American Idol 2015 Premiere Sets Season 14 Start Date

American Idol 2015 premiere date has just been announced by FOX with the Season 14 start date set for Wednesday, January 7th 2015!

American Idol 2015 Judges & Ryan Seacrest
American Idol 2015 Judges & Ryan Seacrest – Source: FOX

FOX is doubling down once again this season with a two-night American Idol premiere event starting with Wednesday’s 8PM-9PM show plus a second event on Thursday, January 8th going two hours at 8PM-10PM.

All the Judges are back with Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban returning to the panel in search of the next great talent America has to offer. They’ll be touring New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, Nashville, Minneapolis, and Kansas City for this season’s American Idol 2015 auditions.

No word yet from FOX on the rest of the season’s schedule or which night Idol will settle down though we may get two nights a week at first during auditions before slimming down to just one night a week. Yes, this season of American Idol will combine the previous round’s results and latest performances in one night.

It’s going to be an interesting season and who never know how it’ll end up so be sure to stick with us on Facebook, Twitter, and our Email Updates to get all the latest American Idol spoilers and news sent right to you. Can’t wait to see who has what it takes to go from that audition room to the big season finale show!

American Idol 2015 Premieres This January on FOX!




    • Last years American Idol “STILL” finished with perhaps the greatest top two in AI’s history (time will tell for sure-Caleb needs to go more mainstream or find an already established Rock band), while jena Irene is right on track). Agree some like CJ were moved forward because of political correctness (or maybe because of recent AII suit?).

      • Meet back here in 5 years! I’m usually right but Caleb is a “HARD” headed guy! Jena Irene may not have the same notch vocals yet (just turned 18) as Kelly but she’s another songwriter-like Ms. Swift! (something both Kelly & Carrie are NOT) Also both Caleb & Jena were the BEST top two duet vocals ever on an American Idol finale!

      • So do Candice and Caleb (with a half a dozen s) Do you also think Selena Gomez’s Justin Beiber song iis written by her alone?

      • You had this in parentheses: (something both Kelly and Carrie are NOT).

        That’s why I pointed out to you that they are songwriters as well.

      • “ALL” AI winners have a crew of songwriters at 19/ interscope to help them write songs as recent winners Candice and Caleb (so called songwriters) did. Note: however Caleb did write a song in AI audition but wasn’t used in the Album. Note: if you don’t play a musical instrument, 9 times out of 10, you don’t know one note from the other-thus you can’t write music. But you can jot down lyrics -as anyone can-even a 5 year old! Note: All labels have songwriters employed. Meghan Trainor is one that “suddenly” became a singer when Beyonce’ and others rejected “All about that Bass”. Note: Kelly Clarkson rejected “We are One” done recently by Jena-which was held back and also not able to chart-so as “NOT” to hinder Caleb’s!

      • LOL! Just because some singers use their voices for instruments doesn’t mean they don’t know anything about music notes!

      • Note: I said 9 out of 10 times, so I left room for exceptions. I’ll leave it up to you to google these singers that don’t have any “FORMAL” musical backgrounds-that don’t play a musical instrument!

      • Carrie can play the piano. You’ll have to pick a song they sang like my favorite Kelly song “BREAKAWAY” that Bridget wrote for her, etc..

      • Note: that even though they may have wrote a song-like Kelly wrote because of you, doesn’t mean that they are responsible for all the “FINAL”” arrangements, etc..

      • I don’t play a musical instrument but I learned my Do-Ray-Me’s because of participating in high school choir.

      • Sorry. Should be: Doe-Ray-Me’s

        But, like my example, many of these non-instrument playing Idol alums sang in choirs or performed in local musical theater or took music appreciation classes in high school or college, so they should be familiar with the basics of music.

      • Most pop music is under the control of a producer; it is the producer
        who is the real “star”. The producer usually chooses the songwriters, because the album *has* to be a hit; you don’t get second chances in pop
        music anymore. Since the pop music audience generally doesn’t care who
        writes the songs, and since spectacle and image are more important than
        in other forms of music, producers choose a wide range of songs to fit
        varying radio formats. So they’ll need a slow ballad, they’ll need an uptempo dance number, they’ll need something that has a little urban/hip-hop flavor, they’ll need something pure and sweet for the
        ‘clean’ markets, etc. Since few songwriters can write convincingly in
        so many styles, they buy songs from a variety of songwriters.

        By the way, this is nothing new; it is always how pop music has worked.
        It wasn’t until modern jazz and the British Invasion in rock that it
        became customary to write one’s own songs, and performer/songwriters
        still are generally limited to rock music, folk music, hip-hop, and

      • Jena Irene has written approx. 80 songs. She’s another Taylor Swift type.
        Jena didn’t need to win as did Caleb-so 6 or more other team of songwriters from 19/interscope could help him write songs(as also Candice and other AI winners).

      • Idol Girl,
        I also agree with you. Only in Champion’s OPINION are they the “greatest” top two. LOL!

      • Meet back here in 5 years-only time will tell. But you’d have to agree ” now” that the dynamic duo were the best finale duet singers in American idol history!

      • To “ALL” above : my opinion says Bo Bice and Carrie underwood are 2nd best duets finale two. Because Caleb has better vocals than Bo; and “COUNTRY” doesn’t mix with Rock! Who are your Number one picks then? Speak up or shut up-as the saying goes! LOL

      • Bo was in a time where Rock still mattered some ; whereas today POP with RAP matter the most. Caleb can even blow Steven Tyler away and he is considered a legend!

      • I second that as well!
        radiotvtalk. blog.ajc. com/2014/05/05/american-idol-briefs-past-idol-winners-possessed-humbleness-not-arrogance-my-power-4/

      • Who laughs first doesn’t always laugh last. Time is on your side “right now”-so laugh! LOL Who’s your pick for the best finale two duet singers in AI history? Note; I hope you answer so as all can perhaps get a laugh “NOW”! LOL

      • Don’t know about the others but my favorites are tied between David vs. David, Carrie vs. Bo, and Clay vs. Ruben.

      • I liked those three plus Kelly vs. Justin because of Kelly and Jordin vs. Blake because of Jordin.

  1. This Old Fogey is of the opinion that too much of today’s music lacks soul in the songwriting, resulting in too much disposable music being made.

    • The teeny boppers also starting to rule the Voice. Note; 1D in the AMA got most of the awards. 5 seconds of summer-“The best breakout artist” was a laugher! They’re “Mediocre” at best!

      • Only switch back from NCIS at times to the Voice, but think Chris is Adams most marketable. The dorky guy with the neck tattoo and glasses has a package problem, and his voice isn’t that unique.

      • When Daughtry did not win season 5 is when I realized that the stupid voters do not vote for marketability and I gave up on watching these stupid singing shows.

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