American Idol 2015 Top 5 Songs Assessed

American Idol Top 5 on Season 14

We’ve gathered most of the American Idol 2015 Top 5 song choices from various sources, but we’re still missing at least a few. But we’ve got enough to go on, so let’s take a look.

I’m going to start with Jax because it appears that she has picked the best songs this week.

Jax, “Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keys and Jay-Z, and “Human” by Christina Perry. I think that Jax is going to hit a grand slam this week with these songs and this is a very crucial time for that to happen. She could actually pass up Clark Beckham this week if she does justice to this good song choices.

Clark Beckham, “Your Man” by Josh Tuner. We don’t know his other song yet, but we can say that Clark will be able to kill it with this song. I think it’s smart that he’s going completely country with this because there lacks a country artist on the show at the moment. So he can pick up some new fans or at least some new votes for the night.

Nick Fradiani, “What Hurts The Most” by Rascal Flatts and “Bright Lights” by Matchbox Twenty. I think that the first song will go over very well. Like Clark, it’s great that it’s a country song and that will be a different side of Nick we’ll get to see. When I heard he was also doing a Matchbox Twenty song, that made sense to me, but he lost me when I heard it was “Bright Lights.” That’s a lesser-known MB20 song and I just don’t think that’s ever a good idea.

Tyanna Jones,”Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce.” I’m most disappointed in this song choice. I think this is a horrible song. It only has like 8 different lyrics and it’s just a mess of a song. I think it’ll come off as a mess and I think this is a horrible time for her to be making this kind of mistake. Of course we don’t yet know what her other song is, so hopefully it’s a better choice than this.

Rayvon Owen, “Believe” by Justin Bieber. Well Bieber worked for Clark, but will it work for Rayvon? I don’t know if anything will work for Rayvon at this point, but I’m glad he gets to try. I don’t love this song choice for him, but maybe it’ll be OK. We don’t know his other song choice.




  1. I’m having a little trouble envisioning Clark singing “Baby, lock them doors”. LOL I can understand him going country [isn’t he from Tn.?] but he’s so buttoned up, that him saying “them doors’ might make his head explode. Should be interesting.
    I’m unfamiliar with either of Jax’s songs, so I have no opinion. Another site said Rayvon was doing a MB20 song, so I’m confused. Whatever is whatever. Looking forward to it.

    • Yeah, this is going to be interesting for sure. So far this season when I’ve been worried about song choices most of them have pleasantly surprised me.

      Jax’s should be a big opportunity at least with Empire. Hmm, I missed Rayvon doing MB20, but I certainly suppose they could both be taking on that group.

      • could be, but now is not the time to play it safe. you’re not going to score a recording contract by not having guts. now is the time to go all in. if you’re good enough, even if you don’t win, you’ll still be making records. a smart label will sign you if you’ve got the goods

  2. Believe by Justin Bieber, Girls Run the World by Beyonce? Who comes up with these horrendous song choices? Jax has literally the best song choices. I feel bad for Tyanna and Rayvon to sing these awful songs.

      • I know, I remember when that song came out and I was like what is this awful song by? Beyonce? Huh that’s a first song I didn’t like from her. It’s going to be bad, but hopefully she’ll stick around.

  3. I hate to say this bc Clark is such a nice guy, but he really really really sucked this past week.

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