American Idol Season 13 Top 3: Who Will Win?

We are now down to the final three for American Idol season 13. There are just two weeks left until the grand American Idol finale for 2014. Now that we know who the Top 3 finalists are, which one of them has the best chance of winning it all? Let’s take a look at the last three finalists standing and weigh their chances of being the next American Idol winner!


Alex Preston: Of the remaining finalists, we unfortunately think Alex Preston has the least chance of winning. Alex has proven that he is a gifted musician, and honestly we feel he is the most unique and creative of the final three. Unfortunately, he has several big obstacles in his way on the path to fame and fortune.

Alex doesn’t exactly play music that is really geared to ‘wow’ the crowd. His sound is quirky, softer, and generally more intimate than impressive. For American Idol, the voters want strong power ballads, or loud rock and roll from their future winner. Although Alex is most often compared to previous winners Lee DeWyze and Phillip Phillips when it comes to past American Idol contestants, Alex lacks the big ‘moments’ on stage that both of those guys had during their time on the show.

Unfortunately, Alex still seems to have trouble really connecting emotionally to the lyrics of his music and the audience. He has certainly grown and improved, but he usually comes across too introspective when he is performing. Of the three remaining finalists, he also seems the least comfortable truly owning the stage. Alex doesn’t command the stage or the audience when he sings, and no matter how good his voice or his musicianship is, a winner needs to be more than just talented.

Jena Irene Ascuitto: If you’d asked us three or four weeks ago, we would have told you that Jena Irene would never win American Idol 2014 over Caleb Johnson. However, Jena has pulled out some ‘wow’ performances over the past few weeks and her fan base seems to have exploded. We also think it is likely she picked up quite a few of the younger voters from departed contestant Sam Woolf. We could see her picking up a lot of votes from departed Jessica Meuse as well, since she is now the only female left in the competition.

In truth, we think that Jena could win this thing not because she is necessarily better than Caleb Johnson, but because he may have hit his peak too soon. A few weeks ago, it was like Caleb could do no wrong for the American Idol judges or the viewers. He was so good, and so consistent, that he seemed like a guaranteed winner. The problem when you are on top, however, is that you have no place to go but down.

Caleb Johnson: As it stands right now, we still give a very slight edge to Caleb to be the next American Idol winner. However, we feel his regrettable comments about his critics and his fans may well have lost him a chunk of loyal votes. Overall, Caleb has become increasingly less likeable off the stage in recent weeks with his statements about everything from making the “old ladies cry” to joking about hookers and cocaine, and then calling his haters “retards.” Appearances when you are NOT performing can be just as important as what you do on stage.

Plus, Caleb’s had two weeks of giving a mixed bag of performances. While he’s still had at least one awesome song each week, he has also had a couple of tunes that fell flat. This is the first time we’ve watched Caleb and thought maybe he just can’t get any better, or give any more. And that’s the last thing you want to happen when you are still several weeks out from the American Idol finale.

What happens next week on the American Idol Top 3 performances show may just seal the deal when it comes to who is going to win American Idol season 13. We can’t wait to see what happens!