American Idol Spoilers: 2014 Top 3 Song Choices

Next week on American Idol 2014 the Top 3 will return with three more songs but the choices are out of their hands. Here are your Idol spoilers for how those song picks will be made for next week.

American Idol 2014 Top 3 finalists
American Idol 2014 Top 3 finalists – Source: FOX

TVLine has revealed the spoilers on who will be picking each of the Top 3’s three songs for Wednesday and this could get a little bumpy, but let’s hope not!

First up Alex Preston, Caleb Johnson, and Jena Irene will tackle a pick from the three Judges. Not sure if that means each Judge will be assigned to pick one for one singer, or if as a group they will decide on each American Idol finalist’s song.

Next the Top 3 will head to the Dawg pound. Yep, Randy Jackson is in charge of the second song for Alex, Caleb, and Jena Irene. Randy has been a bit of a dud as a mentor this season, but is this his chance to totally redeem himself?

Then for the third and final track, and I like this one, the Top 3’s hometowns will pick their songs for them. It has to be something they’ve already sung so far on the season so we’ll get something familiar and hopefully their “best of the best” moment on Wednesday’s American Idol 2014.

What do you think of the song pick methods for these contestants. Which of the three “pickers” do you think has the most potential to wow us on Idol’s next live performance show?

Update: We now have the full leaked list of song spoilers for the Top 3 performances. Click here!




  1. Will they force Alex or Caleb to switch a song at the last minute, like they did to Jessica?
    This show is so freaking rigged, I’m stunned people can’t see the obvious. The evidence is right in front of you.

    • You got that right .. FIX IS IN .. just Google this for the truth: American Idol Votes, “A Colossal Hoax!”

    • The judges and American Idol producers will do anything to get Jena to win… It is very apparent… If Jena wins… I am done with American Idol… I have been a faithful watcher of American Idol from the first season… And about half the time over the seasons, my favorites do not win…
      But the way the American Idol producers and judges have manipulated – nearly always against Jessica – and for Sam and/or Jena has quite frankly made me sick…

      • Let me guess, you are a frustrated Jessica fan. Am I right? All 3 judges gave Jessica praise when it was do ( the song “You and I”). But, last week her other two songs were train wrecks. And the judges called her on it. Is that not what judges are supposed to do?

      • Well – Well – Well !!! Did the Idol producers make Jena switch songs in the last minute – that they did with Jessica… The Judges wanted her to loose – so they did everything – complete with giving her a compliment then taking it away with a negative critiques… If the judges would have set Jena up – switching songs last minute… I bet they too would have had a negative comment or two as well… Of course that is if they were playing fair, of which they are not.

      • I am not sure why they had Jessica switch songs “at the last minute” as you say. And neither do you. But, I can say this … each and every season when a performer gets bad reviews from the judges, that performers fans cry out conspiracy theory’s. Trust me, It never changes year to year. What I can say is every time I personally thought Jessica sang a song that was worthy of praise from the judges, she got it. And when she had sub-par performances she got honest feedback from that as well. Hardly rocket science folks.

      • I totally agree that sometimes things are not fair each season as you say… I taught our two daughter that what is fair for someone may not be fair to you and visa versa… However – I am not aware of the Judges ganging up on one GOOD singer the way they have…

        If one judge said something that is not a negative re:Jessica – then one of the others have something negative to say…

        About Sam… I do think that not winning the idol will in the long run make no difference – that in few years – after growing up into his great voice,that he will go far in the music world.

        But I judge things on merit… so it was time for Sam to go…

        I can not figure out why the judges were so negative – all of the time with Jessica from nearly the beginning. She surely did not deserve the HARSH CRITIQUE week after week that they repeatedly gave her. That is all I am saying…. When others have won the idol position – some that I did not agree with – I could see the merit in their winning – at least to some degree. But the Judges were never so negative as these three with Jessica…

      • I did not see this season from the beginning. In fact, I just started watching a few weeks ago. But from what I saw Jessica received “harsh critique” only when it was deserving. If you do not see it that way, that’s OK.

