Who Went Home on ‘American Idol’ Last Night? 4/24/2014

Dim the lights, here we go! The Top 5 for American Idol 2014 are set to be revealed tonight on FOX when the “shocking” results are announced.

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol results
Ryan Seacrest has the American Idol results – Source: FOX

Yep, FOX is saying “shocking” for tonight’s outcome. Uh oh. Who is it going to be? Will CJ survive another week while Jessica or Alex gets eliminated? Can’t wait to find out!

So far we’ve taken a look at our own predictions along with reader voting projections to decide who is most likely to be eliminated during tonight’s American Idol results show. Now it’s time for the official word.

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Host Ryan Seacrest reveals the results as we meet season 13’s Top 5 contestants.

American Idol 2014 Top 5 Contestants:

  1. Sam Woolf
  2. Caleb Johnson
  3. Jena Irene
  4. Alex Preston
  5. Jessica Meuse

Well I wouldn’t consider this week’s Bottom 2 to be “shocking.” We called this as the most likely pair on the Stools O’ Doom.

Top 6’s Bottom 2 Contestants:

  1. CJ Harris
  2. Jessica MeuseShe is safe! Again!

One of these Bottom 2 singers was eliminated with no chance of redemption now that the Judges Save has been used up. This would have been its last week for use if it were still available.

Top 6 – Who Was Eliminated on American Idol Last Night?:

  • CJ Harris

What do you think of this week’s outcome? Did America get the votes right? Share your thoughts!

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      • Caleb needs to show he can do something besides yell, we got it Caleb you can yell
        … Three best Sam, Alex and Jena!

    • Caleb has shown He is an American Idol……… Caleb can sing Rock like a seasoned Star….. He’s Also proven, he can take a so-so country song and Kick AS*! As far as Jena or Alex? Alex is good, but her voice [although ii is strong] doesn’t have any real “emotion” in it, sorry…….. Jenas’ voice is surprising considering her young age[of seventeen]…. And although I think she’ll be famous some day soon, she still has a lot to learn and a ways to go….. She has time on her side…….She’ll get there soon enough….. Caleb is a Force to be Reckoned with…… NOW…….

      • Oops! I meant Jessica Meuse, Not Alex,LOL! Jessica is okay, but no real emotion in her voice…….. Sorry, I got her name confused with Alex….

      • Caleb sounds like Karaoke…Nobody recognized his country song as country, he needs to show he can do something besides yell. But most of all he and Jessica need to get over themselves.

  1. This Sam Woolf character that was saved does not deserve to be in the top 5. Caleb is definitely miles ahead of anybody on this show with vocals and performance. The other 3 could be flipped anyway you wish from second to fourth, but Caleb is Number 1, and Sam number 5. Sam only gets fifth because he is still on this show (Not That He Deserves It)!!!!!!!

    • Sam has the perfect pitch. Caleb has shown he can yell but nothing on originality.He and Jessica Karaoke. Alex is great and so are Jena and Sam. The other two are getting old . Turn out their lights allraedy.

      • Jessica is far from karaoke, she writes her own songs. She is a great singer and songwriter………That is not a karaoke singer, Hello?

    • Exactly! Everyone has their own likes/dislikes, we all hear what we hear differently…. Although I don’t think one Has to be a musician/singer to be able to know what they like, I do feel a Professional musician/singer is More realistic about Real Talent and Not just what is Seemed to be Popular/good……

  2. It’s crazy how different we all hear things…I think Alex is uniquely great. I have never thought CJ should have even made the tour! Still think Sam is dull….and should go next.

    • Alex is the Best singer of them all. He has an amazing voice and awesome vocal ability. Caleb SCREAMS all his songs and gives me headaches…. just another LOUD wannabe rocker. Alex is the only one with an outstanding voice.


      • I have to disagree with you. I don’t “get” Alex at all and his voice does nothing for me. It isn’t like I haven’t listened to him but I find him awkward and not very interesting. I think Jessica has the most “pure” voice of all of them.

      • Alex is doing alternative music. You probably don’t get that. Check out his favorite artist, and one of mine, Damien Rice.

