American Idol Results: Meet Your Top 10 & Who Went Home Last Night

American Idol 2018 Top 10 singers

American Idol 2018 results last night revealed the Top 10 singers and who was cut from the Top 14 after America’s votes were revealed the and judges stepped in to save another four Hopefuls with a second chance at staying in the competition.

All 14 of the remaining Hopefuls performed last night, with results mixed in showing which six singers earned the most votes in last night’s round of voting. Those singers were guaranteed a spot in the Top 10 but four more were added in after the judges handpicked which ones get a special save from elimination.

Who do you think deserves to make it into the Top 10 for American Idol this year?

American Idol Results: Top 10

  1. Maddie Poppe
  2. Cade Foehner
  3. Gabby Barrett
  4. Caleb Hutchinson
  5. Michael Woodard
  6. Catie Turner

Four more singers will be added in by the judges after viewers voted in the six contestants above.

  1. Ada Vox
  2. Jurnee
  3. Michelle Sussett
  4. Dennis Lorenzo

Who Was Sent Home From Top 14

American Idol 2018 continues with its live shows next Sunday as the schedule slims down to just one night a week, but the shows remain two hours long. Check out the full American Idol 2018 schedule for even more details on what’s ahead.

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