American Idol 2014 Top 5 Power Rankings


Well, America, you’ve now got your American Idol 2014 Top 5. One of them will become the next American Idol. But there are still a few rounds left and anything can happen. So let’s take a look at how we think the Top 5 are stacking up after this week.

American Idol 2014 Top 5 Power Rankings

5. Jessica Meuse. I don’t like ranking Jessica last. I think Sam should probably go before her, and he could, but if he has another good week, she could be the next to go. I think she’s the most polished of the five left so it’s sad that it looks like she doesn’t have a shot at winning after two weeks in the bottom two.

4. Sam Woolf. Sam is very hit and miss. This week was a hit and that’s why he wasn’t even in the bottom two this week. Is he going to pull a Jessica Sanchez and ride that judges’ save all the way until the finale? I don’t think so. I think there are three people ahead of him. But we’ll see.

3. Alex Preston. I’m still not sure if he’s here or No. 1. I wish there was an actual indication. I do feel like maybe Jena has passed him up, though. He’s just starting to come off pretty predictable and sometimes boring.

2. Jena Irene. She has come a long way. To think how her American Idol path has gone, is actually pretty mind blowing. It’s very impressive that she went from wild card to bottom three to where she is now. She could actually win.

1. Caleb Johnson. I do get a feeling Caleb is still in the best position to win American Idol 2014. He never has a bad week and he’s so commanding of the stage, that I think people are just going to vote for him a lot. I do think if he and Jena make it to the finale, she’s the one person who can beat him. So look for those two to change places in our rankings soon.

How would you rank the American Idol 2014 Top 5?




    • Are you kidding me? If anything Jena should be switched with Sam. He’s got a long way before he wins I’m sorry.

    • I’m Pretty Sure This Ranking Makes More Sense:

      RANKING: Top 5 (Reflection of Voter Base not Performance or Song Quality. Ranking reflects who is most likely receiving the most votes)

      1. Jena Irene
      2. Sam Woolf
      3. Alex Preston
      4. Caleb Johnson
      5. Jessica Meuse

      • if Jena Irene and Sam were the last two, Jena Irene will not be winner for sure.

      • So agree, Selena! But that won’t
        happen! I may say that the final two will be SAM and ALEX! And SAM will be the winner!!!.. That’s my analysis and opinion right now!

      • 1. Caleb
        2. Jena
        3. Sam
        4. Alex
        5. Jessica

        THAT is the true voting results of this last week. Do your research before spouting off what tou don’t know about!

      • It’s funny because not only are you rude and ignorant but your wrong. American Idol does not release their vote counts in fact it has been a controversy for some time. My ranking was based on voter base measured by YouTube Views, Likes, Dislikes, Media Buzz (Twitter, Facebook etc.) and critical rankings and reviews from sites such as American Idol Net. Of Course I could be wrong, I Know that but based on the objective research I did I felt that this ranking was the most accurate hypothesis of voter base

      • like I said, and I will repeat….DO YOUR RESEARCH! And I was being rude…just stating the truth.

      • It’s funny because you clearly aren’t aware of the fact that American Idol refuses to release information regarding the number of votes each contestant receives other than the bottom two and finally the individual with the lowest votes. You tell me to do the research but I’ve already told you in order to make an educated guess I have done the appropriate research. I Can’t call up Ryan Seacrest and ask him for the exact vote count but I can give an accurate prediction with the information available.
        Now you could be right about your ranking and that’s fine but why don’t you tell us all how you came up with it? You call it the “truth” or the “true voting results” so what evidence and “research” do you have to back that up, you must have some objective unbiased source and it must be a damn good one if its the “truth.”

  1. I agree that Alex, Caleb, and Jena should be the top three. However, I think what helps Alex at this point is that he doesn’t come off as arrogant, which is a problem people seem to be having with Jena and Caleb lately. I think it’s really going to come down to the taste of the voters since everyone has such a different style.

