American Idol 2014: Top 7 Power Rankings


We said goodbye to Malaya Watson last night on American Idol 2014 so now we have the season 13 Top 7.

And so it’s time again to do the weekly power rankings and since I have no idea what is going on with this season and why it’s all over the place, this will be fun as usual.

American Idol 2014 Top 7 Power Rankings

7. C.J. Harris. This dude must have nine lives. I don’t understand how someone can be in the bottom so often but survive the vote. That on top of his performances being all over the place, he lands at the bottom of our list this week.

6. Sam Woolf. Sam will ride the judges’ save wave for maybe one more week and then he’ll be gone. I think. Unless C.J. has yet another life in the competition. I would like to rank Sam higher, but I think this is where he should be.

5. Dexter Roberts. Dexter has had a few struggles in the competition and America’s reaction to him have been very hit and miss. But I think it’s safe to put him in the Top 5 as of now.

4. Jena Irene. I’m not sure if Jena is actually ahead of Jessica or not as far as voting goes, but I still think Jessica is a better performer than her. Jena has definitely improved and become a force in the contest, but I still think a slip up could cost her a spot in the contest. These voters are fickle this season.

3. Jessica Meuse. Will she actually be in the final three? I don’t know. It’s too crazy to tell this season. But I think she’s the best overall package in the whole group. So that deserves a top 3 spot in our power rankings.

2. Alex Preston. I wonder if Alex should really be here. But he’s never had a bad voting outcome and his performances have all be really solid. Boring, but solid. So I think this is the best place for him.

1. Caleb Johnson. The only thing ever starting to lack with Caleb was his ability to pull back and he did just that this week, so he’s golden. He keeps the No. 1 spot in our rankings warm for yet another week. I’ll dare to say I think he’ll be in the finale.

How would you rank the American Idol 2014 Top 7?





  1. Jessica the overall package?! Hahah that’s a joke. I didn’t know the package consisted of having absolutely no stage presence.

    • IKR!!! And I totally disagree with Sam being at 6! He should be at least be number 5!

    • Couldnt have said it better myself!! And have u noticed that everytime they announce her safe, she is the only one who doesn’t hug or at least acknowledge the other contestants who are still in jeapardy?

      • Yeah I did notice that! Jeez, full of herself. Jessica can sing but she is boring to watch.

      • I don’t see Jessica as cold. She is reserved. Not everyone is touchy feely. I know I’m not, and I can see it in other people. We don’t externalize our feelings.

      • Where I come from it’s called ‘fake’. Pretending to be best of friends – some sweet ‘acting’ to convince people tuning in to see reality TV drama that they’re nice people. Don’t need it. Just sing.

  2. This is an almost perfect power rankings list for me.
    I believe Jessica and Jena could be fighting for that number three spot at the moment, but right now everyone else is where they belong I believe.

  3. by rights caleb should win. but knowing fickle America and the voting system, that may not happen. not to worry, though, caleb. most of the losers do better than the winners.

    • The voters generally don’t go for a rocker in the end. David Cook is the one exception and his rocking isn’t as loud and obnoxious as Caleb’s.

  4. I think Alex and Sam should have went home along time ago and maliah should still be there I believe the last two standing should have been maliah and caleb

    • Why Caleb, he’s good, but he’s not the best unless you enjoy screaming. Malaya has the better voice out of the girls, she just picked a song she wasn’t ready for.

      I still can’t figure how she ended up on the bottom.

      • I think Malaya’s song this week was a big mistake – she should have gone with a quieter more sincere type of song and put the emotion into it. If she had done that, she’d still be on the show.

      • What? Please go back and listen to the shows again. Turn away and just listen. Malaya is a sweet heart and has a huge upside but she lacks the vocal precision Jena and Jessica possess. Toss Caleb in with these two and you have the top 3.

      • I think Caleb should go home. Malaya was good but she started to get worse, while others improved. I actually agree with the times she was in the bottom. The best contestants are Sam, Alex, and Jessica

    • Alex and Sam should be in the Top 3 with Jessica, if this competition is actually about singing..

      • WHAT? Jena is by far a superior singer to Sam and Alex. Sam has a huge upside and has a very nice voice but no better that Jena. Alex is a super talented musician – but his singing is his weakness as his voice is nothing special.

      • what are you talking about? Jena sucks, I can’t wait for her elimination to be honest. Sam and Alex are trillion times better than her.

  5. My top three have always been Dexter, Caleb and Sam… I like CJ also.. I’m glad to see them all still in the contest.

  6. If anyone Jena has the overall package. She has the look. She’s young. She knows how to work the stage. She has a phenomenal voice. She’s awesome on the piano. She has a bubbly personality. She has a unique voice that sounds great in the studio. Caleb is in the same boat expect for his personality. He seems to be not genuine.

    • Jena does not seem genuine. She isn’t attractive, she’s young and inexperienced, her stage presence seems so 100% scripted, her personality is bland with a weird rocker wannabe approach that doesn’t seem to fit her. Caleb seems like the biggest a_s, I would love to seem him get the lowest votes one week very soon, that’s an upset I would truly enjoy, it might finally knock that smug look off of his face. Caleb is all about Caleb. I like Alex, Dexter, CJ, Sam, Jessica. Those would be my Top 5, with Jena and CJ gone, gone, gone.

      • How attractive is Lady Gaga? Her stage presence is ‘scripted’ – well since she is young she’s developing a stage presence. Your problem with Jena is that you don’t like her.
        Remember it is a singing competition – name an episode where she didn’t vocally slay. At the end of the day, if you don’t have the vocal goods, you’ll be a nice Vegas side show.

