American Idol 2016 Top 4 Power Rankings

Last week, Sonika Vaid’s luck ran out on American Idol 2016, leaving us with our Top 4 of La’Porsha Renae, Trent Harmon, MacKenzie Bourg and Dalton Rapattoni.


So that leaves us with the task of ranking that very capable Top 4. After last week’s bottom 2, this should be an easy job, but it’s anything but. Who is the best and who is the worst? Calling anyone in this group the worst is ridiculous, so  let’s just not. Also, remember that this is the week some craziness can and often does go down. So we need to be prepared for any of these four to go home. Anyway, let’s get to it.

2016 American Idol 2016 Top 4 Power Rankings 

American Idol 2016 Finalist Trent Harmon (FOX)

1. Trent Harmon. If you’ve been reading any of these this season, you’ll know there’s been a struggle between Trent and La’Porsha. Trent came out of the gates a front-runner, but then La’Porsha gained a lot of steam and overtook him. Trent is back in the lead for a couple of reasons. He’s had a lot of really special moments the past couple of weeks and that means a lot with voters. La’Porsha is always good and therefore, there’s nothing to jump and down for if that makes any sense. Trent continues to lead our poll and over on Twitter he’s picked up some followers with over 35K currently.

AMERICAN IDOL: Top 10: La’Porsha Renae. Cr: Fox / © 2016 FOX Broadcasting Co.

2. La’Porsha Renae. As I mentioned above, ranking Trent and La’Porsha has been tough, but I think this is actually how it should be. La’Porsha is always great and she could cut a record right now. But when you’re always on, it’s hard to give us that moment we always look for on American Idol. She continues to rank second in our polls and on Twitter, Trent has overtaken her (her followers are at 33K).

American Idol 2016 finalist MacKenzie Bourg

3. MacKenzie Bourg. I knew I was right a couple of weeks ago when I put MacKenzie in third above Dalton. I should have continued to stick to my instincts with him. He’s soft and gentle and happy and people want to see more of him. Dalton’s darkness is wearing thin on people, so it’s only logical that MacKenzie would jump above him. My big concern is that he could jump above La’Porsha in typical Idol fashion and leave us again with an all-guy finale.

American Idol 2016 Finalist Dalton Rapattoni (FOX)

4. Dalton Rapattoni. Last week when Dalton was in the bottom 2, I was a little surprised, but only because I have been forced into thinking he was doing better than I thought. I got the validation I needed. There is a possibility that him being in the Bottom 2 could have woken up some of his fans, allowing him to stay over MacKenzie or even La’Porsha. I don’t see that happening, but he does rank above MacKenzie in our polls. And remember, this is Top 4 week and anything can happen. Now I’m really nervous.





  1. my husband and I decided that if la’porsha gets voted off this week and the final three are the current three stooges, we’re done with idol. it will once again be a popularity contest and not a TALENT contest. the girls had it all over the boys this season, talent-wise, not teen idol-wise, and I’m sure they didn’t appeal to the 13 year old screamies the way a Dalton or a Mackenzie would. on sheer voice alone the final three should be la’porsha, sonika, and Tristan. oh well, another one bites the dust.

    • Totally Agree. But we’ve been around this site long enough to know what happens. The teeny boppers are the voters, the female teeny boppers and the rest is history!!!! I’m not at all crazy about Trent (and those weird faces). LaPorsha is much better than him!!!!

      • hi namesake!! hate to sound like a broken record but we both know that the talent level plummeted after season 8!!

      • No surprise there. I like these three judges but the show has never been the same….too bad….remember when there were 200 comments or more on this website? Just not the same.

      • that’s also because the show is certainly not as exciting as it was, especially when simon was there. harry is almost a simon but he tempers his comments. you can always tell from his face when a performance is horrendous. the other two are just too polite and sweet. oh well, life goes on. even my favorite show, sons of anarchy, bit the dust. hope all is well in las vegas.

      • All is well here. Still loving Vegas. I was back in NY last year….too cold for me now. Your right….life goes on but it was a fun ride here while it lasted…meet a lot of nice people especially during Season 8. Be well my namesake!!!!

  2. I am still going for Trent for number one. I have listened to his songs on Itunes and he sounds awesome! Come on Trent you are number one. And a sharp dressed man at that. If you do not win you will be Adam Lambert the second!

  3. I kind of feel sorry for DaLTON because he has Bipolar disease! he can’t help his ups and downs. But I do not think he has a good enough voice to win anyway!

    • Bi Polar is a condition not a disease. But, I agree he’s the most charismatic of the group and his personality could take him a long way in show business.

  4. You seem unfairly bias against Dalton every week. I usually enjoy sites like these, but this one really gets on my nerves because you are completely against him every week. Learn to be unbiased and I might enjoy this site again.

    • I am not biased about Dalton. I like him.But having Bipolar is really rough on a person! He needs to be sure and take his meds. I have a friend who has it and it is rough if you don’t take your meds. I have seen Dalton not being him self due to depression. I do feel sorry for him. Nice Kid!

