American Idol Rankings: Top 11 Week In Review

Video: Jena Irene Leads The Top 11 on American Idol

The American Idol Top 10 contestants are busily preparing for this week’s live performance show where another singer will be sent home, but how close are each to that edge of elimination? Let’s look back at last week’s polling data to see who has the most recovery work to do.

Climbing the charts this past week was Jena Irene with her performance of “Decode” which shot her straight to the top with a huge sixteen point jump. Caleb isn’t far behind her with his steady top ranked performance and even managed to pull a few more points from the crowd this week. Rounding out the top three in our poll is Malaya Watson who slipped a few points but continues to do well overall in the numbers.

Jena Irene on American Idol 2014
Jena Irene on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

Caught in the middle we’ve got CJ at ten points after doubling his numbers from last week. MK has a big climb out of the danger zone in our poll and in the show’s official results. Alex comes next as he’s stuck in the middle ground and can’t seem to do anything about it. Then there’s Sam Woolf who makes the girls scream, but can’t get them to vote as he slides down four points this week.

According to your votes in our poll the three singers who need to work the hardest to avoid elimination and regain voter praise are Dexter, Jessica, and Majesty. Dexter seems to have on/off weeks, but you can’t play those sorts of games on American Idol. Jessica is having a hard time rallying the votes in our poll as she is sliding to danger. Majesty is doing the same thing as Dexter with high weeks and low ones that could cost her if she doesn’t pull it together.

See where your favorites stand in the rankings here and check out the chart below to watch their path through the season so far.

American Idol 2014 Top 11 Week Poll Rankings:

  1. Jena Irene – 22% – up 16 points from last week
  2. Caleb Johnson – 16% – up 4 points from last week
  3. Malaya Watson – 13% – down 2 points from last week
  4. CJ Harris – 10% – up 5 points from last week
  5. MK Nobilette – 7% – up 3 points from last week
  6. Alex Preston – 6% – even from last week
  7. Sam Woolf – 6% – down 4 points from last week
  8. Dexter Roberts – 5% – down 7 points from last week
  9. Jessica Meuse – 4% – down 2 points from last week
  10. Majesty Rose – 3% – down 6 points from last week
  11. Ben Briley – 1% – down 3 points from last week – eliminated

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American Idol 2014 Top 11 Week rankings



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  1. That was Jessica not Jena which she had a bottom 3 performance. Jena had the top performance-must be a mistake in video shown.

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