Who Went Home on ‘American Idol’ Last Night? 4/10/2014

Dim the lights, here we go! With no Save left we’re finally going to meet the American Idol 2014 Top 7 contestants after one more finalist was eliminated last night.

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol results
Ryan Seacrest has the American Idol results – Source: FOX

We shared our predictions for this week’s elimination and have been going through your votes in our poll, but all those don’t mean anything until the voters weigh in for the official results for who goes home.

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Host Ryan Seacrest revealed the results as we meet season 13’s Top 7 contestants.

American Idol 2014 Top 7 Contestants:

  1. Caleb Johnson
  2. Jessica Meuse
  3. Dexter Roberts
  4. Alex Preston
  5. Jena Irene
  6. Sam Woolf
  7. CJ Harris

Mixing it up this week we had a Bottom 2 rather than the usual Bottom 3. There aren’t enough singers left to warrant the wider bottom spots.

Top 8’s Bottom 2 Contestants:

  1. CJ Harris
  2. Malaya Watson

One of these Bottom 2 singers was eliminated with no chance of redemption now that the Judges Save has been used up.

Top 8 – Who Was Eliminated on American Idol Last Night?:

  • Malaya Watson

What do you think of this week’s outcome? Did America get the votes right? Should the Judges have kept the Save around for this week instead? Share your thoughts!

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  1. I can’t believe, Malaya was voted off?! They should have used the save to malaya rather than Sam. AI sucks!!

  2. Its sad that Sam and Malaya, 2 of the most popular contestants in the show had more chance of leaving than CJ did when he can’t even stay on key. He should’ve been eliminated weeks ago. Malaya should not have gone home. I would’ve liked to see her, Sam, and Alex go to the end.

  3. Malaya, you did awsome, and you should come back when you are a little older, and try again! WE love you.

  4. Not much of a surprise who was in the bottom and ultimately went home. I expect CJ will be next.

    • Yeah it was ultimately my bottom 2. But malaya didn’t do that bad so a bit of a shocker to see her go before CJ.

    • Blacks make up 13% of the U.S. population. Yet 33% of the AI winners have been black: Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Jordan Sparks, and last year’s Candice Glover. This doesn’t sound racist to me. With some racists, I guess it’s all black or nothing.

      • JMO AI doesn’t have a lot of A/A viewers and those it does have are keeping CJ in because there hasn’t been an A/A male winner since season 2. Face facts if more people voted for Malaya she’d still be there. Also, the judges should have kept Maurice Townsend who I liked better than CJ, Malaya or Majesty. I’d have voted for him.

      • I am a big fan of Maurice, I thought he was great. George Lovett should have stayed as well, he was also good. Both of those men were more talented and better singers than Emily and Kristen, and better than Jena and Malaya as well. The split between boys and girls left some really good male singers off the live shows.

      • His performance style and ability, his guitar playing, his heartfelt connection to the song he is singing, and his earnest desire to do well. He is making a personal connection to the viewers, and the conflict between his ability to sing in tune, and him not being able to show that in the live performances, is kind of heartbreaking. He has real ability, and his studio versions are strong, so in listening to those it shows he could have a recording career. He and several others have to get past the nerves of live performance, to find out where they can go. It happens every year, some don’t advance fast enough in their performance quality, even though they are very good. Malaya’s pitch could go a little off throughout a song as well, due to her exuberance and real power, but her notes would go off when they got big, and the quality of the sound she created, it suffered. I like Malaya A LOT, but she will improve through some of her weaknesses, particularly on tour. Several of them will be quite different after summer tour is over, they will get a lot better at singing live. It’s always tough at this point to watch good singers go each week, especially our favorites.

  5. Malaya has a wonderful voice! CJ, as much as I like him, consistently sings off key. I think CJ should have gone a long time ago.

  6. They got it all wrong. Sam is just a stupid girls favorite. That won’t hold him through till the finale. They should of used the save on someone useful like malaya. Everyone but sam should be here.

    • Sam has a pure, pitch-perfect voice. He sings very well. Sam should stay, at least to Top 5 and hopefully to Top 3.

  7. I think Jena, Sam and CJ need to shape up or be shipped home. That is as close as I can get, before hearing their performances, to a prediction of who’s going home next week.