  7. 7th: C.J. Harris- Seriously?! Him over Malaya? That’s a joke. Yeah, he’s likeable, but his voice isn’t. He’s always out of tune. He’s like Lazaro. He needs to go home next week because he is, by far, the worst of the Top 7.

    6th: Dexter Roberts- I don’t think that Dexter is gonna last much longer. It’s a toss up between him and Sam on who’s going home in 6th, but I think it might be Dexter.

    5th: Sam Woolf- The only reason he’s ranked this high is because he was saved. Otherwise, he’d be going home in sixth. But, I think the votes will carry him all the way to the Top 5. That’s as far as he should go.

    4th: Jena Irene- This is where it gets tough, because this should be the Top 4. If it isn’t, that’s gonna suck. I love Jena, but I don’t think she’s gonna win. But she should definitely be in the Top 4.

    3rd: Caleb Johnson- Now, it gets really, really tough. Putting Caleb here seems like a travesty. He’s got one of the best voices the show has ever seen. But it seems like that he’s stuck in the 80s. He’s got the 80s rock voice and the 80s hair. That’s the only reason he’s put here. I hate to say that, and I sound like Simon Cowell, but he’s not current. But he is awesome though.

    Runner-Up: Jessica Meuse- Jessica and Alex are the two most original people left on the show. Sure, Jessica is stiff, but she can SING! She’s my favorite this year, but I don’t think she’ll win. But she might sneak by on the finale.

    Winner: Alex Preston- We need more originality. And Alex personifies it. The last original winner was Phillip Phillips, and he was a success. I think Alex could definitely make the finale. And to be honest, he most likely will, and if he does, he will most likely win.

    • Very nice rundown you have there. I have to go with Caleb for the win just because Alex needs to let go and get more personality on stage, but I do like him a lot.

    • Jessica original???? Like karaoke. Alex is awesome as is Sam. Sam has the purest voice I have ever seen. Caleb more Karaoke. Jena just rubs me wrong.

      • I agree with you, but I think Alex may be trying to be like Buddy Holly. He has reminded me of him at times.

    • You act like Phillip was so long ago, it was just two seasons ago. And I don’t think Alex has Phillip’s charisma. I like him, but I like Jena more – I think she’ll be huge – the girl can belt like a true diva.

  8. I agree that Jena did slip this week (trying to appeal to Rockers instead of her own). Possibly to take away some of Caleb’s voters to further insure a win? But:
    1.) Jena- still most marketable
    2.)Caleb- bounced back from a previous bad week performance (so No.2 spot instead of No.3)
    3.) Sam-bounced back he did!
    4.)Alex-horrible performance from him this week, but just slip him one spot to No. 4.
    5) Jessica-one of her best performances this week
    6.) Dexter-get back that woman who was harmonizing the previous week!
    7.) CJ-Lazaro made it to the top 6 but I think CJ will go at the top 7 or next week!

  9. Alex all the way…he by far has the most varied talent of all the contestants…writing..playing instrument’s…and singing like no-one else. He isn’t one of JLo’s obvious favorites like Caleb and CJ are….but I really enjoy his style of music.

  10. Sam should be 1. He’s the only one who can really sing. Everyone else makes up for it with belting unnecessarily, style, performance, or pink hair. I’d like to think that vocal ability trumps all those.

  11. Caleb? He says he just wants “to make older ladies cry.” He says it’s “a hustle.” Is that your American Idol?

  12. this person is a jena hater – not first time said this with nothing to back them up. Jena and Caleb are the 2

    • I don’t like Jena either, but that doesn’t make someone a hater just because a contestant doesn’t appeal to them, even though you like them. I would not buy any music of Jena’s, likely ever. She and Caleb are both unlikeable, and that aspect of a contestant has to do with whether people will vote for them. It’s something Simon has discussed on his shows, the likeability factor of a performer. I don’t like Jena. I don’t like Caleb. It has to do with a lot of things about the persona they project from stage and when they think they aren’t being observed – like they both drank the Kool-aide and bought their own press. Not a fan. But it doesn’t make me a hater. Sam’s voice is good, Alex is a unique performer, and Jessica has something very recordable in her vocal. I also like CJ, and wish we could hear him in rehearsals, where Keith says CJ sounds so great – he’s just stressing in the live performance venue. Most of my music I hear recorded, not live (unfortunately), so CJ’s studio versions are very good. Give a listen to the studio recordings of all of the contestants to see what you’d be buying in the future. As far as I know, only Alex, Jessica, and Sam have charted on iTunes.

      • Well, I think Jena is the absolute bomb. And I think Caleb is a riot. I like real people who aren’t fakes. So what if they’re cocky – they’re having fun and I like that. Do we really all have to homogenize ourselves to be bland? And yes it does make you a hater. You’re denying that Jena and Caleb both ‘have something very recordable in their vocals’. Top 3 (in no order) is Jena, Jessica, and Caleb. Next 3 in order is Sam, Alex, and Dexter. CJ needs to learn to sing. Alex is not Phillip Phillips – does not possess his charisma. I like him as an artist but he doesn’t move me as a singer.

  13. I would rather see Jena and Caleb both voted off soon. As heartfelt performers, I’d even keep CJ with all his pitch problems before either of these bland, boring singers. I do wish that Caleb had been well enough to sing “Faithfully” better, because his tone was very bad due to his illness this week. Jena is just so much of a non-entity in this competition, I don’t think I can stand listening to her again next weel,

  14. I haven’t liked Jessica much since the episode when they were finding groups. The guy she was paired with had a sore throat and didn’t know if he could do the competition well and when he asked her for advice on if he should wait it out or drop out, she said drop out. Now I understand that it is a contest and that could have made her lose, but she still could have been more considerate. She seems to have a bad attitude. I know it is all my opinion and no one has to agree, but i really don’t care too much for her.

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