American Idol 2014 Top 6 Power Rankings


The American Idol 2014 Top 6 were revealed Thursday night when country singer Dexter Roberts was sent home following the nation’s vote.

That was the elimination I expected this week, but I wasn’t expecting Jessica Meuse in the bottom two next to him. But I’ve mentioned before I’ve never had a good hold on where she stands with America, but now I think we finally know.

Let’s get to the week’s power rankings.

American Idol 2014 Top 6 Power Rankings

6. C.J. Harris. I’m going to keep this dude here until he goes. He’s spent all nine of his lives and several more. Jessica may have been in the bottom two this week, but I don’t see her going home next. It has to be C.J. or Sam.

5. Sam Woolf. I think the buzz from Sam’s judges’ save will wear off this coming week. He might not go home, but he has a good chance at being in the bottom two once again.

4. Jessica Meuse. I can’t see myself putting Jessica anywhere else. She’s a great performer and just doesn’t deserve to go home next or even the week after. I think fourth place is a solid placement for her right now.

3. Jena Irene. This one could very well be on her way to the top. Her recent performances have been fantastic and she has come a long way from being a wild card, to almost going home to where she is now. I’m not quite ready to move her up any higher, but it’s getting close.

2. Alex Preston. Still never been in the bottom and consistent week, after week, I think Alex is holding strong around the top 2-4. I don’t see him in first place at the moment, but I guess with this season you never know. I don’t get his appeal, but a lot of folks obviously do.

1. Caleb Johnson. The dude is wearing a little thin on me, but whatever. He’s never had a bad performance. It’s just getting repetitive. He needs a moment in order to clench the title. Right now, though, he’s letting Jena gain on him and she could end up taking the lead and the title.

What do you think of the power rankings for the American Idol 2014 Top 6? How would you rank them?




  1. Sam should be higher at least higher than Jess! He hasn’t been in the bottom 3 in the past two weeks plus he’s been safe!! And Jess has been in the bottom 3 this week!

    • Yeah, but Sam has been and has been in the Bottom 3 three times. Jessica has been in the Bottom 2 once. Odds are, Jessica will place higher than Sam.

      • I may be a teenager girl, and not know everything you know but I do know people like you underestimate Sam! And don’t deny it I refuse to believe he will go home soon, he will do amazing like always, us teenage girls will vote til’ our hands hurt!! You like Jena and Caleb, everyone does.

      • I’m not a teenager and think Sam has an amazing voice just like his best friend Jessica! Don’t let anyone dismiss you because you’re a teenager or a girl. Good for you for an excellent post. You’re parents raised a strong and smart young woman!

      • Thank you so much! I really appreciate you saying that. And yes my parents raised a strong and smart young woman 🙂 And Sam is amazing. I am a teenager girl though!
        (this is the guest from the last post)

  2. Power Rankings for THIS WEEK ONLY (imo):
    6. Jessica Meuse (bottom two)
    5. CJ Harris
    4. Sam Woolf
    1-3. Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston.

    I could spend time trying to sort the top three, but for right now at least that is the top tier. Jessica takes a hit this week for being in the bottom two, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be there next week. We shall see…

    • Jessica has a unique and gorgeous voice. She’ll get a contract. Country meets Stevie Nicks.

  3. 6th: C.J. Harris- Really? He’s STILL here! Why? He had one good week and he has to stay. It’s ridiculous. He can not sing in tune in over half of the songs that he sings and this week he doesn’t and he’s safe?! Ugh! Dexter should not have gone home before him.

    5th: Sam Woolf- He has been riding safe since the save, but I think the Top 5 is where he stops. I don’t think he could crack the Top 4 because there are still four better people left.

    4th: Alex Preston- I really hate to put him here, but he seems the kind of person to pull off a Daughtry and go home in a surprising fourth place. He’s extremely talented and will be successful no matter where he places.