    Alex really has to come out swinging though if he’s going to win. He said he’s a Jeff Buckley fan– I’d LOVE to see him perform Hallelujah. Something about that song just makes for a powerful performance, and I think he could really nail it.

      • Since I never cared for Jeff Buckley’s version, he might improve it. Love it by LC and the Bon Jovi version that they used for Shrek. k.d.lange’s was awesome, too.

      • That’s what making a song your own means. Otherwise, you get Karaoke Kaleb.

    • I agree, Alex will be in first place. To me, it is a cinch. No contest. I would love to see Sam second, but it will probably be Jena, then Caleb.

  2. I happen to think Jessica is the best singer of the bunch but it’s true that she never looks like she’s having fun. I thought she had a great night Wednesday but it doesn’t look like her hard work paid off. The judges went easy on her for a change but she still ended up in the botttom two.

    • Sometimes listening to music doesn’t need to be fun. Sometimes I feel down or sad and I need to hear a song I can relate to. There are a lot of artists who perform in that style. I love Jessica and she’s going to go far doing her own thing after the show.

    • I do think Jessica belongs up there, top 3. The only two I don’t like very much are Jena and Caleb. I can’t help it. Can’t understand Jena. I could never buy her music. Caleb has a good voice, but the music is not artisitic. It’s all the same: loud and boring. He can drop his mic, and crawl around the stage, and the judges cover for him … not only that, they glorify it, and the camerament avert the cameras so we don’t even know it happened! If Jessica did that, all lenses would be on her!!!!!

  3. Best to worst:
    Caleb is the most ready and consistent performer, but Jena has more potential to be a star. I think she should win even though, at this moment in time, Caleb is better. Jessica only lacks the X factor that a very beautiful girl should know how to express and cannot, but she may be the best pure singer of them all. I’m getting bored with Alex even though he may be the best pure “artist” in the group. Sam is getting by on his good looks but that won’t carry him more than 2 more weeks.

    • I agree with you that Jessica has the best voice, but just can’t connect.

      Caleb does the same funny but forgettable School-Of-Rock schtik every week. Jena has stage presence but I don’t find her vocals very engaging. I still don’t get the Alex thing, he’s an awkward little balladeer and nothing more. Sam has a pleasant voice but no personality.

      I don’t think Jessica is going to make it much further, but I honestly think she’s the best of this bad lot.

    • I very much agree with most everything you state. Especially your best to worst. Matches mine to a tee. Alex is about as exciting to watch as a barbershop quartet. Now I agree with were you placed Sam. But, do not be surprised if the pre-teen girl who vote on looks advance Sam and bible thumper who vote based on likeable personality push Alex or Sam through much farther than either one of them should go.

      • Funny you say the Bible thumpers love Alex and Sam. I am a Christian, and rock puts me off (as do Jena and Caleb), so I like Sam and Alex, and Jessica’s rock is a pleasing rock. Lol. I think she is a God fearing Christian. Hope the Bible thumpers all VOTE!!!!!!!!!! Lol.

  4. Sam hasn’t been in the bottom the last few weeks, don’t make it sound like it’s a new thing. I would rank them: Caleb, Sam, Jena, Jessica, Alex

    • sorry, but you’re delusional to think alex ranks last. he’s far more talented than majority of these people, especially dead-eyes meuse.

      • Based on voting, I think it would be 1. Caleb, 2. Sam, 3. Jena. 4. Alex and 5. Jessica… Alex is talented but typical AI voters are put off by his appearance and lack of charisma.

      • Its a shame too he’s a great artist and people base off their votes if their good looking or what not.

      • I totally agree, Alex is first …. YOU WATCH!!! Even the writer of this article says he does not know if Alex is first. Alex has been running first from the beginning.

      • he is just much better than Jena Irene. I like Alex and Caleb but Sam is the only one my favorite.

