Who Will Win American Idol 2014? Our Prediction From the Top 8!

Who will win American Idol 2014 and hopefully become the next Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, or Phillip Phillips? Are there any true front-runners this season, or are we going to spend the whole rest of the season in a mad free-for-all scramble pretty much anyone could win?

Sam Woolf and Malaya Watson duet

Well, we know now that former fan favorite Sam Woolf is certainly no longer any kind of front-runner. Despite being rated highly in the betting odds and our reader’s polls for the first few weeks of the finals, Sam’s star has fallen hard. He was only saved from going home last week by the American Idol judges. We doubt he’ll be able to come back from that low of a point to be the one who won American Idol season 13 If he did, it would be a miracle and one for the record books!

The American Idol 2014 finalists are such a muddle at this point, it seems even Las Vegas has given up trying to take bets on the outcome of this season. We haven’t been able to find any current American Idol betting odds; the latest being from two weeks ago courtesy of Boveda Sports Book. In those odds, Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston, and Jena Irene Ascuitto were the top three most likely be the American Idol 2014 winner.

Oddly enough, although she is much lower ranked elsewhere, our readers are still in love with Malaya Watson every single week. She was voted the best Top 8 performance last week in our reader’s poll, taking 22 percent of the vote. Jena Irene placed second with 19 percent, followed by Alex Preston and Sam Woolf tied for third.

With all the ups and downs in the voting for the contestants, and the polls fluctuating wildly from week to week, who wins American Idol 2014? Well, despite our readers only ranking him in forth place, we’re still going to have to stick with our Caleb Johnson prediction for now.

Not only is Caleb consistent and receives strong praise from the judges and the audience on social media, but he’s never been in the bottom three. We think he’s stealing the Southern votes from Dexter Roberts, giving Caleb one of the most powerful voting blocks out there. He’s also likely pulling the biggest section of votes from the over-30 viewers — which just keep increasing in number every year as the show ages.

Even with all that, however, we wouldn’t necessarily call Caleb a “front-runner” per se. He often only lands in the middle of the pack in reader’s polls. And he was hardly running away with the race in the Vegas odds before they stopped bothering to print them anymore. He just happens to be the guy that hasn’t really screwed up yet in the finals and has had really strong, consistent performances.

Even so, unless something major happens over the next few weeks, we think Caleb still holds the best chance of winning. The only contestants we think could possibly give him a run for the money at this point are Alex Preston, Jena Irene, and possibly Malaya Watson. If any of them suddenly started pulling out ‘wow’ performances every week, they could bump Caleb right off his pedestal.




    • Please, anyone but Caleb or Jena. Both of these people are actually completely boring in their performance and each is arrogant in their own way. Either of these two can go home this week. If I could vote against contestants instead of voting for the ones I like the best, I would vote against Caleb and Jena.

  1. Proofread your headline. The WIN is missing. As to who will win, Sam or Jessica.

      • Jessica cannot connect with her songs! Vocals are great, but she looks like a really bad actress out there. Smiling when she shouldn’t be. It’s link she has this great voice but doesn’t hear the beat or feel anything

      • You’re right. I just think she has a beautiful voice. As of now, I really think Jena will win.


    • You are absolutely right, it doesn’t make sense! Something is going on, I don’t know what, but I almost swear they’re doing it (shock value) for ratings.

    • I agree, the “reporting” coming from the show is “off”. Sam is a front-runner. He could pull off the win. I think he has it all. And I think Alex is a musical genius and cold also be the winner. I don’t know how these writers are getting it so skewed. Strange.

      • Sam is a front-runner agreed. But I’m tired of hearing that “Caleb will win or Jena will win.”

  3. Either this week or next week, one of the frontrunners (Caleb, Jena or Jessica) will get voted off and the judges won’t have the chance to save them because they wasted the save on WGWG6. You heard it here first.

    • Alex, Jessica, and Sam all charted on iTunes with their performances last week. No one else from the Idol contestants group did. A recording artist makes a career off of music sales, so hopefully these singers will be the Top 3.

  4. Jessica Meuse and Caleb Johnson are my top picks. Jess’ talent seems underestimated.

  5. Record book? Not really that far off. Jessica Sanchez was sent home in top 7 and saved by the judges, and went on to top 2.

  6. Initially I thought Sam would be the star, but by a mile Caleb should win this. He’s the only one right now who I could legitimately see making it in the music industry as it is today – The right songs and he has the rock side of pop sewn up on Top 40.

  7. Malaya needs too win because, she is an absolutly fantastic singer and lovable person..And she needs too make her own music

  8. Idc about what anybody says but, malaya needs too win..It needs too be either Malaya or Jena but i think Malaya should win..She will be a great star/singer/performer/And everyone should LOVE her music

  9. Alex has such a unique voice and you can tell he really knows his stuff. Caleb is stuck in the 80’s and annoys me with his constant screaming. ALEX ALEX ALEX….he has all my votes!!!

  10. Malaya is the winner. BUT the judges need to NOT show who they are hoping to win. They need to be fair, they know what I mean when I say that! OK Ms Lopez

  11. Watch out for Sam Woolf transformation! This kid is awesome, adorable and talented! Though he had just saved from elimination, he will make it in the end!

  12. Sam is by far the best singer, he is the James Taylor and George Strait of this generation! I can listen to his smooth voice all day, any day. If he doesn’t win then it’s more about moving around on the stage then about actual singing.


  14. Yes, you will see this kid SAM WOOLF CLIMB until he reach the TOP! That’s how it is!

  15. Either Alex or Jena. Eventually America will get sick of Caleb doing the same thing every week.

  16. 7. CJ
    6. Sam
    5. Dexter
    4. Alex
    3. Jessica
    2. Jena
    1. Caleb
    Thats how it SHOULD be anyway..

  17. Top 3 should definitely be Caleb, Alex & Jena. If I had to chose the winner, I would be pick Alex though. <3

  18. Alex Preston is a musical genius. His remarkable creative ability to take any song he chooses and make it completly his own is unparalleled by any other singer in the history of American Idol. Unlike the other two remaining contestants, he is an awesome composer. Far and away, he is the most talented singer on Idol this season, and if only enough viewers are perceptive enough to recognize that fact, he will be the winner this season.

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