    3rd: Jessica Meuse- It was ridiculous that Jessica was in the Bottom 2 when the stool should’ve had C.J.’s name written all over it. But I don’t think that will faze her because she has a hard exterior. In fact, it’ll probably even push her to do better. Watch, she’ll probably get the pimp spot next week because of her appearance in the Bottom 2.

    2nd: Caleb Johnson- This is really hard. But I think Caleb could crack the Top 2. He’s got an amazing voice even though he was born during the generation. Regardless, America loves him and could send him sailing to the finale.

    Winner: Jena Irene- This is the highest I’ve ever placed Jena. And it’s because of her phenomenal version of “Creep”. That placed her leaps and bounds above the rest of the competition. If she and Caleb are the Top 2, then we’re in for possibly the best finale show ever. I wouldn’t mind if she won. She’d be the first wildcard in Idol history to do so. That would be a huge milestone.

    • Jene Irene will not be a winner for sure. She just got the good comments from judges. she will never become famous singer at all. The contestant who will become a star has followers in all social networking. Jene Irene’s popularity is not increasing at alll even if judges gave her good comments.

      • I think you may need to have your eyes and ears checked. Jena has/is going far already. iTunes has her song creep in the top 40. Her followers in social media increase everyday.

      • yep your right, we talk about who is most popular in the competition right now (outside of AI) and everyone immediately goes to Sam but look at Jena’s youtube views on her “Creep” performance, 94 509 compared to Alex’s 40 776 from his “A Team” performance and Sam’s 37 894 from his “Sail Away” performance. Jena is gaining huge popularity, she is only 17 or 18 so she is still very young. Jena, Alex and Sam are the most marketable finalists that is why I believe they could be the top 3 but of course there is caleb, if he can prove himself to be relevant to today he can bump sam out of the top 3.

  4. In Terms Of Voting Results , I’m Pretty Sure This Is How It’s Playing Out Right Now:

    1. Alex Preston
    2. Jena Irene
    3. Sam Woolf – I Know but I think his popularity IS increasing every week and with it come votes
    4. Caleb Johnson – I think his irrelevance in todays market is going to start to catch up. Personally I think he is the best singer and performer in the entire competition but I have this weird feeling in my gut.
    5. Jessica Meuse
    6. CJ Harris

    • My ranking is almost same as you tho I am not a fan of Jena. But, I’d have slightly changes for top 3. Sam could be top 3 or winner. Alex maybe runner up of Sam if it is Sam was the winner. If Sam was stopped at top 3, Alex would be winner. I

      • Ya the thing is I don’t think Sam and Alex will be in the top two. The fight for the top two is between (Sam vs. Alex) and (Jena vs. Caleb) cause if Sam or Alex get voted off their voters will transfer to the other. Same with Jena and Caleb. My gut tells me it’s going to be Jena and Alex in the top 2 the fight for third is between Caleb and Sam, they are both very different and a lot of people will be pissed if Sam makes it over Caleb but whatever its up in the air

      • I completely agree about Sam being the possible winner. He is going to get more and more votes each week to get him there!

      • The kid has a pitch perfect voice. I wish the judges would stop telling him to sing to the girls. He’s a respectful and sweet young man. I love that he has Jessica to turn to like a sister. They never tell Alex to move or CJ. The forced connection just throws the kid off. Keith finally said “We’re looking for a lifetime of experience from a sixteen year old”. He mentioned the pyrotechnics and wind machine throwing the attention away from Jessica. I like Keith. I don’t like the judges just picking on Sam and Jess when they actually have pitch perfect and lovely voices and don’t need to ham it up like Caleb their favorite Meatloaf impersonator.

      • I so agree! Sam is best at his guitar just him and his guitar. That’s how us teenagers like it. Jess doesn’t have to be like Jena to go on. She has her own unique since of singing and performances. And agreed with Caleb, and Jena is the same way. They are their favorites to win and everyone knows it!

