American Idol Results: Who Went Home Last Night On American Idol? 4/29/2015

Dim the lights and let’s go. The American Idol results were revealed last night as the Bottom Two of the remaining Top 4 Hopefuls are made official by your results as announced by host Ryan Seacrest. Who was voted off American Idol last night? Let’s find out.

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol results
Ryan Seacrest has the American Idol results – Source: FOX

Four of this week’s performing Hopefuls survived the elimination round for a chance to head home for a grand parade and concert. With the Fan Save closed out there was no opportunity for second chances in the Bottom Two. This unfortunately led to a surprising elimination as we expected this contestant to press on closer to the season finale.

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Top 5’s Bottom Two:

Top 5’s eliminated contestant:

  • Eliminated singer is… Tyanna Jones

American Idol 2015 Top 4 contestants:

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Next week the Top 4 are back for another round and we’re less than a month away from finding out who will win American Idol 2015 so don’t forget to support your fav contestants.

What do you think of this week’s outcome? Did America get the votes right? Share your thoughts and tell us what you think should have happened!




    • It sounds more like a glitch to me as there was no way Rayvon had better performances than Tyanna. Perhaps they should swap Rayvon and put Tyanna back in. I think there was one year when Siobhan was voted off because a fan accidentally posted her votes as Aaron Kelly’s votes from what I’ve heard.

    • o my jesus! Rayvon is going to win this thing and be the only singer to be in the bottom 2 for the last how many ever weeks! I can’t believe Tyanna went home this week.. I thought she would make it to the top 3… look out Nick, Jax and Clark.. waving bye!

      • I agree Tyanna was number 3 in the polls and Rayvon had the lowest votes in the polls or more likely Nick had the lowest votes. Therefore I will say there must be a big glitch.

      • I’m sure she will. If Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston, and Aretha Franklin could succeed in music then so can Tyanna. Whitney won on Star Search at 16 which is why I had Tyanna in number 3.

    • Tyanna is just 16 and needs a guardian to travel with her on tour (extra cost). Idol is budgeting this year but hope this was just the way it turned out.(no hokey pokey)lol

  1. Tyanna was terrific! Tray on stumbled and was pitchy, too close to the mike. Maybe the judges should’ve helped this ultra talented 16 yr. old with better advice and more grooming, not just take her gift for granted. She’s young, why not carry her along. You gave Trayvon too much. Jenny from the hood should’ve fought to help her more. She’s struggled and hopefully this won’t crush her spirit. Fabulous voice and a kind heart. Would love to see Jennifer Hudson bring her along and sing with her. What a horrible loss.

  2. Nick and Rayvon should go home. They do not have the range pitch or talent. Very disappointing to send Tyanna home she should have been in the final three.

    • To each etc. IMO Nick and Rayvon each had a MOMENT with their first songs tonight. Clark was a mess and seems obdurate and foolish. I don’t like anything about Jax, so won’t opine on her performances.

      • Jax has the only really unique voice that autotune can take care of the rest. her voice is somewhere between Lorde and Elle’s.

      • I love how you said Jax’s voice needs autotune basically. Isn’t the point to sound good without autotune?

      • I didn’t like any of her performances tonight, probably her worst two in my opinion, very squeaky, some times too sharp, and I hate that gimicky voice it ruins the performance for me. She is starting to kinda annoy me. I think her piano performance at least are’nt cringeworthy.

  3. Didn’t Rayvon have FIVE saves & now Tyanna can’t be saved woowwww I can’t believe she went home, I feel sick. I don’t even want to watch it anymore to be honest. I couldn’t believe how poorly some also sang tonight & bet Tyanna isn’t in the bottom when they add up votes & WHY would Tyanna even be up for voting what are we voting for if she’s out?? I already voted for her. I closed my eyes & listened to Jax’s oooh… ouch. Tyanna will be missed. Didn’t Candice Glover get in the top 4 or 5 one year then return to win it the next year?

    Tyanna was the best singer in this thing. She had more in a row back to back perfect performances probably more than anyone else. I really won’t watch Idol ever again. There needs to be a protest or something this just isn’t right. SO wrong. I honestly feel SICK by this. S I C K.

    • I agree…I’m not watching American idol anymore. It’s foolishness that Rayvon can get saved 3 maybe 4 times and Tyanna couldn’t get not 1 save

    • You are so right. Now tell me how could Jax sing better than Tyanna, there’s no way that could be. Wow Tyanna you would always be a star.

  4. I’ll never watch this crap again because it’s not about talent or who can sing, but all about favoritism.smh

  5. They let her go cause of her age they would have to pay for tutoring she’s still in school. She will be fine.

    • Yea sure that’s the reason. I guess any excuse is better than none. Idol have money and it wouldn’t be their first time paying for tutoring (if that’s the case).

      • I’m really indirectly saying how cheap and this is rigged. They paid for Jordan and she won yea . But not often.

    • LOL! That’s totally what she was for me. Tonight she had some moments very little but as soon as she went on the floor I was like wow, dramatic and not even singing that great on top of it. Really Jax for me just has good looks and her voice can really be either soft or just irritating when she uses that cringeworthy voice of hers, maybe if she sang normal she’d be ok.