    • It’s an opinion based site, a fan site. Of course there’s going to be bias in discussing things like this. That’s the point. And Branden is hardly “against him every week.”

      • Exactly! Dalton is the worst singer left in the competition. It’s not being unfairly biased if he sees that. My god did they get rid of some real talent during the Hollywood weeks and all the way up till last week. At least a lot of them could actually sing unlike Mackenzie and Dalton. Gotta keep the teen girls happy! I’m really getting sick of hearing about his bipolar also. Lots of people have issues. Sing well or go home! Same goes for Laporsha. But at least she can sing. When did this competition become a who has the worst conditions/hardships contest?!!! Having a multi week vacation in sunny California must be real rough!!!

      • At least he has whole package to be a star
        I love la porsha too but I started to feel bored about her performance just like that
        They can put Dalton through Hollywood week because they see something different in Dalton
        And how about you?
        Could you sing by saying “a least a lot of them could actually sing unlike Mac and dalton”

      • No I can’t sing. But I’m not on American idol. My talents aren’t apart of this debate. Some of the people they cut were a lot better singers than the 2 heart throbs! Trent is so much better than the other 2. It’s not even close! This is a very poor final 4. I agree with u on one thing. I’m extremely bored with Laporsha too!

      • I have been watching the show American Idol since it started. And Branden and Matthew both do a great job! Branden is not really biased about anyone! He is just doing his job and making comments about what he thinks. They ( Branden and Matthew have a right to their ow opinions .) Just as you and I do. I like Dalton. He is a good kid. But he doesn’t have as good a voice as the other two.

  5. So Branden, Who are you going for the win? It would be fun to know who you think will really win? This is the last year too. I will miss this show! /

  6. Hah! No no no and no
    Dalton deserves above MacKenzie
    I think it should MacKenzie went home this week
    Dalton is very awesome last week
    It show you don’t like Dalton very much
    First Olivia then now Dalton
    So if it’s real Dalton not get through into top 2 and in top 2 is La Porsha and Trent then I will hope La Porsha better win rather than Trent cause Trent really boring…
    I agree with Kayla, you are so bias with Dalton. Dalton has a lot of fans. His emotions really shows in every lyrics of song that he sang!.
    Thank you

  7. I completely agree with you. Even though some people are saying that you are being bias towards Dalton. I think they are feeling sorry for him due to his disease and others are just voting based on his attractiveness. I thought the guys were stronger this year without a doubt, but since the producers and judges kept mentioning that girls were stronger, some seem to think that the girls were far better. I think Trent will win the title, but I wouldn’t be upset is La’Porsha won either. They are both equally talented.

  8. You are oh so wrong. Dalton isn’t going anywhere. Why even poll fans if you are going to go off the rails and ignore them.

    Dance with Me no one is voting for Dalton because he is bipolar. We vote for Dalton because he is authentic, a great showman and he connects. We don’t care if he sings off key, we find ourselves in his melodies.

    Besides Dalton sings just fine. If Harry doesn’t jump all over him and says he sounds great, he must.

    This Dalton can’t sign moniker by yall ya vocal gymnastics fans is getting old.

    • Ignore the fans? You remember he was in Bottom 2 last week, right? Our poll put him in 3rd that round and he was in 4th and one step away from elimination. If he’s in 4th again this week then he’s gone. That’s hardly “off the rails.”

      • The online polls here. It does not have Dalton in 4th. I highly doubt Dalton was actually B2 last week.

      • Yeah last week performance Dalton far better
        And you all must REMEMBER


        thats all what I want to say
        Thank you

      • Welcome my dear friend. Honestly, first I must say I didn’t like Dalton but he showed me something unique that made me fell in love of his performance. Firstly I decided I stop watching American Idol because Olivia had eliminated and I stress a lot cause Olivia is the front runner and she deserve to top 2. But I remember I still have Sonika as my favourite, then I feel a little worried when she felt to bottom 2 with Tristan and then at that time, some people said Dalton Numb song was terrible but for me to it was the best performance by the far for me. From that time I feel something different with Dalton, he has something that other contestants doesn’t have. Even first I like la porsha too but performance by performance seems like the same but I still love her but now I love Dalton more and more so I want is Dalton and La Porsha at top 2. But I said myself as a Olivia and Sonika team joined Dalton team. I don’t care people said he is a bipolar or etc. Angie Miller my favourite also has a pro and contra at her season but now she’s the famous one.
        People who jealous with Dalton won’t see what special about Dalton…
        Dalton for the win
        I am team Dalton

  9. I don’t want to see Dalton going home as forth, he must at least going home as runner up..

    Nonton after my Hollie Cavanagh not sent home as home visiting and finished at fourth, Olivia front runner eliminated at ninth, Sonika angelic voice eliminated at fifth

    Enough, Dalton must be at least minimum runner up

  10. Did you ever heard a horse step backward one step to jump for three step ahead
    For me that what’s happen to Dalton
    Dalton stand backward one step by joining Sonika
    And after that Dalton bird set free was awesome and I believe he will jump three step ahead it means he will the one who take top 2 spot and I hope the other spot is for la porsha

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