      • I’m thinking all of you commenting above about Sam have got him to high on the polls. Remember again last night he was in the bottom three. I look for Jessica to move up next week and the bottom two will be C.J. and Sam – hope the best singer of these two next week will get to stay.

      • he wasn’t in the bottom three though, they only have a bottom two now. Those who are selected as safe are done so randomly and I’m pretty sure they sent Sam to safety last because it builds suspense. Also I think the reason they have only a bottom two at this point is because if we were to see the third person it might be a little shocking.

      • I knew they were telling us who the bottom 2 were now – not the 3. But – I think they’ve been calling them out all season according to their votes. Caleb has been called out 1st except this week, I think. And Jena was called 1st and she likely got her frst 1st this week. Jessica had been caled safe before Jena every week up until now and I think she was better than Jena all of this time. You’ve got some good points, but at the same time, if they had informed us that Sam was in the bottom 3, it would have picked up millions of more votes for Sam from the teenagers, which would look good for AI. And – they need that!

      • Like you said if they had told us Sam was in the bottom three it would have meant more votes for him which would look good for American Idol. American Idol will always do what they feel will benefit their ratings and voter turn out so I think if Sam was in the bottom three they would have told us because American idol needs that tween audience and votership and Sam is what will give it to them, honestly AI only benefits from having Sam in the competition probably why he was saved. Before anything else it a business and they want clients (viewers) and money.

      • I am not teenager at all. I am wondering why Sam’s haters think like that he has votes from Teenagers only.

      • I like Sam. His fan base is just teenagers, there is nothing wrong with that. The issue is that he was originally the frontrunner, in the audition and Hollywood stage, so some American Idol viewers who really like big performance, theatrics, high notes, and broad range immediately dismissed Sam’s hype on his looks which is crap. Others associate him with todays mainstream music and people like Justin Beiber or a John Mayer wanna be, which is again unfair because every artist is unique especially once they start to create their own music. And then there are just people that don’t like that genere or style which is fine we all enjoy different music. But you can tell when people don’t really have any argument against him cause they immediately go to the fact that he is good looking which is just as bad as voting for someone based on looks in the first place.

      • At the beginning there I shouldn’t say “just teenagers” I just mean they make up the majority of his fans. Of course he has other fans

      • I don’t yet see any Justin or today’s mainstream music in Sam and don’t think we ever will. I see him only as part of the ‘old’ school of some of the fifties, sixties and seventies (without the guitar) which I have no problem. I think he will remain a stand – up, sit – down singer, which I enjoy.

      • I don’t mean in sound and style but in the stereotypical way that people think that artists in todays mainstream get by on looks and auto tune makes up for the voice.

      • I don’t think anyone dislikes Sam – either as a singer or person – and certainly there is no hate for him. In fact, if we voted for most popular, Sam would likely win. Jessica and C.J. would give him a close second. (even tho many women would not vote for Jessica, because of whatever reason they can come up with.)

      • Also don’t forget this ranking of mine is not based on performance quality but on how I believe the voting is turning out. I really based it off of social media buzz, online polls, critical rankings such as the one on this site, I-tunes downloads and youtube views and likes not only on their last performance but on all of them since the live shows started. All these are pretty good indicators as to who is getting the most votes.

      • Announcing his safe last doesn’t mean he is bottom 3… It is just making the audience and his fan excited.

      • I think you may be wrong there. Why has Caleb been announced first every week but maybe one? And – what other reason would they show Sam in the bottom all of these weeks? Why not Caleb or Alex and up until the last few weeks Jessica was always called out first among the girls. Why?

  5. I STILL don’t know why cj is still there. maybe it’s my age but I don’t get alex, and as far as sam goes, I grew up watching ricky nelson (my first musical crush) and there’s no comparison. I like Jessica but she needs performance skills. love, love, love jena and caleb. they rock!! and I’m just an old rock and roller at heart. I’d love to see them as the final two.