      • Calling Alex’s musical style alternative is beyond funny. Alternative music is like rock and supposed to invoke passion. Alex’s style is more like Barbershop quartet or balladeer in my viewpoint. But, alternative music … Noooooooo

      • Damien Rice is alternative, as is Alex. There are several styles of alternative music, including alternative rock. Look it up.

      • Alex who a pleasant enough voice … If you like that out of date, balladeer style of singing. Personally, that style puts me to sleep. Just curious … Do you like Perry Como?

    • I agree with you Alex has a very unique style…. I think CJ is a nice guy but not a great singer. I personally like Jessica’s style best. She was my fav from the beginning. Guess that’s why there is all types of music.

      • I agree with you Kelly. So many people on this message board think anything that is sung with heartfelt passion, in a loud and clear voice … is nothing more than “screaming’. My Mom always and I mean ALWAYS used to say that to the music I listened to in my youth. But, my Mom thought Perry Como was music that defined passion. Music that left me one step away from a coma. So yes, everyone has there own style of music.

      • Lol……Although I enjoy some Perry Como I grew up in the 70’s and actually love rock music, even some Heavy Metal of the 80’s. Have grown to love the style of music Jessica sings, Jewel is one of my fav. muscians.

      • I appreciate many genres of music, just depending on what particular mood I’m in. I’ve owned records by Led Zep(and not just for “Stairway to Heaven”), Janis Joplin(and not just forMe and Bobby M), Florence and the Machine, etc. But sometimes I feel in a quiet mood. And I don’t wanna hear no Perry Como. I like something creative, intricate, intelligent, unique, meaningful, deep. Maybe you could broaden your horizons a little. And by the way, there is such a thing as oversinging, just like overacting.

      • When you are listening to those passionate lyrics of Led Zep, Janis Joplin, Areosmith or any other group that evokes a thing called passion … do you run out the door saying “no more screaming”? I’m just curious. I only ask because that is the narrow minded way my mom used to see music. You are right in one aspect … There is a huge difference between over singing (screaming) and singing with passion and power. I’m just not that sure you and a lot of other people who always (and I mean ALWAYS ) use that worn out “he can only scream” line of reasoning can see it. And that kind of makes me feel sorry for you and them. As I am lucky enough to enjoy most every category of music made today.

      • Personally, I do not think Jessica is as good as Caleb and Jena. But, loved her version of “Somebody to Love” last week.

    • Yes, Sam is dull. But, do not be surprised if he wins the season. First, his has the pre-teen girl vote based on his cutie boy looks. But, he also has the Bible Belt vote sowed up, based on his humble personality. For some reason, “humble personality” is like cat nip, to the religious. Those are two of the largest voting groups.

      • Some of us are turned off by swag, which is just another word for arrogance. Sam is likeable, and doesn’t have an inflated ego in spite of being cute and talented. Oh yeah, and I’m not preteen or from the Bible belt.

      • So your saying if there is a musical artist who performs with passion and attitude, you automatically write them off. For no other reason than they have “swag” or attitude (another word for confidence). Unfortunately their are a thousand American Idol voters just like you whose votes are based on humble personality, rather than musical talent. And that was kind of my point.

      • Confidence is not another name for attitude or swag. Confidence is based on a person’s actual abilities. Swag, attitude, arrogance-not so much. Anyhow, just because Sam doesn’t sing as loud as he possibly can, doesn’t mean there’s no passion. Just like overacting, people can also oversing. I think you’re jealous.

      • So Connie, if your votes are based on how humble a person is or is not. Then you must already know who your are voting for before they even perform. I can not imagine how boring this show would for me personally if I did that. As I like to vote on who performed the best on that given night. In my viewpoint, that is usually Caleb, Jena and sometimes Jessica. But, never once has it ever been Alex or Sam.

  3. I think they got it right. He was a very pleasant person but his voice could not follow the tune. Hope he does well in other things.

  4. I’m pretty happy with the Top 5 i don’t want any of them to go home next week. 🙁

    • But if I had to say maybe Jessica, or Sam. But it could be anyone for me. This competition is going to be tough.