    • I like this hope Sam is in the top 3 I love him he looks and sings so much like my Idol Ricky Nelson

  5. Sam gets a lot of flak for being young, immature, inexperienced, etc., but I find much of that inaccurate. I read an interview where he spoke of being labeled The Heartthrob, he stated that it made him uncomfortable and that he was never labeled as one prior to the competition and doesn’t see how he fits that bill now. If anything, I think that Jena, Jessica and Alex could use a little reality check in regards to maturity- I’ve seen countless posts by Alex on Twitter where he’s basically throwing temper tantrums and looking for attention and pity- Same for Jessica, but not nearly as desperate. Jena, uses poor grammar, cusses, and gloats. I think that the three of them are somewhat abusing their “power” on social media.

    • Jena uses poor grammar?
      who really cares.

      and as far as alex preston throwing tantrums i hadn’t seen it. be sure to tell me what he said.

      i would like to know what u r talking about.

      • Check out Twitter, friend. 90% of the negative and pathetic posts by Alex he deletes 5 minutes later. Dude’s got issues. Jena should go back to high school, as a senior she should know how to form sentences.

      • Oh, hmmm, interesting … they “were” there, but they vanished … sure, we believe you. LOL!

      • If I were a 20-year-old man posting pathetic things on Twitter, I’d delete them as well…

      • totally agree, she should go back to school and learn how to communicate with people without cursed/ abused words, via social networks…

      • yes, Jena Irene is. she is very unprofessional using cursed words on social networking.

    • Sam with beautiful British Accent and has star quality status at public social networking like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with the highest follower among the other contestants.

  6. I played back and tabulated the camera work… am I bored or what?… for the Rock performances.

    Here’s what I scored for the five remaining contestants; and, while this is far from scientific, it fits with my opinion that the A.I. producers are a teeny, tiny, bit biased towards a certain performer, whom in my opinion missed more notes than the other three in his performance.. yet, received heart-warming accolades from all three judges (whom saved him two weeks prior, unanimously).

    Contestant : Close up cuts (to full face view) : Cuts to young girls
    Sam W. : 10 live, 6 during judgement : 6 live, 8 during judgement
    Alex P. : 9 live, 6 during judgement : 4 live, 3 during judgement
    Caleb J. : 9 live, 5 during judgement : 1 live, 4 during judgement
    Jena I. : 8 live, 10 during judgement : 2 live, 0 during judgement
    Jessica M. : 6 live, 8 during judgement : 2 live, 2 during judgement

    When you look at Sam perform, you will see the emphasis placed on what is essentially using girls to sell to girls. I didn’t look back at Jessica’s performance, but I’m betting its similar to Jena’s.

    Caleb, … you can just see they treat him differently. When they pan to the start of Sam’s performance, Ryan’s amidst the R5 guys, but they’re surrounded by a sea of young girls. For Caleb, Ryan is sitting with Randy and the gang in the lounge. For Alex, Ryan’s standing by himself behind the judge’s counter. Ditto for Jena and Jessica.

    While it all sounds horribly sexist, its just a well known marketing concept—girls cater to girls, and girls cater to guys. You can see the number of close-ups is fairly equal, though, I dare say Sam gets more face time than the other contestants, and even closer than they zoom in on Jena or Jessica. I believe there is a bit of pandering to the female audience in particular, to sell Sam.

    The other aspect here is, of course, both Sam and Alex are stand-&-deliver types, whereas Caleb is bouncing off the walls with energy; Caleb is a performance on stage. To fill the void with Sam & Alex, to attempt to show ‘action’ during their songs, they throw in cuts of the girls (or JLo) bouncing. But, its more than that – for Sam, its ALL girls. For Caleb, they cut to Randy, or R5, or the drummer…. for Sam, 100% young females.

    Again, far from scientific, but, the point is pretty obvious to me.

    • You are a keen observant Sp_cebux. It is pretty obvious that People love SAM even the camera man try to focus on his face a lot because let’s face it!… SAM is soo…handsome and cute not to mention his good voice! His musicality: creativeness, arrangement, song choice, perfect pitch and intonation! That makes him a real package for AI! But SAM is so humble, and so kind and nice! He accepts all the not so good criticisms and takes it constructively by trying to improve his craft and that makes him better and pretty much better performer every performance. His humility will exalt him!

