American Idol 2013 Episode 10 Hollywood Week Live Recap: The Girls Go Solo

AI12 Hollywood week ep5

The American Idol 2013 Top 40 will be revealed tonight but before we get there, the girls are getting one last shot at a spot by taking to the Idol stage for the solo round.

They’ll have a backup band, so this will be almost like the real Idol stage, so we should get to really see what these girls are made of. As usual, I’ll be pulling out the standouts and I’m doing it live. Please feel free to comment along with us in the comments section below.

The Hollywood Week Solo Standouts (the girls)

Angela Miller, “You Set Me Free.” This is an original song by the artist. So that gets bonus points from me, but probably not the viewing public as a whole. As far as the song-writing goes, it’s better than half the stuff on the radio these days. And the vocals were as good. If she doesn’t move on, there’s something wrong. That’s an A+ performance.

Candice Glover, “This Girl Is On Fire.” I don’t know if it’s because Angela Miller was an impossible act to perform or because I’m already sick of this song on singing shows, OR if this just wasn’t Candice’s best. I wasn’t too impressed. I still think she belongs in the contest though, because I’ve LOVED her up until this one. So I still have my fingers crossed for her.

Janelle Arthur, “I Told You So.” Despite Idol’s HORRIBLE interruption during her audition to give us a quick backstory, this was a great audition. She’s definitely going to make the country music fans happy. Very solid performance.

Zoanette Johnson, “Buh Buh Da Buh.” I have no idea what that was. But I was entertained the ENTIRE time. Yeah, I’ve already come out as a fan of this person and I’m going to say it again. She’s awesome.

Results: Candice, Janelle, Angela and Zoanette are moving on. Go, Zoanette!

Shuba Vedula, “Miracles.” That was a bold song choice, especially in front of Mariah, and even though her dress was hideous, the performance was pretty solid.

Kez Ban, Untitled original. Kez has been on a downhill spiral ever since her first audition and this was definitely the bottom of spiral. She crashed and burned tonight. And she’s cut.

Melinda Ademi, “Price Tag.” Finally, an upbeat song. This was entertaining and the vocals were great. She’s got great stage presence and seems to be a natural entertainer. Very nice.

Kree Harrison, “Stars.” I like her voice a lot. It’s sweet and tender and filled with emotion. She nailed this audition, actually. Very impressed.

Results: Kree and Melinda are on to the next round.

There were 24 girls put through and they’ve got to cut it down to 20, just like the guys. The judges want to hear from Stephanie Schimel and Rachel Hale again before they make their final decisions. Rachel stays, Stephanie goes.

And the guys are up next.

They want to hear Adam Sanders and Josh Holiday sing again. Adam is cut. Josh moves on. Now it’s time for the big reveal for which of the remaining guys will move on and which will be sent home. It’s a tough round of eliminations but it makes our Top 40 official. Check out the complete American Idol 2013 Top 40 Contestants list!




  1. Really upset about the Stephanie Schimel boot! She has a very unique voice and unique look. She stood out for me and then she gets cut!?! Rachel and Stephanie should have both made the top 20 and Zoanette should have been eliminated. Shame on these stupid judges. They have made so many judging mistakes this season. Is this show a joke?

  2. Not happy about Holly Miller getting cut. Holly was better than some that are in the top 20.

  3. So happy they cut Kez Ban. I cannot stand her. I remember Melinda singing duet with Thia Megia. I hope she will go to top 12.

  4. Wtf? How could they cut David Leathers again? He definitely deserved to go through last year instead of that little Bieber looking kid so I was sure they’d put him through this year, but I guess not.

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