  5. If Caleb doesn’t win then idol is rigged. I don’t even like the guy but no one and I mean no one has had a better voice or star like quality like he has. The Gena girl has a pretty voice but all she does is scream..and the rest of the contestants look uncomfortable on stage. That’s my two cents so there.

    • If Caleb doesn’t win it is because he sounds like a wornout Meatloaf record. Sam Alex and Jena top 3!

      • I agree that one can say Caleb LOOKS “like a worn out Meatloaf” … without a doubt. But, no way does he sound like him.

      • I know, why does everyone keep saying he sounds like Meatloaf? I would always be able to recognize Meatloafs voice, even if he did something new. But Caleb has more of a generic hard rocker sound. It’s strong with a good range, but that just doesn’t impress me that much. Sorry.

    • Alex is extremely talented. Caleb thinks he is way better than he is.

  6. oh no caleb johnson is not screaming..there is a big difference between screaming and hitting the notes correctly..it is hard to sing a country song and ballad but is even harder to sing rock music without cracking…

  7. I love Alex….he is so unique and quirky! He really has a natural talent for music. Jessica has a great voice….I think I decided last night what the problem is with her. It came from her answer to Ryan before he announced which of the two were safe. She said she wouldn’t have changed anything….she stayed true to herself and that is what mattered most. All other contestants are using the judges critiques to improve and grow. I think Jessica feels she has however skills as a performer because of all the shows she has done….they are telling her how to improve and I don’t think she feels she needs to in some areas.

    • Jessica actually took the advice the judges gave her after her first performance and made adjustments to her second. Even JLo praised her for listening to them.

    • Jessica did take the advice the judges gave her after her performance and even JL praised her after her second song for listening to them.

    • I don’t think she meant she didn’t need to improve, I think she meant she has stayed true to herself and her music style. She has actually said that she does appreciate their criticism and even said she took Harry’s advice and danced in her room in front of the mirror……..lol.

    • I think that she did listen to the judges and she shouldn’t have. It seems like they tried making her appear goofy because they didn’t understand her dark style. I think people liked her more in the beginning when she was completely true to herself.

      • I think she doesn’t know how to register the emotion of the song through her facial expressions. That doesn’t mean she isn’t a good singer or can’t sell music. But I do think it effects her overall performance.

  8. This year, like all the ones in the past, the judges have picked their favorites and no matter what they do, they always get good to great comments. You can just about predict every year who will be the final two in the first few weeks by the way the judges comment on performances.

    Personally I loved Jessica the other night. Her rendition of Want Somebody to Love was great. The only comment I have is I wish she would have ditched the guitar. I think it hindered her performance. She would have been even more awesome if she just grabbed that mic and really belted out that song. I even like her rendition of Jolene.

    They constantly praise Caleb and for me all I hear out of him is screaming. I understand he is a “Hard Rocker”, but does he have to scream every song? But you can bet unless America wakes up and see this, he will be in the final 2, the Judges will make sure of that. The same is true with Jena.

    CJ was the weakest this week, and has been for the last couple of weeks so I was no surprised to see him go. I agree with many others, I don’t know what Alex is doing there. Yes he is unique, and would have a very limited audience, I would not be one of them, I just don’t care for his voice, his style and his facial expressions.

    • I agree you, except I do enjoy Caleb’s performances, he is quite a rocker and I don’t think he screams just has that loud rocker voice.

  9. Alabama Rocks, by the way! Roll Tide! Anyway, back to Idol….Caleb Will be 1st or second, for sure! He’s Great with Ballads & Rock n Roll, especially! It Will be interesting, though? Best of luck to the remaining 5 contestants……

  10. Caleb & Jena are the best, but Jessica beats Alex & Sam. What do the judges have against her?

  11. I hope next week that Caleb can prove that he’s more than someone who yells (calmer song choice), Jena put her “wildcard” position to use (Bottom of the river by Delta Rae anyone), & Jessica can get a song that she’s comfortable for her (no awkward staging).

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