      • Thank you, Jackie, but, I do not share your same enthusiasm in regards to Sam’s vocal abilities. I would rank him above CJ (who’s gone home now), but I would still rank Malaya above them both (whom is also no longer with us). I also think Malaya had a good deal of charming qualities about her—the braces, the glasses, and her brimming personality with her eyes popping here and there. She was even a good mentor to Sam, trying to tell him to ‘wake up’ and smell the girls all about him. Even Malaya’s final song ended with a great Exit.

        Anyway, the arrows are all pointing in the right direction for Sam at the moment. Almost as if the path were laid out for him.

        Otherwise, I have no idea how he can continue to out last others in the show. I have yet to hear him sing a song, in tune, the whole season. He has his moments – and perhaps those are enough for his fans, such as yourself, to warrant such adulation. I, however, do not see Sam in such a pristine light.

      • That is your opinion and I just wanted to share mine! I’ll stick to what I believe
        in! Thanks! I thought you are too good to be true!…Goodluck to us..and to our favorite AIs!!..

  7. Caleb’s alright if he follows in Taylor hicks footsteps, but if you want another possible Kelly or Carrie vote for Jena!

    • ROFL! Jena isn’t talented enough to carry Kelly’s or Carrie’s make-up case. Thanks for the laugh.

  8. RANKING: Top 5 (Reflection of Voter Base not Performance or Song Quality. Rankings reflect who is most likely receiving the most votes)

    1. Jena Irene
    2. Sam Woolf
    3. Alex Preston
    4. Caleb Johnson
    5. Jessica Meuse

  9. well i usually don’t give my opinion but here it goes ..the only reason people even are paying attention to jena is because she is riding on caleb’s coat tails which is sad because her voice make me sick ..I hate it to be honest. Jess is ten times better but the judges influence people so bad that’s why she is where she is By this time in the game ..what does it matter what the judges have to say they have their favs just like everyone else If Jena is one of the last two standing its very sad because the others are far better I guess thats why i havent watched this show in yrs Caleb has helped AI by bringing in people that haven’t watched in yrs and to say thank you they hardly even ackowledge how good he is because if they did it would be no contest.

  10. I am tired of all the shouting and the noise and you know it was not Sam I was routing for before but you know he is making steady progress and he might be the dark horse and the young gals love him. If he picks some good songs he stands a good chance. I know people complain of Alex but he is actually the most talented of them all.

  11. Here is the thing: my Top 5 Power Rankings:

    1. SAM WOOLF

    It’s either JENA or JESSICA will go home next week if they won’t improve their craft! They should focus on their major issues! The rest are safe next week! Watch out for SAM! He is the most marketable among the idols without even realizing it! Expect the unexpected because again I would say he will make HISTORY!!!

    • I will agree that Sam is improving & Jena and Jessica needs to step it up next week. But don’t let his looks fool you (don’t take it the wrong way).

      • I do believe SAM will take home the TITLE!..So.. Talented! He has the whole package for me! Talent..he is a real musician and an artist! Plus good looks and of course humble, kind and a nice person!! Goes hand in hand!

    • I agree Jackie. In my analysis and opinion, SAM and ALEX will end up the FINALE 2. They match together as far as “musicality” is concerned! That would be an interesting showdown between the two! OMG… I really can’t wait it! The BATTLE of the BRAINS!!!…

  12. Michelle’s Top 5 Ranking
    5. Jessica
    4. Sam
    3. Alex
    2. Jena
    1. Caleb!!!!!!
    and they all will have a great summer touring the country singing their hearts out!

    • This ranking makes sense. If Jena can step it up next week, then this ranking would probably come true (don’t guarantee that).

