American Idol 2014 Poll: Vote For Best Top 11 Performance

Season 13’s Top 11 finalists have given it their all tonight and performed for your votes. Now it’s time to show which contestant had the best performance.

Dexter Roberts
Dexter Roberts performs on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

FOX’s official voting opened at 8PM tonight with the start of the show thanks to their Google Search Voting method and the rest of the voting methods have joined in as the phone lines were unleashed for calls and texts.

We want to hear who you think had the best performance of the night so vote in our poll below and share your thoughts!




  1. Jena was obviously the best of the night along with caleb’s stella. Malaya was HORRIBLE! Listen to her again! She isn’t ready for this competition. ITS BASICALLY THE POWER OF THE “SONG” that made it seem “so good” but in reality…. >.>

  2. Jena was za best! Omg! Malaya was terrible! Did they even hear her sing? It was like a mouse being stepped on!

  3. I love how people never give Jena the credit, vocally the girl is better than anyone else in the Top 11. With Caleb as well…

  4. why is there so much hate for malaya? i mean you Jena fans have to admit that Jena wont win. she was saved by the judges in top 20 and she was in the bottom last week she has been really inconsistent. the was just her good weak. malaya was good as well. so stop all the hate its not right :/

    • I have not heard “hate” for Malaya at all.She is a talented artist that deserves to be here.As for Jena won’t win….you better look again.The deck has been shuffled.

    • So agreed I loved his song last night. He kinda puts u in the mind of a younger slightly inexperienced Stephen Tyler

  5. Jena, Caleb and Malaya won the night but still I love Majesty and Alex. Those are my top 5 since the beginning.

  6. I knew it from the beginnig that Jena is incredible! & Caleb too! Jena & Caleb for the finale

  7. Cmon, Majesty did not do the song justice. the phrase ‘let it go’ did not have any conviction. It was weak and the performance was very mediocre. Worst version of the wonderful song yet.

  8. Jena and Caleb have now created separation from the cast of contestants. This is a new horse race that is in the backstretch of the final.

  9. I think the rocker is the only one that can actually sing,rest sound karaoke!!..

  10. Jena is much like Angie last season; when she’s playing the piano she goes to another level! I’ll have to say Caleb got second even though I’m leery of his marketability? The judges last season (including Keith and Randy) must have also to have cut him below the subpar boys-such as Lazaro! Majesty and Sam also have good potential marketability! Alex is my 5th place. CJ is still sour even though he brings a lot of feeling (much like Lazaro) Not good unless you use autotune! Maylaya next after Alex in 6th place- even though I’m “not a fan”, she sang pretty good last night!

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