American Idol 2018 Top 24 Eliminations: Did The Judges Make The Right Cuts?

Monday night on American Idol 2018, the judges watched half of the Top 24 perform duets with celebrities, and then at the end of the night made some cuts, giving us our first half of the Top 14.

And with any cuts made by the judges, we find ourselves asking “Did they make the right decisions?” That answer is always subjective, but we have our opinions on it, of course. For the most part, I think the judges made the right decision. They may have messed up a few choices, however. Let’s take a closer look.

So seven of the American Idol Top 14 are officially Dennis Lorenzo, Michelle Sussett, Catie Turner, Michael Woodard, Jonny Brenns, Cade Foehner and Gabby Barrett. That means Trevor McBain, Brandon Diaz, Kay Kay, Dominique and Layla Spring were sent home.

I understand why Trevor didn’t make the cut. He and Cade have similar vocal styles and his performances on Sunday night and Monday night weren’t stand out performances. I also understand why Kay Kay had to go. She’s got a lot to learn about performing and just didn’t seem ready. I’m left scratching my head with the rest of the cuts. Why was Dominque cut? He was good. And Brandon was better than Jonny. And don’t even get me started on Layla getting the axe. I know why they did it. They think she and Gabby can’t be on the same show. And that’s crap.

First of all, why can’t be there be two female country singers on American Idol? Secondly, Gabby isn’t even a country girl. She’s someone who wants to sing country and has created her own twang and style by mimicking other people. Layla is a natural. She’s from Kentucky, she’s got the twang all on her own and she has this sweetness and warmth about her while Gabby is a bit off-putting. I just feel like the judges made the wrong decision there. I’m not saying they should’ve cut Gabby instead. I’m saying, why couldn’t the both stay and maybe they nudge Gabby more toward pop music, which she sings better anyway. Or maybe … here’s a controversial thought … why not have picked Layla over Catie? It’s just all so weird to me.

What makes it even more weird is the judges have spent this entire time heaping high praises on Layla. She got some of the best critiques of both nights of the semifinal rounds.

I’ve read a few people claiming that Layla was a sore loser based on her expressions Monday night, but I say that’s absurd. She’s a teenager who was built up by these celebrity judges for months, and then she had her dreams crushed by them while they stood there smiling. They barely even offered any kind of parting words. It was so weird. I probably would have had the same, or a worse, reaction.

And the same goes for Brandon and Dominique. They were shocked they got cut because they had no warning. That’s why not having an outspoken, or “mean” judge, is a bad idea. Everyone thinks they’re doing great and then, bam, they get sent home.

I know the judges had to cut some people to build their American Idol Season 16 Top 24, but why did they have to do it in two groups? Maybe someone who was cut from Group 1 is better than someone who isn’t getting cut from Group 2. It’s just such a weird format.

So there you go. Those are my thoughts. What are yours? Did the American Idol judges make the right decisions with this group of Top 24 semifinalists?