American Idol 2014 Top 4 Power Rankings

Jena Irene

Last night on American Idol 2014, we said goodbye to Sam Woolf and hello to our Top 4: Jena Irene, Jessica Meuse, Alex Preston and Caleb Johnson.

One of them will be winning American Idol very soon, so now is when these power rankings really get put to the test. So let’s get to it.

4. Jessica Meuse. I’m actually surprised Jessica didn’t go home last night over Sam, but I’m glad this is how it happened, because I think this is the truest final four there could be this season. I do see Jessica going home next, however, just missing the home visits. Unless we have a Chris Daughtry moment.

3. Alex Preston. I don’t see him trading places with Jessica next week, so I think he will finish third at this point. Unless something incredible happens next week. But then again, for all I know, he may be America’s favorite (he does have the most Twitter followers). I don’t see how, but he has never been in the bottom.

2. Caleb Johnson. This is the first time in a long time that Caleb hasn’t been number 1. I think I’m finally going to go ahead and switch him with Jena. I can’t see Caleb not making it to the finale and he still has a very strong shot at winning. But right now, I think all the power has shifted.

1. Jena Irene. Who knew she’d go from wild card, to bottom three to the top spot in our rankings. But I think she holds all the power right now. She has the second-most Twitter followers (Alex has about 20K more) and all the buzz is surrounding her right now. And she’s had really strong performances the past four weeks. She’s on fire and can win this.

How would you rank the American Idol 2014 Top 4?




    • It’s going that way now and she’s on her way to the top. And – don’t forget Branden, the older folks don’t tweet. And the young girls that do – well I don’t see them voting now since Sam is gone. And – if they do – I’m thinking Jessica would be their favorite now.

    • Yes, except sending Caleb home. Then the top 3 has something for everyone. Rock/power/performance with Jena, subtlety and artistry with Alex, and something great but unclassifiable with Jessica. Quite frankly, Caleb is getting boring at this point. Do something different than just scream, Caleb. Who wants to buy an album consisting of half an hour of shrieking? No one.

      • I’ll admit I find Caleb wildly entertaining, and my wife bet me a big old sushi dinner that Caleb is going to win the whole thing. But we both realize the act is pretty corny.

      • It is always a laugh riot to me when a voter accuses a performer of “just screaming” … Especially when the singer sang the song as well as the original artist did. But, it happens every season when a rocker is one of the top runners. So, I am not surprised anymore.

      • Let’s be honest. If you “bring the house down” doing a carbon copy of an old Whitesnake tune, the house was probably not in the best shape to begin with.

      • So you are saying he performed it just as well as the original performers did … yet he is accused of always screaming. Why does that does not surprise me. And that “old Whitesnake tune” will stand the test of time better than 98% of music being made today. That’s a rather solid house.

      • I was never a fan of David Coverdale’s screeching back in the day, so you’ll have to excuse me for not praising Caleb’s performance as anything more than what he does every week: a fun, forgettable romp.

      • Are you hating on Caleb screaming or his interview on AfterBuzzTV. If it’s his screaming, then stick to your genre. If it’s the interview, then he was talking about the HATERS not the FANS! QUIT HATING ON CALEB ALRIGHT!!!!

    • That would really stick it to the judges. It would be the most entertaining AI in a long time. Personally, I hope Jena goes next, but that’s just because of her “I already won” so call me JENA attitude.

      • Thank you! IMO Jena is the next Jessica Sanchez/Pia Toscano. Fading into obscurity and the sooner the better.

      • Jessica Sanchez sucks. Jena is ten fold times better than she ever was.

      • I agree – the judges are so wrong to back Jena the backstabber – I am sure that she was one of the two that voted against Sam to stay… Bye Bye little miss blackbird… Jessica should win… that would prove the judges critiques wrong!!!

        Jessica has a great voice, she is a lot like Stevey Nicks… and we all know how successful she is.

      • So glad for whoever voted no. Why change the rules of not sending someone home who received the lowest votes now?

      • YES! JENE VOTED NO! She said in an interview! in so many words I’M WATCH OUT FOR MYSELF! Hope she’s gone THURDAY!