  6. I think Jena is going to win it. Caleb has gotten cocky and he’s too predictable. I think the judges are going to start pointing that out soon.
    I LOVE Alex, but my 16 year old daughter doesn’t. She likes him music but not him on camera. I think that his quirky style will start costing him soon. Final order IMHO:
    1. Jena
    2. Caleb
    3. Alex
    4. Sam
    5. Jessica
    6. CJ

  7. Alex is a genuine artist. His appeal is his gorgeous voice, musicality and subtlety. I always enjoy the unique spin he puts on covers.

  8. I’m glad you still have Jena in 3rd-even though Randy last night said to all the others (including Caleb and Alex) that they needed to step it up because “JENA” was the one to beat! The reason is that it seems to Jinx the number one you select in the power ratings. I don’t believe in jinxes though but do patterns-unlike the pattern of who is paired up with CJ suffers or is eliminated. Recently again I said “oh no” when Maylaya had to sing with CJ. But because Randy included Maylaya (along with Jena & Caeb) as the cream that has rose to the top and all others just catching up (Alex included), I figured “NO WAY” Maylaya would suffer any consequences in singing with CJ. Weds. night I thought it “NOT COOL” for Dexter to have to sing with CJ (because he had been riding the fence and didn’t need any negativity any the least0 but wasn’t in the bottom two last week so I thought maybe the producers knew what they were doing and CJ would “surely’ go! Jessica hadn’t ever been in the bottom three (much less the bottom two) so I was “certain”‘ she was safe singing with CJ. Jessica (reminds me of Sarah Palenn) and I “Betcha” if they try to stick her with CJ again next week she’ll come out like a Moma Grizzly! CJ

  9. I must be missing something about CJ. Other than personality, what about his singing keeps him in the competition? Maybe I didn’t notice it before, but he was making some very odd faces when he was singing this week. He’s a nice-looking guy, but those faces look like he’s in pain. Would a fan of CJ tell me why he should stay in the competition? Maybe then I could appreciate him better and vote for him.

    • Race is a factor… he’s the only black person left and the black viewers will vote for him, no matter how bad he performs.

      • I’m speaking for this week only – he was so much better. I felt confident he would not go home. I can’t speak about the past, because he had bad nights. I don’t think his race is a factor. I think we in the south look at him as good and humble and most of all, someone with a warm heart wanting to help someone in need. Those factors are important and will get you a lot of votes when you need them most.

      • You know what’s interesting, I was reading that the State of Alabama makes up one of the highest American Idol voter demographics. Sooooo, because there are three finalists (Jessica, CJ and Dexter) from Alabama I’m thinking the votes from that State are being split between the three of them instead of all behind one contestant so the vote from that state is not as powerful this season as it has been in previous years. When CJ or Jessica go home I think there is a possibility that the other will get a very large push in votes

      • But – don’t forget that Dexter is gone now – so that could open up a good no. of votes for Jessica and C.j. now from that state – may keep them both in there another week or two.

      • well, as long as that vote is split they will drag each other down. If next week CJ has a better performance than Jessica she will be done and cj will follow her home the next week but if Jessica does better than CJ (which she should) than we will say goodbye to CJ and Jessica I think will have the potential and voters to carry her on. But then I compare her to the other contestants and I just don’t know, at this point she can not catch Jena and Caleb in her performance. She is artistic and original but nowhere near Alex and…. well she wont get the teen vote like Sam will and if Sam keeps improving and gaining popularity in a broad sense then I don’t know how much hope there is for Jessica Meuse

      • If Jessica can have a decent performance next week – not even powerful – I look for her to be safe and the bottom two again will be Sam and C.J.

