American Idol Spoilers: 2014 Top 5 Finalists Revealed!

Are you ready for the awesome American Idol spoilers for who finally made the season 13 Top 5 finalists? This is it, the last big milestone before the American Idol finale in May. These are the best of the best in the competition and one of these five contestants will be the singer who won American Idol 2014!

American Idol 2014 Top 6

Did your favorite make it through to the American Idol 2014 Top 5? We have the official American Idol results of this week’s elimination for you ahead. After you find out who went home on American Idol tonight, and which five finalists will be returning next week, don’t forget to tell us what you think of the vote!

Before going into the American Idol 2014 results show this evening, we were pretty much convinced it would finally be time for CJ Harris to run out of his nine cat lives. We really like CJ, we do, but he has the worst consistency of any of the remaining finalists and he just did not blow us out of the water with either of his performances this week.

Our readers also gave CJ Harris the lowest spot on the list this week, with only 3 percent of the vote in our favorites poll from the Top 6 finalists. However, he’s been on the bottom in our polls before and still managed to hang on week after week.

So did CJ Harris finally fail to make it through to the next round? Who is your American Idol season 13 Top 5 finalists?

Here are the results of tonight’s vote!


Bottom Two:


  •  CJ Harris




  1. This is most likely my ranking for the Top 6 American idols:

    1. SAM WOOLF – excellent musicality, perfect song choice, performance improved a lot! The rest … Outstanding for me!
    2. ALEX PRESTON – excellent musicality, but performance not that good! Song choice is good!
    3. CALEB JOHNSON – love voice quality, good performer but musicality not that good!
    4. JESSICA MEUSE – love voice quality, enunciation, not too bad arrangement; not good performance

    BOTTOM 2:
    1. CJ HARRIS – Intonation, musicality, song choice, etc….
    2. JENA IRENE – love voice quality; poor enunciation and arrangement; poor choice of songs!


    • I agree with your evaluation of the remaining singers. I do like CJ though as a singer and performer, and hope that he will have a career in music beyond his prior guitar teacher gig. I would have kept CJ on the show over Jena.

    • I agree with Jackie, I think Sam is going to take it because of the young voters. I think Alex is so much more talented. Alex should win but I don’t think he will because he’s not as ( cute) as so they say Sam.

    • Jackie- CJ & Jena, are very talented but I think there both the same-old same-old. there are a lot of rock singers and Jena’s out there. Alex is so different and has great talent should go all the way.

  2. Some “shocking elimination!” I assumed it was going to be Jessica after the AI tweet earlier. What a joke. CJ should’ve gone home weeks ago anyway.

    • I would be happy with any of the remaining idols winning. They are ALL talented. Although my favorite is Caleb.

  3. Agree with Jackie. Sam is the epitome of what an american idol winner is. If he follows Keith Urban’s advise to tap into his hidden emotions..he will explode. He is improving and I hope he keeps it up to win it.

    • As SAM said when he sang “Unwell”, “he is not crazy to try out on AI, he is just trying to get his dream!!!…

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