American Idol 13 – Best Top 8 Round 2 Performances Of The Night [VIDEOS]

It’s hard for us not to love 80’s night on American Idol, but we have to pick out our favorites from last night’s all around great set of performances.

Malaya Watson and CJ Harris on American Idol
Malaya Watson and CJ Harris on American Idol – Source: FOX

It’s tough to make this list of five best when all of them are doing well and the talent is great so next week I’ll have to stop dropping down so in the number of spots available for this list.

Here’s our list of who had the best showings from the Top 8 round 2 solo performances, but we want to hear who would make up your “best of” for the night and especially tell us about your favorite duets! Share your thoughts below!

#5 – Sam Woolf – “Time After Time”

#4 – Jessica Meuse – “Call Me”

#3 – Jena Irene – “I Love Rock N Roll”

#2 – Alex Preston – “Every Breath You Take”

#1 – Caleb Johnson – “Faithfully”

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  1. I cannot understand why you think Jena did great last night, IMO, she did not stand out at all, I cannot even understand what she was singing on the lower parts, it seems like she was murmuring the words out of her mouth. My TOP 5 rankings: 1-Caleb, 2- Jessica, 3- Dexter, 4-Alex, 5-Malaya 😀 But still, I am thinking of Malaya being in the bottom tonight.

    • All the jena hate is running rampant. She did great. I think people are saying she’s doing bad because they fear her in this competition.

      • I am just stating my opinion, that’s why I put “IMO”, I don’t actually hate her. And I think there is no possibility for her to be in the bottom though. I just don’t like her performance Last Night.

      • she sang the song her way just like most other songs she has performed. I give her credit for her guts. I liked what she did last night. There are 2 singers turning heads every week – Caleb and Jena. Beyond that I dont see anyone else winning this if it was about just the performance and not the fan clubs.

      • Really? You are such a fangirl if you actually believe what you’re saying. I don’t hate her, I just think she’s a talentless phony. Her performance was a trainwreck. She is a jerk and she thinks she’s holier than thou.

      • I, along with millions of others, thought that Jena did a very nice job – at least in the top half of all performances on the night. Calling her a talentless phony is silly and just illustrates that it’s not possible for you to form an objective opinion.

      • I’m a jena fan but last night belonged to Caleb. If she doesn’t get on the right track (stop trying to steal Caleb’s rocker fans), Caleb will do his victory dance!

  2. This is one time I think you put Jena too high, but Alex was dreadful-worst of the night other than CJ. Jena’s “Forte” is “NOT” Rock-like Caleb’s. She held her own in Rock week with Caleb, but wandering back into his waters allowed him (like a Crocodile) to chew her up! If she wanted somewhat “Rock’, she should have “stayed’ on the piano and did Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock”!
    Jena is a cross between a Demi Lovato/Angie Miller type singer.

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