      • She won’t beat Jena, she won’t beat Caleb and if Sam were to get eliminated all his voters would transfer to Alex so there is no way she could beat him. When CJ gets eliminated she will get a push in votes but will It be enough to top Sam’s votes? I have no Idea, it all depends on this week because if both Jessica and Sam have solid performances I still believe Jessica will be at a disadvantage to Sam’s popularity with the teen vote. And I think Sam has better vocals than Jessica anyways, he is more consistent at least whether you like it or not.

      • Also Sam is just a more genuine person. Jessica came off as a real bitch last night during the results and I know that should not be relevant in a singing competition but lets be realistic personality and likeability will carry you a long way in any competition

      • All the way , Sam is so generous and professional minded with his age even at social networking. Even the way he used his twitter name @samwoolfmusic. No other contestants uses any music words but just their names.

      • I’ve always said I like Jessica for just being her best self each week. You know what you’re going to get from her each week. In fact – I would prefer her to just stand at the mike and sing – as does Sam and Alex. She was just herself again when she found herself in the bottom two – she was hurt and disappointed. If she had given out a ‘fake’ smile, it wouldn’t have been Jessica.

      • Ya I definitely prefer Jessica’s style of music to Jena’s. She is my favorite female in the competition and much more original than Jena but Jena gets that voter base from people who enjoy big performance and theatrics. So I don’t see Jessica beating Jena but with the theme this week “a little country, a little rock n’ roll” look for a very good performance from Jessica, this is here wheel house if she cant prove herself this week than there won’t be much chance for her.

      • If Jessica can forget what happened on the stage last week and the results thereafter – and be her best self again in looks and performance – she should go forward again..

      • Also the Judges play a huge role in bringing Jessica’s voting down. There criticism is good and accurate but it just seems more negative than what they say to others because in their head they already have every one placed. They see CJ as the Heart and Soul of the Show but don’t understand how he keeps getting through. (Might have something to do with their sugar coated judgment of him) They see Sam as their Class Project that they keep working on and plan on handing it in at the end of the Season for an A+, they see Alex as the Original and Creative one (a Philip Phillips like dark horse) and then they see Caleb and Jena as the male and female frontrunners so they kind of leave Jessica out on the side hoping she will just disappear sooner or later.

      • Some good points there – you likely could have added American Idol as part of the Class Project for Sam. Why would they use their only save for the season that early? Would they have saved even Caleb at that time? I don’t think so.

      • They definitely would have saved Caleb that’s a no brainer, They saved Sam because not only is he a good singer he attracts an audience of teens which the show needs. Money Money Money that’s all American Idol really cares about. Sam is money. But he is also very talented, more than some people give him credit for. Many just don’t like him because he gets more attention then who they believe should win mainly Caleb, Jena and Jessica fans.

      • Right! Next week if CJ has better performance, Jessica will be gone. And the entire message of this comment are same as mine.

      • I’m guessing CJ will get Dex’s votes. Jess is actually from Texas via Florida and not Alabama born plus she’s a female and believes in aliens. No way she’s getting Dex’s votes.

  10. I like Caleb…but i think Jena shines better, sings better and has a sensational voice….that is what it takes to be an American Idol…

    • Her screaming voice is just for American idol, not to become famous singer and not marketable.

      • I so agree. And that face she makes like something smells bad makes me want to look away when she’s on the screen. I dislike the tone of her voice and her phony accents.

      • have you ever really listened to her…her voice has its own originality , whatever she sings…and that smile lights up the world…oh no , no screaming voice here…this girl has “it”

  11. I think Jena will be the next American Idol, I am sick if Caleb singing the same type of music, also don’t care for his looks. I may not give him any votes next week depending on song choice. Sam could be in the top 3 if he could be more outgoing on stage. Alex Preston I think will be in the top 3. CJ Harris should go home this week. Jessica will stay in the top five.

  12. 1.Jena,Celeb, Alex. Jessica, C.J. Sam. I have been a fan of Jena’s for some time, she keeps getting better. Fingers crossed!

