American Idol 2018: Marcio Donaldson Says America Tends Not To Vote For Minorities

This week the American Idol 2018 Top 10 was formed after America’s votes put the top six vote-getters through and the judges picked four others to round it out. It was America’s choices that erupted in controversy.

Of those top six, only one was a minority — Michael Woodard. Every other minority was in the bottom. The judges went on to save four contestants, Jurnee, Dennis Lorenzo, Ada Vox and Michelle Sussett, all people of color and two a part of the LGBT community. Social media spent a good part of Monday night and Tuesday expressing their concern over those results. And American Idol Top 14 standout Marcio Donaldson, who was among those eliminated Monday, has addressed his thoughts on the matter.

“The harsh reality is that most of the people who were in the bottom were minorities,” Marico told TMZ. “Coincidentally that’s what Ameica voted and that’s a harsh reality to see. It just shows how sad of a dynamic this can be in this industry.”

Marcio points out that the proof is there beyond what happened Monday night.

“If you look at it, look at the winners [of American Idol], there’s a pattern,” Marcio says. You don’t see a lot of miniorites that do actually win this show. Just look at the pattern.”

He isn’t wrong. In 16 seasons, only four have been minorities, Rueben Studdard, Fantasia, Jordin Sparks and Candice Glover.

Marcio stresses that he isn’t dogging American Idol. This really has nothing to do with the show; it’s really all about how America votes.

“I don’t discredit anything Idol does because it did give me a beautiful platform,” Marcio points out.

What did you think of the results Monday night? It was pretty absurd that such great singers like Jurnee, Dennis, Ada and Marcio weren’t sent through to the Top 10 by America.