      • If you haven’t been watching, then you really are only typing to read what you’ve wrote Foxstar.

      • I totally disagree. JLo is the sorriest excuse for a “judge” in the history of competition. When Jess KILLED the Lana Del Rey song, she said it “left her cold.” That was not constructive or kind. Kissing Jena was HIGHLY inappropriate. They have withheld criticism with Sam and Jena performed horribly. This show is so rigged it’s pathetic. The great thing about that, though, is they’ll be stuck with the person they pushed. Other folks are free to write their own great music and not have to sing the swill produced by Idol writers.

      • One can tell that you are lower class – a function of your vocab!!!! You will be a no-body for the rest of your life. Now get over that!

      • One can tell that you’re a physco blowing up this page with stupid remarks. Get a life weirdo. Stop acting like the world is over because one contestant went home.

      • However….Jessica doesn’t suck! She’s still going to make it big! Not my favorite…but she doesn’t suck! GO JENA!!!

      • all the contestants had to switch songs at the last minute, it wasn’t just Jessica, she has said that many times that it was all of them!

      • Jena and Alex voted Sam off. Caleb voted to save Sam. All you Sam supporters no what to do.

      • If we’re gonna knit-pick, you should capitalize “Know,” since you used it at the beginning of a sentence.

      • I have a special needs nephew and I’m sure he did not mean it in the sense that some think. It was a stupid thing to say and I’m sure he is sorry. We all have said stupid things growing up in our lives but outgrow it in later years. Forgive him.I did.

      • doesn’t sound like you forgive him but don’t worry he has all his true fans votes!

      • Really? ?? Move on !!! He is awesome and he’s apologized twice now. ..wth would make you happy ??? Get off your high horse honey cause it doesn’t fly in the real world! !!!

      • If Caleb’s fans forgive him for his cocky disrespect then maybe they are what he says.

      • We’ll put Pennie. This PC bullshit is driving me crazy. Can’t even burp today without offending someone.

      • Everyone keeps dwelling over a comment Caleb made a week ago. And I can understand that. Though the guy did apologize TWICE. But, what people are not seeing is Caleb is almost always the first one to get up and congratulate other performers after they perform. When AI shows a video of all three doing something together, it is ALWAYS Caleb who is the most outgoing and friendly to the other performers. Based on that, I am going to assume Caleb’s words were not based on his character. But, if others chose not to see that … There is not much I can say.

      • You should never ever use that word. There are people that are actually mentally retarded through no fault of their own, and this type of use of the word upsets them and the people that love them. Classless comment.

      • don’t say never ever, because people still use it all the time, but Caleb did apologize twice so forgive!

      • Clare – is there something wrong for just enjoying the show for what it is? Why all the emotional investment?

        Also, I have to concur with Foxstar here; while Jessica had some unique talent, something special about the tones of her voice, … when she was wrong—off key or off tune—the judges rightly called her out on it.

        There’s also a maturity aspect and a growth potential to all this. Maturity-wise, I believe Jessica was more able to deal with harsher criticism than the likes of Sam, e.g. I’m not sure why they were soft on Sam comparatively, but I believe there may have been a point where the judges felt Sam (or Sam’s fans, for that matter) could not deal with straight-up, harsh criticism.

        Growth-wise, how much growth has Jessica shown in her performances over the weeks, compared to Jena or Caleb? We saw Jessica try new things, at least, but they did not come out looking natural. It was all very contrived… I believe Jessica was trying hard, but too many voices in her head might have been what threw her off each night.

        Jena, on the other hand, really seems to get a lot of undo quips and insults from the bloggers here. I don’t see the abject unfairness in the judges’ critique of her performances versus the other contestants. At the end of the day, A.I. is what it is. I’ve never thought the A.I. vote-system was 100% independent from the producers’ whims … and I still don’t. The vote influences their decision, but, at the end of the day, its still their decision who stays, who goes.

