Who Went Home on ‘American Idol’ Last Night? 4/17/2014

Dim the lights and here we go! The American Idol 2014 Top 6 will be revealed tonight on FOX when the viewers’ votes are announced.

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol results
Ryan Seacrest has the American Idol results – Source: FOX

We shared our predictions for this week’s elimination and we’ve taken a look at your votes in our weekly poll here. Now we just need the official envelope to confirm what we’re expecting.

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Host Ryan Seacrest reveals the results as we meet season 13’s Top 6 contestants.

American Idol 2014 Top 6 Contestants:

  1. Jena Irene
  2. Alex Preston
  3. Caleb Johnson
  4. CJ Harris
  5. Sam Woolf
  6. Jessica Meuse

Top 7’s Bottom 2 Contestants:

  1. Dexter Roberts
  2. Jessica MeuseShe’s safe!

One of these Bottom 2 singers was eliminated with no chance of redemption now that the Judges Save has been used up.

Top 7 – Who Was Eliminated on American Idol Last Night?:

  • Dexter Roberts

What do you think of this week’s outcome? Did America get the votes right? Should the Judges have kept the Save around for this week instead? Share your thoughts!




    • Stormy..get off your high horse.. and salute Dexter! He deserves better respect than that. He is way better than you.. he does not talk bad about others, he is the nicest one around.. and he sang well and He is the REAL DEAL.. has fans in Canada regardless of what the votes say! Maybe you should change your ‘term’ to Cloudy!

      • Since he’s gone, obviously you are in the minority. He seemed to be a decent guy, but not a lead singer. He mumbled, dropped the ends of words and everything sounded the same.

      • I am a minority! lol Votes does not speak for the talents he’s got. It’s too bad some media supports their favorite idols and put others in a bad light, no to mention uncalled-for pretense critique videos that slander him. Totally disgusting. It just goes to show that he is a force to be reckon with! He is the real country deal with a great voice and a classy down to earth personality. Love his songs and his performances and want to see more of him.

  1. Jessica was supposed to go home not Dexter–he’s a superior singer to her and CJ. Yet, two of the weakest singers this season (and all past seasons for that matter) move on… A mystery I just can’t figure out. I can only conclude that it has to do with their likeability. Frankly, I fault the ‘expert’ (so-called) judges for allowing such weak singers to make finals. This is especially sad for all the amazing talent that sang in pitch but got turned down for the likes of a mediocre amateur like CJ. Sad for all the hopeful singers that watch this show and are learning a backward message that it pays NOT to bother perfecting the craft of music by singing in pitch because you can win a ‘legit’ (so called) singing contest even if you can’t sing one single note in tune! In Jessica’s video “diary,” she said a music school rejected her. When I heard her admit that, my only question was “why wasn’t that music school one of the judges on AI”? My prediction remains Caleb vs. Jena. But with CJ and Jessica in the mix, who knows?…

  2. I agree it should of been jessica dnt get how they decide who the bottom 2 it should have been jessica im from neveda hasnt been aired here i checked to see it went home

    • the two with the least number of votes are the bottom 2.. the one with the very least number of votes go home…

  3. I got this scary feeling that alex is going to be a sleeper like Phillip Phillips..

      • I’m not hating on phillip Phillips… people were all about Jessica.. he didn’t get a whole lot of attention.. just laid back and did his thing.. then took the win in the end… and I’m glad.. I like phillip

      • I still don’t understand why people liked Jessica she couldn’t connect to the audience if he life depended on it.

      • Skylar, Hollie, or Joshua should of been in the finale, Jessica should of left on Top 7, can’t belive they wasted their save on her. I suppose she started (tried) to connect, but she was so fake it made me sick.

  4. It was either him or CJ, and frankly his performance wasn’t that great so, he was the right one to go home this week. I mean it could of been anyone. CJ survived the bottom this week hopefully he can pull through or he’s next.

  5. I hope Dexter gets a contract, I know I would buy his music. America lost last night. He’s not only a great singer but a get role model in this world today we need guys like him. i Love you Dexter, one day soon I count on seeing you on the Grand Ole Opry stage.

  6. I would have sent home Jessica last night. Even though she and Dexter have had equally good performances. they kept voting for CJ when he was singing flat but, he’s been improving, as is Sam. So, my choice would have been Jessica. That is also taking into consideration Jena’s tongue-singing which sounds like she has her mouth full of cotton balls except for Wednesday night when she killed it. Still would have sent Jessica. Sorry, Jessica, because I have liked you so far.

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