were ineligible to return.

      Even though MK should have already been sent home, she will get to go on tour this summer with the other better contestants.
      That doesn’t speak highly for the tour. Maybe the producers should try to sign some of the previous Idol top 10 from earlier seasons to help draw ticket buyers for the up comming summer’s tour .
      If the judges save MK, I will follow last years pattern and change channels for the remainder of this season.

      • I think MK’s a really unique talent who just needs to gain more confidence, and I believe the tour will do it for her.

      • Sounds like that’s just what you should do…it’s not necessary to be critical to make the point you set out to make. Comparisons only serve to do harm….

  4. I agree MK messed up, however with CJ being sharp almost the entire performance and hurting my ears, I hope it’s him

  5. I guess I’m the only one who can’t stand Jessica Meuse. She is the female Tom Petty and I dislike his voice so much. Her’s is even worse. So whiny and it grates on my nerves. Does anyone remember how she treated people during group week? Horrible.

    • I disagree. Jess sounds like Bobbie Gentry to me[love her]. And she’s beautiful which plays a big part in show biz these days. Do you think Rihanna would have the career she has if she looked like Gabourey Sidibe? And as for group week, who knows what they haven’t shown us of the other’s behavior? People under stress don’t always behave the best possible way.

      • I agree about the stressful situation, others didn’t treat people as badly though, and true, we didn’t see it all. It’s just a matter of personal preference, Her voice doesn’t agree with me. As for her beauty, I believe that a persons true beauty is in their character and how they treat others. Physical beauty fades, but true beauty shines through always.

      • Fair enough, but physical beauty sells and we are talking about marketability here. Naomi Campbell may not be a sweetheart, but she has made a career for herself.

      • I don’t choose the music I like based on what a person or group looks like. They aren’t on America’s Next Top Model. Josh Groban is no Johnny Depp, but I love his voice. Just my opinion, 🙂

    • If I recall, she was the treated poorly! She had the guts to stand up for herself!

  6. CJ needs to go. His entire performance was just bad last night. I thought I was hearing a joke contestant or someone drunk singing.

  7. What is up with the judges these last 2 weeks especially JLO to Harry she is rude and her behavior last nite by sticking out her tongue low class and very rude

    • Judges should at least set a good example and not boo the other judges even though I feel like booing Harry most of the time.

  8. CJ (like Lazaro last season) has a following, so I expect MK will hear Kelly’s “Breakaway” song.

  9. I like MK’s voice. I would rather hear her sing than Dexter, CG, or Jessica. She is killing her chances by her lack of emotion on stage.

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