Top 4 Return To The Stage Tonight On American Idol 2013


They’re back! The Top 4 return to the stage tonight on American Idol 2013 after last week’s reprieve from elimination saved all four finalists.

Amber Holcomb, Angie Miller, Candice Glover, and Kree Harrison are back with another pair of performances each plus duets as part of tonight’s two-hour episode on FOX.

The finalists will be performing songs from this week’s theme of “Now & Then” which includes an oldie and a modern 2013 hit. Modern songs on American Idol? That’s crazy! If you can’t wait until tonight to find out who will sing what then check out our Top 4 song spoilers.

This repeat performance set of the finalists will feature a new challenge thanks to last week’s voting. In a move to keep viewers from having wasted their texts, calls, and clicks FOX will be aggregating tonight’s votes with those from the previous Wednesday. This could make for a real battle for Candice and Amber, last week’s Bottom 2 performers. Can they climb out of the Bottom 2 to safety this week?

Join us tonight for a live recap of American Idol 2013’s Top 4 performances.




  1. This is what will be

    1. Angie
    2. Kree
    3. candice
    4. Amber

    Now, what should be

    1. Candice
    2. Amber
    3. Angie
    4. Kree

    • KellyZoe, I asolutely agree with you 100 %. America has got it backwards!! Insted of Amber and Candice being in the bottom last week. Well that just sucks. Because Amber and Candice are the top two best singers left. Angie and Kree should be in the bottom! I have a felling though it’s just my opinion that Kree wil win. They just keep pushing her.

  2. Amber will be singing her goodbye song tomorrow. Candice will be ready to chllenge Angie and kree next week.

  3. I don’t want anyone of these girls gone.I mean the 4 of them are just so lovely and amazing in their own way.I think I will cry tomorrow.

    • I love them all too. Angie has grown on me, but she is too much the carnival queen – that flashy smile gets on my nerves. Candice and Amber have killer voices, I love them both. We can see the nerves kicking in big time now though, with all of them. They have so much pluck to be standing up there singing to so many millions of people. They must really, really want it to be putting themselves through this.

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