American Idol 2014 Top 8 Power Rankings


Another week has come and gone on American Idol 2014 so that means there’s one less contestant vying for the big title at the end of the season.

So who moves up or down (or stays the same) in our Power Rankings this week? Not a lot changes, actually. But let’s take a look

American Idol 2014 Top 8 Power Rankings 

(In descending order)

8. C.J. Harris. C.J. found himself back in the bottom again this week and I understand why. I’ve said this every week now, but it’s true: He confuses everyone about what kind of artist he is. And he’s not very good at picking songs. So I think he’ll be the next to head home.

7. Sam Woolf. Sam not doing better with the voters is actually pretty telling about American Idol. He’s the only option for the younger female vote and they aren’t there. Which can only mean American Idol has lost a  lot of that crowd. But anyway, since he was back in the bottom this week there’s no other place to put him.

6. Dexter Roberts. He was safe this week, but after last week’s bottom three visit and the fact that he has not attempted to step out of his comfort zone puts him in our bottom three this week.

5. Jena Irene. I like to think that Jena is storming up the charts as far as votes go since she’s had a few good weeks, but I can’t forget how close she was to going home a couple times already.

4. Jessica Meuse. I’m starting to wonder if I’m being too kind with my Jessica placement, but until proven otherwise, I’m going to keep her around this spot. I think she knows what kind of artist she is and she’s good at picking songs that work for her. I still think she’s ready to cut an album right now.

3. Malaya Watson. I feel like it’s risky putting Malaya up this high, but she fought her way back from the bottom and she did so in a major way. I’m glad she’s made good song choice week after week since her blunder week one.

2. Alex Preston. I’m not sure what it is about Alex that seems to be impressing everyone, but he’s never been in danger. I think I might be ranking him too hight, but based on all the things I take into account, this is where he lands for now.

1. Caleb Johnson. There’s no question in my mind that Caleb is the best performer in the contest. He’s a showman, he knows exactly who he is and he makes perfect song choices. I don’t know if he’s No. 1 in America’s book as far as votes go, but he’s definitely keeping this No. 1 spot warm in our power rankings.

What do you think of the American Idol 2014 Top 8? How would you rank them?




  1. you’re 100% on the money about caleb. he’s a fabulous performer and knows how to work the stage and the audience. all he needs is a really kickass rock band behind him and he could sell out arenas. love this guy!!

    • Whereas I cannot stand Caleb. He seems like such a fake guy, playing a role, zero humility. He and Jena can both go home soon, he’s annoying. I did like his performance of Skyfall, where he sang instead of screamed and just edged the rocker part in, which was cool.

      • as my mom would say, may she rest in peace,”that’s why they make chocolate and vanilla.” that’s why music is so great. you can agree or not, but there is always something for everyone!

      • You got that right. I had Jena picked with Emily as my favorites at the beginning. But – it appears Jena’s personality changed when she decided to follow Caleb ways. I liked the old Jena but she may be smart in doing it to get the votes.

      • I so agree!! I so cannot stand Caleb!! I agree 100%! He and Jena can go as well.. agree with all of what you said!

  2. 8th: C.J. Harris- Time to go
    7th: Dexter Roberts- Not this week, but next week
    6th: Sam Woolf- Thought he would win, but twice in the Bottom 3 is not a good thing
    5th: Malaya Watson: She started off rough, but she’s coming out with a bang
    4th: Jena Irene- I love her, but this may be as far as she goes, which is a big accomplishment considering she’s a wildcard
    3rd: Jessica Meuse- Also love her and thinks she should be in the finale, she does amazing vote-wise so it might happen
    Runner-Up: Alex Preston- He’s a hit in the voting as well, could propel him into the finale
    Winner: Caleb Johnson- Mr. Consistency here. Just like Candice from last season, the returnees seem to be doing better than the newcomers.

  3. Imo, Maylaya seems to be singing only slow songs for a while now, it’s a wonder the judges haven’t said a word, if it had been anyone else we would have heard about it by now.

  4. 1.) Jena-Yahoo review gave her an A performance
    2.)Caleb-Yahoo review gave him a notch down from Jena with an A-..
    3.) Alex-3rd best performance this season (so far with 1D’s Story)
    4.)Malaya-has been better with camouflaging her Lisp (here because of Randy)
    5.) Sam-still much better voice than the Stevie Nicks wanabee!
    6.) Dexter-4th best performance so far this season
    7.) Jessica-is “No” Stevie Nicks! Also blew several performances (last was best at “fair)”.
    8.) CJ-this years Lazaro!

  5. I think Alex is snagging some of the country vote. He’s Jo Dee Messina’s cousin and lived with her in Nashville to learn the music business.

  6. The Jena hate is too much to handle. She has proven herself more than Jessica and she and Malaya have been in the bottom 3 the same amount of time. Who cares if she’s a wildcard she’s blowing the rest of her competition out of the water and that’s a fact.

    • I’ve yet to see any “Jena hate” from any of the authors on this site. It seems if she’s not described as “Saint Jena Irene” that we’re labeled as “haters.” It’s a bit tiresome and needless.

  7. Among the contestants, let’s be honest Sam has the prefct pitch, only he lacks connection, quite far from auditiona nd hollywood week where he made great connections. He can still make it. I believe he can still be up… Caleb… Dont think so… Id rather have Alex to win this season if not Sam. I find Caleb fake and so Jena.

    • Thank you! Thank you! At least someone agrees with me about Sam!! I find Caleb fake and Jena as well! I believe Sam really good and can make it far.. I don’t think just because he has been in the bottom 3 twice doesn’t mean he is isn’t going to make it far on this show!

  8. I don’t care for Caleb and he may be a great performer, but looks matter to me. I like Jena, Malaya, Jessica, Sam and Dexter.

  9. No one will buy Caleb’s music. It is not for listening to at home or in a car. He is a “one trick” pony of screaming. I would not buy his music or go to his concerts. Alex on the other hand I would buy his music and have and listen to it over and over. He writes and plays multiple instruments and is truly a musician and a singer which is not the case with any of the other contestants.

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