American Idol Judges: Contestants Are Upping Their Game [Interview]

The American Idol judges say this year’s contestants are really upping their game as it comes down to the final five in the competition.

American Idol 2015 Top 5 - Michael Becker / FOX
American Idol 2015 Top 5 – Michael Becker / FOX

Only Rayvon OwenJaxNick FradianiClark Beckham, and Tyanna Jones remain to battle it out for the top prize on American Idol 2015. While they may have all developed strong friendships during their time on the show, now is the time to put everything they have into it to climb to the top of the pack.

“As they say in the south, you can smell the barn,” American Idol judge Keith Urban said in an interview with Fox Audio Central.  “You know, they’re on the home stretch … and you can see the sort of strategies are really kicking in of how to get to the next and to the next and to the next because no one wants go to home.”

The race is so tight at this point, it is difficult to predict which of the American Idol Top 5 will be the next to leave. Just take, for example, the extremely difficult choice for fans between this week’s bottom two singers, Rayvon Owen and Quentin Alexander.

“I tell you, based on what they did… I think it really could have gone either way, but people have their favorites,” American Idol judge Harry Connick Jr. told Fox Audio Central. “I’d be interested to know how close that was because I thought they did very well. And I think that Twitter save is really based on those performances. It’s not like people think about it all week, you know. So, oh man, it’s tough.

American Idol 2015 Judge Harry Connick Jr. - FOX/YouTube
American Idol 2015 Judge Harry Connick Jr. – FOX/YouTube

“At this point I think they’re upping their game because they have to up their game, but they’re upping their game because they’re getting better, which is really good to see,” the American Idol judge said.  “Some people kind of spin out of control and the wheels come off; every one of these young performers, including Quentin… although he’s going home, has definitely upped their game and it’s showing.”

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Source: FOX Audio Central




  1. I think that 4 of the five last Weds. were “SUGAR BEARS”- only Clark was just “PUFFED RICE”!LOL Jax had a Jena moment (sort of) and should continue with that plan.

    • IMO Nick is the dark horse in this race and to quote the Beatles “Here Come Old Flat Top, He Come Movin’ Up Slowly” I’ll be happy with Nick and any one of the other 4 in the finale.

      • He’s come on as of “LATE”! That’s the problem with this new voting system and Ryan “NOT” giving out the voting Numbers, etc. again every week (due to their voting numbers staying the same), thus not much shift on votes at this stage. Note: same thing happened to Jena last season against Caleb.

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