American Idol 2015 Top 5 Power Rankings

Last week on American Idol 2015 we said goodbye to Quentin Alexander and Rayvon Owen once again escaped elimination thanks to the Idol fan save. But now that that’s no longer in play, will Rayvon’s luck run out?

Let’s take a look at that and the rest of the Top 5 in this week’s power rankings.

American Idol Top 5 on Season 14

American Idol 2015 Top 5 Power Rankings

1. Clark Beckham. I think Clark made some smart moves last week with his song choices — especially Bieber’s “Boyfriend.” Clark has been leading the pack as it is so him picking a song like that and singing it to the female audience surely bought him some new fans. I think we will definitely be sing Clark in the finale.

2. Jax. I will be shocked if anything can break up this final 2. I’ve never been more certain of an American Idol final two than I am Clark and Jax. Both are consistent and both seem to have what it takes to win this season.

3. Tyanna Jones. I think playing for third are Tyanna and Nick. Right now, I think it’s still Tyanna’s spot, so I’m leaving her here. Nick has been really upping his game, but last week he kind of backslid a bit, so I don’t think he’s ready to take from Tyanna yet.

4. Nick Fradiani. Even though Nick’s performances last week weren’t spectacular, I don’t think he messed up enough to slip to 5th. Although, Rayon’s nine lives might not be spent yet. If anyone is at risk of falling to Rayvon, it’s Nick I believe. I’d hate to see it be Tyanna, but that is possible.

5. Rayvon Owen. As we know, Rayvon spent the past several weeks in the bottom two and being saved by by Twitter. So he did sing his ass off last week or the Twitter save, but were people too busy tweeting and forgetting that they also have to vote for him to stay this week? I think so. We should be seeing Rayvon hit the road this week.

How would you rank the American Idol 2015 Top 5?