      • Thank you for your critique of my thoughts and feelings… I totally disagree with you when it comes to Jena… I find her totally absorbed in herself, she voted against Sam staying, she screams almost in every song, her diction is not clear at times and sounds like a bunch of marbles in her mouth – almost of every song…. Then there is the matter of Jena destroying really great tunes so that one can not even recognize the song.

        Jessica was hardly ever off tune… She sangs sings songs so that one can enjoy the great songs! Her tone of voice is pleasing! Her diction is always clear. And Jessica never screamed in her selections. Also Jessica in the two duets that I watched was masterful!!!

        When it comes to Caleb, I find him sort of cute… I think he has a good voice… But I think he is clumsey – and could take lessons for Jeff Gutt (runner up) X-Factor… Now there is a rocker that I could watch and listen to day and night….

        So that leaves Alex… I think he can play the dickens out of the instruments that he plays… But Alternative music man singing alternative music – is not my favorite…. On X-Factor The duet that one sings alternative music… I was disappointed that Jeff Gutt did not win the Factor – but I will continue to watch it if it is still on …

        I have watched the Idol since its conception and really have enjoyed it, even when my favorite did not win… However – if Jena wins – then it was most assuredly related to the Judges over the top hoopla over her and of course the minipulation of the Idol producers… So I will not watch another season.

      • Further – why were the others not critiqued for saying, “yes” ? And, ultimately, why is no one bashing Per Blankens for putting the contestants On the Spot in the first place?!?!

        IF anything, open your window and yell in Per Blankens’ general direction.

      • Your thoughts on Sams maturity –

        I believe in MERIT –

        Sam has a great voice. And I truly believe that once Sam grows up – that he will go far in the music industry with his voice like butter.

        Since you state that Sam is not able to take the negative fire because of his youth – then make the age limit start at an older age.

        Sam was playing for the American Idol title…

        If a negative critique is warranted – then the Judges should have given it… Just because he is young does not mean that that the Judges can take their harsh words meant for Sam and pile them onto Jessica – giving her the HARSHER criticism – just because Jessica is older..

        Also – not any of the Judges gave Jena any HARSH criticism re: her screaming / her mushy diction/ or her horrid rewrite of great songs/ or her choice to sing no-nothing songs – YUK

        As for the rest of the remaining talent , I would have to give the title to Caleb. Although – as I have stated – I find him silly, and an immature rocker…
        Jeff Gutt is a real rocker – I could listen to him all day long, and cold teach Caleb how to be a real rocker.

        As for Alex – he sings alternative songs – not my cup if tea.

      • Ok, I have no idea who Jeff Gutt is. Not watched one episode of X Factor, so I cannot comment in that regard.

        Judges are judges; they give critique. We can take it or leave it. I believe a majority of the audience makes up their OWN mind (given what I read in these blogs) to think anything Harry says or Keith doesn’t say or J-Lo flirts has any real bearing on a large number of the viewership.

        If I were a judge, I would have been all over Sam, CJ, Jessica, and a few others for singing out of tune. If you cannot sing in tune, or sing on the beat properly,… then I feel you’re not doing your homework; and by keeping them on, you’re making A.I. look silly for not cutting you earlier in Hollywood / RUSH week.

        As long as Alex & Jena sing in tune, they can butcher a song all they like. That, then is the viewers’ choice as to who stays, who goes. If Jena mumbles or screams, then the audience at-large will also likely pick up on that and vote whomever off. However, I have not heard Jena scream; I have not heard her sing off-key; I have not heard her mumble (except for a few moments which I attribute to POOR AUDIO on the part of American Idol Staff, not Jena)… and, I believe the rest of the country agrees with me as she is now in the Top 3.

        You cannot deny she has had some of the best performances of the season.

        You say she is “totally absorbed in herself”. Who cares? (Personally, I don’t see it—she’s just a 17-yr. who used to work nights at a hot-dog stand..!) How does that affect her performances? How does that affect her singing? I really have to question your abilities to perceive if you believe all these charges you are laying on her.

        Jealous, perhaps? (And, yes, if you post your thoughts and feelings here, its fair game for anyone to critique them.)

