American Idol Spoilers: 2016 Top 5 Song List – Update

The first song spoilers for American Idol’s Top 5 performances Thursday night have begun to arrive as the contestants are again revealing the news along with more details on what to expect.

Sonika Vaid performs on American Idol 2016
Sonika Vaid performs on American Idol 2016 – Source: FOX

With just six singers and two hours of American Idol airtime to fill we knew there’d be more than just one solo each, but would it be a repeat of duets this week with six Hopefuls still waiting in the wings for this week’s American Idol results?

So far only Tristan McIntosh has had her first of two songs revealed. Yes, all contestants will get two songs this week instead of a solo and a duet. Considering things were hit and miss with the last round’s duets this is probably all for the best.

Tristan will be singing “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi. Hmm. I really don’t know what to make of that, but so far I’m going to remain cautious on that one.

Update: Full song list for tonight’s American Idol has been released!

Dalton Rapattoni – “Numb” & “The Sound of Silence”
La’Porsha Renae – “No More Drama” & “Ready for Love”
MacKenzie Bourg – “Billie Jean” & “Wild World”
Sonika Vaid – “Clarity” & “Let It Go”
Trent Harmon – “Counting Stars” & “Simple Man”
Tristan McIntosh – “It’s My Life” & Independence Day”

All of these songs were from the America’s Choice effort by American Idol to collect song suggestions from viewers. We’ve got some good ones in the mix here! Join us back at 8PM for our live results and performance coverage.





  1. I think Tristen is beyond confused. First she surprises everyone saying that she is a country singer. She establishes herself as a country singer, and now out of nowhere, she going to sing a rock song. I think it’s her age getting in the way, but if anyone deserves to go home tomorrow, it should be Tristen.

    • Not sure I agree with u here. The judges keep telling everyone to step out of their comfort zones. If they’re doing 2 songs why not try something different? I must say though. I’m a little worried with this choice for her.

      I’m hoping Dalton does a ballad so everyone can see how weak his voice is compared to everyone else. He’s my pick to go home this week but he won’t.

      I think it’s going to be Sonika unfortunately. She just has a hard time connecting to the audience. Such a great voice though. Usually being in the bottom 3 is not good for the following week. I.E. Avalon

      • The little blond hair boy is getting votes based on his good looks and not his voice. Teen heart throb. Olivia should have stayed n he should have gone. To say out of all that talent that hes number 3 is just so wrong.

      • Dalton is reall fantastic and talented. Xo your research and find other vidios on him. He has an awesome voice, it is sp matural for him. He deserves to win this. He is so talented and yes he has great looks that you sholud’nt pick on especially when you judge a book by his cover. Enjoy his looks, he is the real deal, a real amazing wonderful artist. I love his package that he brings to the stage. Yes Dalton he has our vote always!! Next it will be the Grammy winner is Dalton Rapattoni.

  2. My choices for tonight would be:
    MacKensie – You Don’t Wear No Perfume -The Sparks
    Dalton – Sometimes When We Touch – Dan Hill
    La”Porsha – What A Difference A Day Makes – Dinah Washington
    Sonika – Colors Of The Wind [from Pocahontas]
    Tristan – Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue – Crystal Gayle

  3. For now Tristan must sent home not Sonika, I don’t care even people say her difficult connect or karaOke singer or etc, Sonika can sing and with heart not like Tristan I said that Top 10 she sings very pitchy and shaky why can see pass through top 6?
    Yeah said about comfort zone, how about Olivia? Why she sing trouble by pink and has a lot pro and contra? She sing out of her comfort zone and how about Tristan? I hope she didn’t be the winner

    • Sonikas voice is amazing. I want her to win. To say trent is better is wrong. For him to be no. 1 over la porsha even is insane. Just cause J Lo likes him doesnt mean vote for him. I wonder if people are voting on voices or other things that dont mean anything. Its a singing competition. The best voice should win.

      • I’d have to disagree with you there. Although Sonika does have a nice voice, I would never be able to say that she sings better than Trent. La’Porsha and Trent are equally as talented. If either wins, it would be fair. The people that are voting for Trent are doing it because of his vocal abilities. If people were voting based on look, Dalton and Mackenzie would be in first place due to the teen vote. My order would go:
        1. Trent or La’Porsha
        3. Sonika
        4. Mackenzie
        5. Dalton
        6. Tristen

        Tristen has a better voice than Dalton, but she keeps picking the wrong songs to perform and Dalton knows how to move the audience.

      • Yes I agree with both of you
        But for me now my top 3 was :
        1. La Porsha
        2. Sonika Vaid
        3. Trent Harmon
        Next I think it should Dalton to go
        I don’t know why, even I’m a teenager, I am fair, by the look I love Dalton very much by the voices, even Sonika can win over him
        But still if flashback, I want Olivia in my top 3
        Olivia has a powerful, beautiful voice than Tristan, Dalton even Avalon. This is my Top 4 picks :
        1. La Porsha
        2. Sonika Vaid
        3. Trent Harmon
        4. Mackenzie Bourg
        Even Mackenzie doesn’t has the voice to beat Sonika, La Porsha and Trent but he is unique, he can arrangement the song that was the plus point to beat Dalton. I do love Tristan just once when she was sitting on the piano..

  4. I can’t believe there will be another Judges Save of the bottom 2 ?. Just let the person with the lowest votes go home. It’s what America wants.

  5. Sonika has the best pure voice, and can develop stage grace in a short time when she’s able to concentrate on that and not being voted through. Dalton is a great entertainer but really has vocal issues. He has a natural fast vibrato and he knows it, that’s why he seems to talk through his songs without sustaining his notes, and when he does hold the note it sounds terrible. Chris Daughtry also has a fast vibrato, but can control it because of his power. Hope Sonika wins, sounds great and looks great.

  6. I think they are afraid that La’Porsha or Trent will get eliminated if they don’t intervene. Every year there is a surprise. I think Sonika and Tristan are both talented but need more time. They will go the way of the other “singers” who never became anything. I’m just not all that crazy about MacKenzie. He is a bit dorky and uninteresting – I don’t get the “cute” thing. I find Trent a bit creepy with his faces and altho he and La’P have the best voices they aren’t all that appealing from a pop standpoint. That leaves Dalton. Maybe not the best singer, but has the total package to be a star. And if you listen to some of his original songs (like STOP) on YouTube they are wonderful. Not all chart toppers have voices like Adele!!

  7. Sad, that Sonika was eliminated. She was amongst the top three of the night. Two of the boys were ordinary, but their performances were hiked up by comments from the judges…especially the Lady Judge who claimed that she loves to hear them sing and this must have influenced the voting public. They were poor and I am surprised that they got this far. But it is the story of shows like this. Hope I have not heard the last of Sonika.. For me it is between RENAE and BOURG.

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