  13. By the way, I would like to say something to the judges: HARRY, JLO and KEITH. I admire their being too lenient and too sensitive in throwing their criticisms on the idols! Actually these are constructive criticisms, if the idols should only listen to them and follow their tips in improving their craft that would help them a lot! I really love them! They have what we call, “CHEMISTRY” together with RYAN. I hope they would remain judges again in the coming years!!!

    • Apparently some of the idols do “listen” to the judges (Sam, even he shouldn’t be put in the heartthrob position). Also, sometimes I wish that the judges would just listen instead of focusing on the stage presence. They do give good tips, but is dancing to some funk at the hotel going to help the idols win?

  14. Who will be next to be eliminated among the Top 5 American Idols? For me, it’s hard to say, …. but honestly,.. I would rather listen to a song that I can easily understand the lyrics than watching a performance that I can hardly understand! I would prefer JENA to go than JESSICA. That is just my assessment to them! I really love JENA but there’s is no clarity in her voice!

  15. 1-2: Alex and Jena
    3. Sam
    4. Caleb
    5. Jessica

    Jessica will definitely leave next (except if she pulls off something very exceptional next week). Idol could pull off another “shocking” elimination with Caleb going home on top 4 week. Sam will go next, perhaps the influence of the save will be ineffective at this point. Alex and Jena will be in the finals. I still don’t know who will win, but probably, it will be Alex.

    • I thought Jessica did a fine job on Wednesday, and still landed in the bottom two. What sort of “very exceptional” thing she’s supposed to do to stay in the competition is anyone’s guess. Stand on her head, maybe?

    • I am sorry, but the worst voice in this competition is Alex. His rendition of Every Breath You take sucked and was out of tune .. It should be Sam or Caleb

  16. I’m not even thinking “POER RANKINGS”. Any time Jena hears footsteps from Caleb or anyone else left, all she has to do is pull out her secret weapon! Like Angie Miller, Jena goes to another “LEVEL” when she’s at the piano! Thus, leaving Caleb (and the others) behind in in her “DUST”!

    • And the moon is made of green cheese and there really is a Santa Claus. Jena will depart into obscurity faster than Jessica Sanchez and Pia Toscano after Idol. There’s no THERE there.

  17. My top 5, probably won’t happen though:
    1. Alex
    2. Sam
    3. Caleb
    4. Jena
    5. Jessica

    I do really like Caleb’s voice, he just seems too full of himself.
    And I never understood Jena. I really don’t like her. One night she sings a rock song, the next she sings EDM. And you can never tell what she’s saying.

  18. I wouldn’t count Sam out yet. He has taken the judges advise every week. I think if he really wants it… be prepared to be surprised. Good Luck Sam!

  19. I think it’s funny how the people who claim to hate sam are literally over analyzing his every move. Give him a break god dammit it’s like you’re blaming him for the producers’ desperate plea for teenage viewers.

    • No, actually, I do blame the producers for Sam still being on the program in week 5. You are very correct in saying they are desperate to keep the teenage viewers aboard.

  20. I don’t vote, but it’s about time to start voting for Caleb and Sam, send the others packing…

  21. Also, you guys forgot, CJ and Dexter is out, Jess is the only Alabama country person left, she will pick up their votes, so she will not be in the bottom 3 this week, and will be in top 3 🙂

  22. Just given on what I’m seeing with the camera-work, the judges’ unanimous save, JLo’s comments through the season, and a few other odd bits, I am coming to the conclusion this season has been fairly well ‘scripted’ from the get-go. I think its certainly disingenuous to state the show is entirely up to the voters to decide.

    If I were a betting man (which I am, I just don’t have any spare change, at the moment), I’d say its already certain in the producers’ minds how this season ends.

  23. What we have to all consider is this, when you hop into your car…start heading down the road and turn on the radio…who would you remember singing a song, what voice would leave a lasting impression? Lets forget social media, videos, etc…lets just consider you only have the music…From that standpoint who would you honestly want to listen to again?

    • Still looking forward to hearing Caleb &/or Jena release something on the radio. The others, not so much…

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