      • Jena has been consistently out of tune. She has little control of her voice. She is never called on it. I have seen every performance this season (it sounds like you’ve only watched a week or two) and Jess has only been off tune once (this week). The judges even mentioned that. She is pitch perfect. Her voice is amazing. Her voice is marketable. She writes great songs – which are performing well on iTunes. She doesn’t need Idol. The Top 3 do. Jena is a cute kid and a good performer, but people have grown weary of the favoritism, particularly by JLo. In what world is it okay for a “judge” to get up and dance or get up and kiss a contestant? Go back and watch week to week. Jena was saved after being eliminated early on in the season. JLo has fought for her. She has built her up. Jena’s confidence has soared. Jess has been torn down and given conflicting feedback. This tore down her confidence and had an impact on her growth on the show. Jena has enjoyed immense favoritism and deserves the backlash. It comes with the territory. In the end, I don’t care that my favorite didn’t win Idol. Jess is an amazing singer/songwriter and will have a bigger career than whoever wins this season. I’m glad she doesn’t have to sing crappy Idol songs and produce a lame Idol album.

      • You are so correct!!! Wow !!! I stopped watching Idol about after the last 6 left… I could no longer watch the horrid build up of Jena and horrid tear down of Jessica… Like I have said – After this season – if Jena wins – I will – after being a faithful watch for conception of the Idol – will most assuredly stop watching!

      • Even though I stopped watching the show, I am still interested enough to follow the news…

        You are a ego centric person… It is your way or the highway…. Well in history there are plenty of ego centric individuals – Hitler comes to mind.

      • I’m an ego centric person for calling you out? It’s so funny how you claim that it is “my way or the highway” but according to your passionate comments it looks like you are the one with a strong opinion! You keep saying that the show is rigged, the judges hate Jessica…. Oh and the most hilarious one, “If so and so wins I will never watch Idol again.” GOOD!!!! Don’t watch it again, I mean you are already claiming that you are not watching it now so do everyone a favor.

      • OMG –
        You are so angry…
        It is not my intent to have made you so angry – I do not want to see you have a mental break with reality…
        So you are going to get your demand… You can say that you won.
        I am not going to cause you any more distress – even though I have to give up my First Amendment Right of Free Speech – to express myself…
        I still do think that you are a self-rightious bully, but I do not want to cause you any more anger moments,

        PS If you write back to this statement… I will continue!
        HAVE A NICE DAY.

      • It is too bad that you did not get to enjoy Jeff Gutt a super rocker!!!! It is most assuredly your loss.

        You could not have watched 2014 American Idol from the beginning, as you put Jessica in the group who sings songs out of tune… NO – You are so WRONG!!!!

        Are you living on a different planet other than Earth? – If you think that the judges do not hold any weight for or against a particular singer with the audience – then you are again WRONG!!! The Judges do have a huge following – and when they give negative or positive critiques – over and over – with out bases, You Bet the audience can be coaxed into voting based upon the judges statements.

        You can not speak for me… I do not think that Jena has had BEST performances – She has sang great songs horridly and/or she sang songs no one would ever want to hear again and had never heard before – she does scream in nearly all songs, she does have a mouth full of marbles at times – and she should temper her self promotion…

        And no, I am most certainly NOT jealous over Jena – I have had an great profession for over 45 years of service, that allowed me to love my job and help people… I have been married for 48 years to a great man, I have a great family and family life and I am having an easy and wonderful retirement… So again – you are wrong!!!!!!

      • Alex and Sierra (Sierra – has a weak voice) will never class up to Jeff Gutt!!!

      • Alternative music is not my favorite type of songs… However – I do think that the love story between Alex and Sierra did a lot towards them winning… I was caught up in their love too… But my opinion – and I know you only want to hear your opinion – Jeff Gutt sang rings around Sierra and Alex… And Sierra has a weak voice – but if she was not paired with Alex – she would have been off the show early in the last season.