  1. Valerie for Jena was awful and Caleb killed both of his performances and gave the performance of the season so far on his last one so let’s just arbitrarily move Jena to the top spot…sheesh.

    • Jena slaughters great songs or sings songs that I have never heard of… And the Judges just can not get enough of her – Well – even though in the beginning she was one of my two top favorites. – I hope this little song bird goes home.

  2. If the final two are Caleb and Jena we are done. don’t like screamers and they both are. But at least you can understand what Caleb is screaming LOL!

    • I hope you’re kidding? Jena’s loud but sings. Caleb, you have absolutely no idea what he’s saying. And there’s no variety in what he does – look at Jena going from Creep to So Small to My Body with no effort at all. Wow.

      • I never understand what Jena is saying. it’s like she has a mouth full of marbles. Can’t stand her.

      • Maybe you should check your ears and actually use them to listen than maybe you could understand her.

      • Too many posters on too many blogs say the same thing for it not to be true. She starts every song mumbling and then goes into full screech mode. Shop around the web, you’ll see. Her songs didn’t chart this week at all. Jessica’s did. people are spending money, but not for Jena’s music.

      • If Alex or Sam attempted a upbeat song that has passion and volume to it … Then you would know the definition of “screeching”. But, I guarantee you will never hear them get out of their safe and ultimately boring, comfort zones. As they know their limitations. But, if I want songs that make me fell the passion of it, I will stick to Caleb or Jena as performers that bring what I want from a song..

      • yes agree..sometimes I can’t understand what Jena is saying…her pronunciation is horrible

      • Mara, you just have to try and understand that are those that think anything in sung in a high volume is “screaming”. No matter how clear and precise it is performed. It will be called “screaming” by some. I agree, Jena’s version of “Creep” was epic. So not even close to being “screaming”. Yet we always have to hear the same, worn out battle cry from them, year in and year out if it is not the passionless style of music they are accustomed to. Kind of sad to me … But, I like all flavors of music. So that is easy for me to say.

      • No one has EVER said “Clear and Precise” about Jena’s singing. EVER!

  3. I told you who ever you put in the number ! spot seems to be jinxed-now you have my Jena! It should have “never” been revealed who voted “NO” on all staying another week. This will hurt Alex and Jena. for votes. They perhaps may be the bottom two next week. Jena definitely needs to get behind the piano (her secret weapon) to insure that she moves forward!

    • She can always fall back on her “I already won” attitude and wobbly tone. She was a person that barely made finals, now she is THE JENA. Ugh…

      • She stated that she would probably go with “JENA” when asked by Harry. Reiterating because people had trouble with the spelling of he name Asciutto! Note: Branden and others in “this” blog continue to spell it “ASCUITTO”-wrong!!!

  4. I also don’t like that you’re jinxing Jena! It’s WAY too soon to call it right now, do you really have to do it?? I humbly request that you delete the article, especially after last night, we really don’t need any more Jena haters putting her in the bottom 2 for next week.

    • Tell me about it. I’m tired of people saying that Jena is a “marble mouth” or Caleb “screams too much” or “I’m not going to watch AI because Sam is gone”. If you don’t like the talent on AI than find another reality singing competition!!!

  5. Jena Irene, or wait… we are suppose to call her JENA now, is so full of herself its difficult to watch. Please America, send her home next!

    1. Jena Irene
    2. Alex Preston
    3. Caleb Johnson
    5. Jessica Meuse

    • HAHA Just realized the mistake
      RANKING TOP 4:
      1. Jena
      2. Alex
      3. Caleb
      4. Jessica

      • That’s the order they’re leaving in right? Jena goes first, then Alex and so on. Hope one more week it all we have to suffer with Missy Mumbles, Look at me I’m a star Jena.

      • Shut up stormy, your ears must be deaf if you think shes going home next if anything why she should go hime is because if this stupid twist crap that was obviously a ploy to bash Alex and Jena the two real artists of the show.

    • Boy do you have that wrong…
      Ranking Top Four are:
      1. Jessica
      2. Alex
      LAST – Jena

      • It’s amazing how many people have Jessica in the number 1 spot now. She may be the favorite to win now.