    • I totally agree with you regarding Sam and CJ but I don’t agree with Jena. You may not like her voice but, besides Alex, she is the only one taking risks on the show and making the song her own as the judges keep telling them they should.

      • I really don’t care for the song change ups she does…. just my taste…. maybe a little spin.. but not a total change over.

      • Jena is horrible, a really bland and uninteresting singer. She is a puppet for the producers, and she is suited for a high school talent show or church performance, but not American Idol. She doesn’t make the songs her own, she is a weird combination of karaoke and singing in her room in front of the mirror. She needs to go back to her hometown and sing in school.

      • I think the surprise will be when Jena or Caleb don’t make it into the Top 5. They are each off in their own way, part personality and part their singing. Caleb is boring.

      • Yeah, whatever that’s just your opinion. I however think they have great personallity and singing. I think they’re the most consistant out of anyone. They are all great, just I favor these individuals more.

      • Caleb is great – to rockers… not sure what the percentage of rockers are in the music industry – but there is definitely a market for Caleb.. not sure he will win. There is no market for Jena — lounge singing, festivals, etc. Who will purchase her music… just not sure. The rest sing pop music and songs and stay within a boundary that pop music fans prefer + they can all sing other genre’s… better. We’ll see, they all have a shot — and may be the best contestant win… male or female!

      • Unless you have inside info, I do not think Jena offers what the rest do… even CJ- has to have a huge fan base… I predict Jena’s downfall will be changing up the songs…. I’m sorry, I just didn’t even care for her original music. She’s cute, however and could always work on a cruise ship… just like Jennifer Hudson got her start… just say’n….

  8. Malaya is better than CJ so he should have gone first. But saying that she was due to go at some stage. Not the American Idol. Pleased Sam still there as great voice but unless he can chill a bit and be more comfortable on stage he wont last either.

  9. The NAACP, Jessie and Al is already coming down on Idol’s throat as a RACIST show. Eric Holder will be investigating why the only 2 African Americans were in the bottom.

  10. First off malaya dont sound like no man if she did she would have not made it this far and if she sings annoying lets see if u can do better…

  11. Malaya was just a cute bundle of pep… and I hope this does not change that. Randy should never have told her to belt it…. that’s when she got screechy…. Love those dimples!

  12. I find it ironic that past weeks I wanted her to go home cause of how terrible she’s done her last performances, choosing Bruno Mars as a song choice.(ha) This week however she did good, and she went home.

  13. Save should not have been used on Sam! Alex, should be on bottom 3 and sent home, he sings the same type of song every week, he can’t sing anything else, Malaya and CJ should not of been the bottom two!

  14. Caleb definitely has it in the bad. I like Alex better then Sam. Malaya was very good but she was too quirky. and I love Jena. Jessica is good too. C.J and Dexter are ok

  15. Malaya was one of my favorites, she has a phenomenal voice and range. I don’t see how Alex keeps getting the votes, he has been my least favorite since the beginning, I don’t even know why he made the top 10, just weird to me. I know some people will disagree, but this is my opinion, i think there was far more talented people then him in the contest.

    Sam is so-so, not overtly thrilled with him either. Not sure who I want to win this year, I was not impressed from the beginning with the top picks so it has been a ho hum season for me.

    The new studio reminds me of the first couple of years when this show wasn’t all that popular, so it seem like a step backwards this season.

  16. Most unique all around Sam and Alex write there own music artistic play quits at so well. Always on pitch. Jessica getting boring not connecting at all Cj off pitch Jena like many out there as well as dexter country artists. As far as good looks good voice and persona I say sAm hope he catches up. Caleb good and will become a rock band star I predict.

  17. Sad to see Malaya go, but she will be successful in her career. She has grown so much and will go far.

  18. Well Goodluck Malaya on your future career!! Goodbye American idol!!!
    GOGOGO The Voice!!!

  19. Im not watching AI from here on until the end of the season season… wake me when its the Final Show. Farewell, Malaya. Don’t worry your future is bright with your talent.

  20. To all the “old ladies” that Caleb made cry: Dry your eyes and vote for someone who shows some respect for the fans who vote for him. Don’t vote for Caleb, or as someone else called him “Meatloaf Junior.”

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