      • dude what are you talking about? Take your pills and simmer down. How does this conversation have to do with the 1st amendment of the constitution and your 48 years of marriage. Now I understand why Jessica made it so far… crazy people like you have been voting for her… haha.

      • So – I guess my promise to not be on this sight expressing my thoughts – was to help you not have a mental break with reality, is formally taken back… Remember – I told you that you won, that your bullying me off this site was against the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States…The Right to Free Speech!!! I also remember stating that if you commented to my posting to you – that you were not to communicate with me – because if if did – I would start my postings again…
        So I’m Back!!!

      • Justin Bieber is man that lives without any rules – Jeff Gutt has good moral standing with a rockers edge.! Is Justin B your idol???

      • Poor Clare… I do feel for you… But not as much as I feel for your husband.

      • No need to ever feel sorry for my husband… You would only wish to be half as accomplished as he is… He is the master of his home… He has an IQ that is off the charts… And he gets instant respect when ever he he enters a room or establishment. He has been a Professor at major Universities. He got is dissertation from the University of Pennsylvania – School of Wharton… He was a supervisor in the service of the highest law office in the USA and probably the world… He is well spoken – and he is a gentleman as well.. He is a firm and logical and great dad and grandfather… All of which seek out his guidance…

      • I am shocked Jessica made it as far as she did in all honesty… I thought she was an average singer with no personality and at times comes across bitchy

      • if a contestant is talented and marketable enough a record label will sign him/her regardless of whether that person wins. the losers are doing better than some of the winners and some of the winners are reined in by the contract they have to sign upon winning. the judges are definitely biased and have been since the beginning. the ONLY good thing about the show is occasionally getting to see and hear new, young talent and some remarkable performances. in that lies the beauty of the show. however, those remarkable performances, of late, are few and far between

    • Stop being stupid. Jena isn’t “winning” anything. She is being given a gift.

      • I am Caleb fan myself. And I do not think anyone is “being stupid” for seeing Jena as a potential winner. Such comments appear to be a bit more juvenile that I think you are.

  2. Alex should do “Story of my Life” and Jena-“CREEP”. Note: anything that jena has done on the piano (example: Decode, Creep & I can’t help falling in love) blew it up! Jena should form a fan name like Demii Lovato’s “Lovatics”. Jena could call hers the “ASCETS”!

    • She kinda looks like Demi Lovato in this pic lol. It didn’t look like her at first haha.

    • Jena is a Creep for voting Sam off and she butchered Elvis’s song. I’m a Caleb supporter and he blows bot rivals out of the water. Not even close.

      • Just an FYI for everyone. Rudy’s facebook profile voices his own opinion for Sam:

        “All the teeny boppers vote for Sam. He will never be an Idol. He has a
        personally of a snail. I’m sure he’s a nice boy but no idol.”

        Seems weird for this Caleb fan to be so confident in his favorite that he pathetically attempts to garner votes for him by harping on the drama of people, not voting to kick their friend out, but voting to keep the elimination process routine.

    • Alex, song My Best Friend is really good. Jena should sing Falling In Love again she sang it so well.

  3. I sure hope Jena does Creep, over Clarity. On iTunes, Clarity sounded great, however I wasn’t too thrilled about it on the American Idol stage. But if she does, it’s one of my favorite songs, so hopefully she could blow it out of the water this time. 🙂 Maybe her specialty piano rendition of it would be stellar! But good luck to all the contestants. 🙂

  4. Story of My Life would be best for Alex i liked that one the best. 🙂 A-Team was great too, but One Direction is the obvious choice in my opinion.

  5. Caleb, I’m not too worried he blows things out of the water already, he’s consistant (almost) every week.

    • I like Caleb, Jena and Alex. But, the reason I like Caleb the best is because he is so much more consistent than the other two.

      • I think they are all equal now. People are going to pick their favorite, but out of the three who has the most talent? They all have great voices.

      • But didn’t you say earlier you’ve only been watching for a couple of weeks? LOL. Caleb has had a rough performance or two. Alex has never had a bad performance – he is most consistent. Not a fan of his, just keeping it real.