  7. In all honesty, I could see any of the 4 being the next American Idol as they all have immense talent.. but for me personally, I think these rankings are upside down and twitter-counts doesn’t seem like a very good barometer. In my opinion, Jessica is #1, and has the most unique voice. I can see her making a fantastic indie album. In order for her to move on though, she needs to show more connection and emotion to the songs she’s singing. Alex would be 2nd, with his originality being his strong point. Caleb is #3, as his strong suit is entertaining more than singing, sorry, but screaming gets annoying after a while. And even though she has a powerful voice, Jena is #4 for me, as she comes off a bit nasally to me and at times sounds like she’s singing with marbles in her mouth.

    • Nasallly? If anyone who sings nasally is Jessica! Every week she sings nasally. Probably cause of that nose piercing.

    • Wow. I totally disagree. But that’s my taste in music. I tune in to see Caleb, but I’m bored with most of the others. Long live rock! …or rather, Let’s resurrect it! Caleb FTW!

      • Hope you got to see a real rocker on the X-Facotr: Jeff Gutt… Now he is a sensational Rocker!!!! – And he puts Caleb in all together a different class… Jeff Gutt can really rock!

      • I never watch X-factor. To be far, just about all the performers on the Voice, put those on American Idol to shame.

      • PREACH!!!!!!! If you put Christina Grimmie (on the Voice) in AI, she would EASILY (AND I MEAN EASILY) beat everyone!!!!!!

      • See the only reason people are hating on Caleb & Jena is because of the genres that they like. Leave the rockers alone and stick to your genre!!!!!

    • If anything it is Alex and Sam who tend to sound “the same” to me week in and week out to me. Though this past week Alex shocked me with turned out to be one the better performances of the night. But, it was still kind of the same mellow thing he always does … Just performed with more passion than usual.

      • Alex – sings alternative music… And Alternative music does not make an American Idol.

  8. I will post my top performers of the week. Remember, I base my votes on how well I think they “performed” last week. Not on how cute the are or on how humble they are.
    1- Caleb
    2- Alex (shocked me last week)
    3- Jena
    4 Jessica
    5- Sam (actually Sam had one of his better performances last week as well. But still think America got it right by voting him off).

    • If Jessica was the person with the least amount of votes, the “shocking twist” would have never happened. This just proves that the AI producers and judges are extremely bias.

  9. Im sorry but i totally disagree with this….
    Final Three: Caleb, Alex, Jessica
    Final Two: Alex, Jessica
    Winner: Jessica

  10. Caleb’s ranking should be #4 after he calls his fans ‘retards’ in an interview.

  11. Ok so now that Jena and Alex have voted to send a member of their “family” home and Caleb has called all of his fans retards, can we get a new tally?

    • They didn’t vote to send a member of their family home. They voted to respect America’s voting decision and have the show run as normal rather than playing into a ploy. Two people would have had to go home this week. Sam and Jess voted yes because they were on the chopping block, not because they felt some sort of emotional ties to the other contestants. It was anything but selfless. Eventually everyone will have to go home except for one person. I applaud Alex and Jena for not caving in to the producers’ ploy for drama.

      Let’s say Sam was going to go home this week and Jess next week. Except everyone votes yes, and next week Jena and Jess get sent home. Would Jena’s fans hate Sam and everyone else for voting “yes” because it ultimately made it so that she unfairly had to go home instead of him? Use some common sense here. The contestants were all put in a bad position. Build a bridge and get over it.

      • Jessica seems to be the only one who isn’t out for blood or attracting negative attention. Who needs one more stereotypical celebrity.

      • Sam and Jess voted yes because they were on the chopping block, not because they felt some sort of emotional ties to the other contestants. It was anything but selfless.

        I agree. It seems the producers were so sure that everyone would vote Yes that they didn’t even prepare a highlight reel for Sam. And when the gambit backfired, it wasn’t the producers who looked bad.

        I feel bad for Jena and Alex, because I think voting No was acceptable for a couple of reasons. But they should have known that the producers were trying to get them to save Sam, and that unless everyone voted No, they were going to seem like backstabbers.

      • I’m actually glad that someone was sent home. My point was that these people are all doing a lot of playing, and it’s not instruments.

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