American Idol Judges: Harry Connick Jr. Confirms Return For 2015

So far, it is indeed looking like all the American Idol judges will be returning for season 15. Industry insider gossip has been circulating that Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban are all on board as American Idol 2015 judges. However, Harry Connick Jr. is the first to absolutely confirm he will be back next year.

American Idol 2014 Harry Connick Jr. selfie

Yes, that’s right, it is now official that American Idol judge Harry Connick Jr., his weird selfies, often strange antics, and no standing ovation rule will return next season. Harry made the announcement during an interview on Live! With Kelly and Michael.

Harry confirmed the news again during a conference call with reporters, telling them the deal was done for him to join the American Idol 2015 judges’ panel. “I’ve had a blast,” Harry said. “I’ve gone through my negotiation process and I’m gonna be coming back next year!”

Although he could not speak for American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban, Harry said he “would hope that they are able to come back too. It’s just been an amazing journey. I look forward to doing it again.”

From what we can tell on social media, most fans seem to be pretty pleased about all of the American Idol judges returning next season, Harry included. We think it was a good panel this year overall. Harry was a little too weird at times. Keith a little too restrained. JLo a little too nice and overly sexy on the show. But all in all, a much better and more fun to watch panel than we’ve seen in years!




  1. I’m thrilled that Harry and Keith will be back next season as judges. You will, however, notice I left out JLo. I’m really not sure if I can stand another season of her. The camera is on her way too much and we lose out on watching the performances which is why I, call me crazy, tune into the show.

    • I’ll put up with them if they do a better job picking talent. And if TPTB stop deciding the winner during Hollywood week when we have no say-so. They should have kept Maurice Townsend and rejected CJ.

    • She didn’t act like that her other times on the panel. That was disappointing to see. She’s beautiful, but, the show isn’t about her. I was actually less concerned about that and more concerned about her kissing a contestant to possibly sway votes. To me, that should not be allowed.

  2. Happy that Harry and Keith are coming back. Not so happy about JLo. Every season her bias ultimately comes out and she gives preferential comments or treatment to her fave for the season…case in point, getting up on stage and giving Jena a hug. She is a judge, but she obviously does not know the definition of that role.

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