  13. In my opinion, this season, most definitely, would be like season 10. Jena Irene will be the Haley Reinhart, thus ending up in third place. Caleb will be the James Durbin, surprisingly being eliminated during the top 4. And Alex will be the Scotty McCreery, who hasn’t been in the bottom and showed consistency throughout the competition and he will and he might win this season. I think CJ will go home next and then Sam Woolf will end up second place.

  14. Caleb should get out before he wins, (and American Idol ruins his career)
    same goes for young Jena…. finish school!!!!

  15. Can’t take Caleb anymore. Jena, Jessica, Sam and Alex if he’d start playing something close to a melody other then his own…he needs to stop chopping the notes and I bet he’d sound amazing… well better. Caleb is like an egotistical Meatloaf karioki singer.

  16. David Cook is right about Sam. The teen is full of talent and he doesn’t even realize it. The three judges knew and that’s why they used their only save. Sam has the total american idol package. He is learning to loosen up and connect more. I am a mother and and my family vote for Sam.

    • So agree! Sam is the perfect American Idol! He will set an example to all the people out there! He will make History!

    • YES! The youth needs someone like SAM to look up to! Especially those troubled ones. I admired SAM for being so level headed. He is not perfect when it comes to family but he has a very supportive grandparents and a father who loves him so much! But having that situation he makes himself busy writing songs! And improving his talents. Isn’t that GREAT! He is so adorable and blessed!

  17. Jessica has no personality. Never hugs the other contestants when she is safe. She is all about herself. Sam tried to hug her when she was announced in the bottom 2, and she wanted no part of it! She has a good voice but no stage presence whatsoever. She looks like a bad actress on stage. Doesn’t move to the beat of the song. She never improves on that either. She should have gone home!

  18. This is my ranking for the Top 6 American Idol:

    1. SAM – I really like the way he arranges his songs and performance
    2. ALEX – good in the arrangement of songs too.
    3. CALEB
    4. JENA
    5. JESSICA
    6. CJ

    Guys this is just my opinion. And I think this might be the ranking until top Three! This will mostly the power ranking. We are talking about MUSICALITY and PERFORMANCE and of course PERSONALITY. As of to date, SAM is growing in popularity and progressing a lot. He knows his craft and what kind of competition he is in! ALEX for is also good. And he is always next to SAM! I really want these guys to be in collaboration! Let’s see!

    • Yeah I agree with you Jackie. This ranking: Sam, Alex, Caleb, Jena, Jessica, and then CJ. I have a strong feeling that Sam will make it to the top, next is Alex, then Caleb! The rest will go! Sam has all the whole package! Alex the musicality and Caleb performance!

      • I so agree Jill! SAM will be the next American Idol (has the whole package). He will get this title, Alex will be next to him because he has the musicality and Caleb has the performance! The rest of them will go!

  19. I just started watching American Idol this season, as I have been over seas. In my viewpoint, this is by far the least talented group I have ever seen on any season since the show started. The only two who seem to have enough talent to make it into the top ten are Caleb and Jeana. I strongly fear this will be the last year of this show. But, how many TV shows in television history have a run, this long.

  20. I already dread watching the judges beat up Jessica again, no matter what she does. It’s like watching the unpopular kid get bullied at school every week no matter what. The worst part is the completely insincere “you know how much we love you” opening, but they start dropping the bombs. If that’s they way they treat and encourage people they like, they must deeply hate all the other contestants. They definitely treat her differently.
    Considering how they took her heart out and urinated on it in front of millions last week, I’d be surprise if she can put together another great performance. Personally, I’d take the stage this week, give the judges the finger they deserve, and walk off. But I know any spirit or confidence she use to have has been beaten out of her (on purpose). Even with that, she’s much better than Sam or CJ, and don’t let the judges beatings change your mind either. (Remember, Harry has a huge crush on Sam)
    Jessica, Nashville is calling your name baby. I haven’t voted for you in the past, but promise to vote for you this week.

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