      • You are correct, I have only been watching the show a few weeks now. So anything I say is based on that. But, during that short time, I have never seen Caleb have a bad or boring performance one time. While Jena and Alex both had their moments, neither have been as consistent as Caleb has been.

  6. Why are they re-singing past performances for hometown picks? Seems odd… and a waste of air time. Then again, I guess that’s one less song the contestants need to ‘prep’ for. … Maybe that’s a good thing.

    • The visit to their Hometowns takes “TIME”. Something they need – (by Weds.) to provide a great performance by “knowing all the Lyrics, etc.! It helps if they already know one of the three!

  7. I’m actually surprised “Fairytales” wasn’t the song of choice for Alex.

    • I’m from NH. We only got to choose from Story of My Life and the A Team. When I first heard we’d get to make a choice I sent a tweet to let him do an original, because that is when he really shines.

      • Bummer! Hope you enjoyed seeing him in person! I thought about driving up from CT for it!

    • As Julie said the choice was between two songs, and the final result was Story of My Life by One Direction.

  8. Jena sang it so well, but you’re right. This week I’ll vote for the best song of the night again,

  9. Wait, Jena already DID Creep…What’s the point of HER Doing it AGAIN ? There are bazillions of songs to choose , why always bringing the same old Stuff seriously ?

    • I think this is for a few reasons – a.) fulfilling some aspect of letting the home-team pick from a list of already played songs, they want to hear again; b.) give the fans (re)assurance that their votes still matter; c.) make it easier on the remaining contestants to learn / do three song choices well; and d.) a ploy to cut down on royalty fees to the original song-writers.

    • I think because of the time constraints from sending the three home, it’s less stressful to only prepare for two songs from scratch. I was at Caleb’s homecoming. It was incredible – he gave two concerts, sang several original songs mixed with his AI “hits” and was a true crowd pleaser! Can’t wait to see him in a full-length concert.

    • I hope she gets the lyrics right this time. I’m a huge Thom York fan and she butchered that song. Her voice is so pouty. Trying soooo hard to be Adele. Over her.

  10. I wish American Idol would be more upfront about when a contestant is doing the reworking themselves (ALEX) versus when it is someone else’s work. That takes time and talent to master and credit should be given.

  11. The public needs to realize of the power of the producers in this show, they can influence the show to go any way they choose.

    • Yep! It actually came out several months ago that they ultimately can go against America’s votes.

      • Please give me the source re: rigged against America’s votes? I’d like to read about it. Thank you.

  12. Now that it’s getting down to the wire, the producers are realizing how hard it’s gonna be to market an 1980s hair band frontman. I personally hope Caleb wins. That would be hilarious. Meatloaf anyone?

  13. Caleb for the win !!! He’s amazing !!! Love his voice and his style !!!!

  14. the only thing similar between Ingrids cover and Jena’s is the piano. but they are covering the same song so of coarse the piano would sound the same. other than that they sang it completely different. Just because Jena wasn’t the first one to play it on the piano doesn’t mean she copied it. So maybe her rearrangement wasn’t all that original but she didn’t copy Ingrids. I have a problem with you saying that, “An issue with Jena is that everyone thinks she re-arranges songs and its her own creative original”. A lot of her arrangements are original and creative. Take rolling in the deep for example.

    • Ok Amanda, I actually like Jena but i can still admit she completely copied Ingrid’s cover… Are you deaf?

  15. Thank GOD someone finally gave Ingrid the proper RESPECT for her ORIGINAL arrangement

  16. I am pretty sure New Hampshire picked Story of My Life for Alex and not A-team. FYI

  17. I’m all in for Alex. True talent! They all 3 are good but to me Alex is the best. Caleb isn’t original. We have alot of great rockers out there. Jena’s tongue bugs me as I watch her sing. It sounds like she has a tongue ring. Alex all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Daultry is so talented!!! He was bumped off by a no-talent young boy. I heard that there a bunch of voters that promoted the worst singer, and that is how Daultry lost.

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