  7. My opinion is that more girls vote than guys …and they naturally prefer a good-looking, sexy guy more than a girl, regardless of talent,

  8. I’m so upset that Tyanna Jones got sent home tonight uggggghhhhh….I think Rayvon should have went home!!!!! THIS IS LUDICROUS

  9. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought Clark started off out of tune. And then he brought it up with the band. Somehow I feel his look and the style he sings are incongruent. Nobody can do Stevie Wonder but Stevie Wonder and that also felt wrong with Clark doing it. Jax always brings it and she showed every facet of her talent tonite. Nick is true to himself and yes, he sounds like Rob Thomas. Not a bad thing.

  10. Gotta add that I protest Tyanna”s going home. Just because she’s young and they think she’ll get another chance down the line, but what does that show young people? Even though she is so gifted and has a wonderful, beautiful, strong and clear that should have saved her so something just isn’t right!!

  11. Didn’t Harry mention to Tyanna to pursue piano or something, she doesn’t need piano, guitar, drums or singing lessons. She needed to be groomed & guided during the show by the best people making sure she was growing & getting better & better so she was given songs that showed off her chops & she had them.

    Tina Turner needs to go on tour & bring Tyanna with her to perform WITH her up front with NO Piano. Just that beautiful voice from God. This is SO wack. The “save” should have been saved for this very reason. They over-used up all the save options & now that it’s really needed it was wasted over & over & over. I will NEVER again watch another voice contest, this is absolutely W A C K.

  12. This is really TERRIBLE! I am done with American idol this season!
    How can Rayvon win over Tyanna?
    Tyanna has a very beautiful voice like Jennifer Hudson, or Fantasia Barrino
    For me, Rayvon sould send home after Qaasim Middleton

    8. Qaasim
    7. Rayvon
    6. Quentin
    5. Nick
    4. Tyanna
    3. Jax
    2. Joey Cook
    1. Clark

    • Rayvon actually isn’t that bad to be honest, Definitely better than Qassim and Quentin for me. But yeah winning over Tyanna is pretty crazy, but likewise I’m not surprised they have to send someone home and the list is narrowing down so expect some shockers since the fan save is no longer in play.

  13. Had this been a RADIO singing competition, Tyanna would likely be fighting for the win & very well may have won it. No one should have let her sing a Miley song so late in the game either. It was Soooo beneath Tyanna’s level honestly.

  14. I literally feel SICK over this. Absolutely SICK.

    At least now we know what real “wack” is.

  15. Show has been very disappointing I this year. Some of the better singers have been sent home . This tour will not be anything to a b ragg about. Jax and Tyanna are the only 2 left that can perform. I don’t understand why Rayvon.keeps getting saved. Must be something wrong with phone lines. All top 10 need to go on tour to have a better show.

  16. perhaps contestants should earn the save for each back to back performance that all 3 judges agree is a great performance or when they are given a perfect 10 across the board. Had this been the case, this would be a very different situation.

  17. biggest injustice I’ve ever seen on a voice competition. Tyanna had a shot at actually winning this thing. Radio needs to start having these shows we vote on. Let’s have a look at the winner on the final show on TV.

    • While I agree with you about Tyanna, the biggest injustice was when James Durbin was eliminated instead of thet Alfred E Neuman inpersonator Scotty McCreepy.

      • Scotty still has a career. Where is James Durbin? Kris Allen won, but 2nd. place Adam Lambert is the one with the career. In the end it’s about national exposure. Get your name and face out there and the public will decide who they want to see and listen to post Idol. Clay Aiken went farther and longer than Ruben Studdard. Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson did fine after eliminations.

  18. The idol machine and agenda have gone into motion. Clark is not their pick. Notice how he was criticized and featured in a negative way and the other 3 were raved about. Notice the switch in this blog’s poll. They know how to achieve their goals. Clark is by far the class of the show.
    His strength of character has won me over even more.

    • He is boring and just doesn’t get how to connect with the audience. Jax and Nick are the greatest.

  19. This season is wacked as Quentin put it. Jax is the best but come on Rayvon survived another week. This 5 minutes to vote is BS cuz only those at taping n East Coast can vote. It’s not shown live out side of the East Coast. I think Jax, Tyanna, Joey, Quentin n Qaasim should of been in top 5 yet alone Jax n any 2 of these should be in top 3. I bet if they had same rules as before these would be in top 4.

  20. Who is voting for nick? Like seriously? He does ok but definitely not better than Tyanna!

  21. LOL! Looks like Rayvon still has his nine lives even without the Twitter save! LOL!

  22. If Idol is still on next year, then girls need to skip it and try out for The Voice. They’ll have a better chance.

  23. Why couldn’t they allow everyone to sing and then announce who was eliminated at the close of the show? Me no likey!

  24. Rayvon has a new name from all the saves he was rescued by.
    “Save-on” / Sayvon

  25. I’m not going to look at American Idol the judging is unfair!

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