American Idol Spoilers 2013 Top 4 Performance Details

Kree Harrison on American Idol 2013

Yesterday we shared the American Idol spoilers for Top 4 performances. Now we’ve got tonight’s performance order plus confirmation on the group’s ensemble performance. Read on to find out what you can expect from tonight’s live show.

American Idol 2013 Top 4 performance order:

1. Angie Miller
2. Amber Holcomb
3. Candice Glover
4. Kree Harrison
5. Angie Miller
6. Amber Holcomb
7. Candice Glover
8. Kree Harrison
9. Amber/Angie/Candice/Kree

The four finalists will perform “Wings” by Little Mix together at the very end of the show. That means Kree will get the next best thing to the pimp spot this round.

Check out the original list of song spoilers if you want to find out who will sing what including which one of them will be performing the same song for a second time this season. Is that a first?

As a bonus, Harry Connick Jr. will be this week’s mentor for the Top 4. Now that’s a nice surprise. He was a great mentor in the past and someone we kept expecting to be named as a replacement judge in the past few years. You can see Connick Jr. perform this Thursday along with and David Cook who returns with his single “Laying Me Low.”

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  1. I’ve kept saying Harry Connick, jr. would be a fantastic judge. Love him and his music.

  2. I believed & still believe that Angie is the one to beat . The girl that I thought might give some trouble in the end was Janelle ,but she was voted off . Both are great singers .I think & a little more versatile than the others .

  3. If Kree don’t take home the Title then this show is fixed, next should be Candace, then Angie…..Kree relates to all of Amercia not just a few, her songs and voice are spot on. However I do think they should have a better choice of songs.

    • Kree has a strong voice and certainly seems to have fans, however, living near Nashville, she is simply not as polished a performer as many here. I’m sure she’ll do well in time. Carrie Underwood was also a very unpolished performer, and caught on quickly..I have to differ, however, and choose Candice or Angie to win.

  4. Candice is the best vocalist ever to compete on Idol…(and I love Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert, and others)…but Candice is uniquely gifted…Angie is also a great favorite . I’d like to see her go back to the songs she sang early on, Contemporary Christian Music with the piano- that’s where her passion shows in her singing…

    Kree, who has a strong voice, has problems with song choice, communicating the message of her songs, and enunciation. Amber has a lush tone and can deliver power house performances, but is inconsistent…some of her performances are very ‘kareoke’, as Simon would have put it. Both Amber and Kree need a little time to polish up their talents with the good vocal coaches they will now have the luxury to work with due to their connection to ‘Idol’.

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