American Idol Top 6 Song Theme: Country and Rock ‘n’ Roll

The American Idol spoilers for the Top 6 song theme have already been revealed and it’s an interesting choice for the finalists. Not quite as fun and exciting as the ‘Competitor’s Pick’ theme, but still something a bit different we haven’t seen before on American Idol.

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According to TV Line, the American Idol 2014 Top 6 song theme will be “a little bit country, and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll.” What exactly does this mean? Well, apparently the finalists will be performing two individual songs, so no more duets for now probably. And one performance will be ‘country’ and one will be rock.

This sounds like a great night for Caleb Johnson and Jessica Meuse to both shine, since we think they can do both genres pretty equal justice.

If Dexter Roberts actually survives the elimination this week, we could see him doing well. If he can pull out the creativity and originality the American Idol judges have been begging for and not just sound like he’s leading a cover band.

Jena Irene Ascuitto will probably also have a good time with this theme. We know she can rock it out, and we think she can probably find a country song that will suit her voice wonderfully.

The trouble spots, we think, will be Sam Woolf and CJ Harris, if they both survive tonight’s elimination. Neither of them are really much country or much rock ‘n’ roll. And if Sam pulls out a soft, ballad classic rock song or latches on to something by The Beatles again, we might scream. This would be his chance to REALLY step out of the box and do something big and risky. He needs to show he’s not just one dimensional if he wants to make it to the finale.

For CJ Harris, we recommend an equal measure of ‘do something different’ because he’s riding right on the edge of being the one to go home next, if he manages to survive this week.

What would your choices be for your favorite contestant for ‘a little bit country, and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll’?




  1. I assume since he’s not mentioned, you believe Alex is leaving.
    Sam – For his rock number I like Sam to do “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet. For his country song “Travelin Man” by Ricky Nelson.

    Caleb – Rock = “Still The Same” Bob Seger Country – “Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell

    Jessica – Rock = I Hate Myself For Loving You/Joan Jett Country = Desperado/Linda Ronstadt

    Don’t really care about the rest.

    • Can I just say that I love you, Stormy? You always take the words out of my “mouth”. Sam better rock it out next week, he needs to be electric!

      • Sams TOO young
        I wouldnt expect him to be here very long

        and speaking of too young… “Jena” is the one to watch…

        American Idol is a bunch of “Pimps”, and she should finish school

    • Stormy,
      In everything I’ve heard, Rick always considered himself a rock ‘n’ roll singer. He was a contemporary of Elvis and knew Elvis on a personal level. After Harry suggested that Sam look up Rick Nelson, I did that. In his interviews he talked about being in on rock ‘n’ roll at the beginning. I never heard him refer to his music as country. Maybe others are thinking that now that he’s gone, but I don’t think Rick would agree. I’d like to see Sam do “Hello, Mary Lou” as one of Rick’s songs. I like your choices for Caleb and Jessica. Jess reminds me a little of Linda Ronstadt.

      • I do know that Rick was considered rock, but to me “Travelin'” Man always had a country vibe. And since so many references to Rick/Sam are on these boards, it seemed apt. As for Elvis, many of his songs were definitely crossovers into Country and even Gospel. It was such a transitional time for music. Even Conway Twitty went rock for “It’s Only Make Believe”

      • some of Rick’s songs were considered rockabilly and were played on country music stations. one example would be Hello Marylou.

  2. a little bit country…a little bit rock and roll… does that mean that Donnie and marie are making an appearance???

  3. Matter of choice and likes.. I enjoy everyone’s performance! They come this far and should be respected.

    • Agreed! It’s so easy to sit back and “judge” their performances and so easy to forget what they have been going through to get this far: demanding schedules, performing and trying to follow the judges’ advice, wardrobe, commercials, duets, choosing songs and “making them their own,” the pressure of being judged each week, watching friends go home, big stage, big audience, big band, missing their families…. They have been called a boring group, but they have shown they have what it takes and don’t give up.

  4. This will be do or die week for Jessica Meuse. She can sing both and she needs to turn the tide of public opinion away from Caleb and Jena if she wants to win.

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