American Idol Judges Save: Did They Make the Right Decision?

We don’t want to give you any American Idol spoilers about the Top 8 elimination results show tonight in case you haven’t seen it yet. So if you have yet to watch the show, we urge you to click away from this post now!

American Idol Judges save

If you have seen the American Idol season 13 results show for this week, we have a question we want to ask you. Do you think the American Idol judges made the right decision about their save power tonight?

WARNING: American Idol 2014 SPOILERS ahead for the Top 8 elimination results!

We found this to be quite a surprising night in some ways on the American Idol results show this week. When host Ryan Seacrest announced right off the bat that the first person to be safe was Dexter Roberts… that was not what we were expecting. Based on our reader’s polls, past voting results, and the chatter on social media, we thought he’d end up in the bottom three.

The next surprise of the night, although not really a complete shocker, was finding out who the bottom three were going to be this week.

That turned out to be CJ Harris, Sam Woolf, and Malaya Watson.

Our readers love Malaya to death and she was actually ranked as the favorite in our reader’s poll this week for her performance last night. We really thought she was definitely going to be in the safe category this time around. However, we’re aware that our readers seem to be way more fond of Malaya than the Idol viewer base out there in general. Sometimes we suspect all her family and friends are hanging out here just waiting to vote in our polls…

Sam and CJ being in the bottom three wasn’t all that shocking. They’ve both been riding in the bottom of the pack for weeks. Between the two of them, however, we really thought it would be CJ who would get the boot before Sam. Let’s face it, the whole WGWG (white guy with guitar) syndrome on American Idol is very strong, especially when the WGWG happens to be very cute and young.

Perhaps it is the big changes in limiting voting this year, but we were proven very wrong this week when it wasn’t CJ who got voted off American Idol tonight by the voters. Malaya was also safe, so our readers can be thrilled about that. Instead, it was Sam who ended up in last place and facing elimination.

For his ‘save me’ performance, Sam actually gave a quite nice performance of “Babylon” by David Gray, if not terribly exciting. Something about the looks going around the American Idol judges table told us even before Ryan Seacrest asked… we just knew they were going to save Sam.

And that’s exactly what they did. Now we have people weeping with happiness that Sam was saved, and others crying out that the show is rigged and this was “planned” all along. (We remember when people screamed that it was “planned” when Jessica Sanchez ended up in the bottom two so her fans would rally to help her win — she didn’t.)

We don’t mind that the judges used their save to rescue Sam, but we’re worried about what happens next. Although we are pretty sure that it will be either Sam or CJ who gets voted out next week, weird things do happen at this point in the competition. We could have some sort of crazed reaction where everyone votes for Sam next week and (gasp!) Caleb falls into the bottom, or Jena Irene, or… you get the picture. And then the judges can’t save them… That would be very bad indeed.

With that in mind, we have to ask… do you think the American Idol judges made the right move in using the save to keep Sam in the running tonight? Or do you think they should have let America had the final say with their votes?

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  1. It was Sam’s second straight week in the Bottom 3. If the first trip there didn’t spark his fans to rally and keep him out a second straight week then I’m not sure it was the right use of the Save.

    Sam is a great singer, but should the Save be “saved” for those shocking “wha???!!!” slides of formerly high riding contestants?

    • Worse yet, the confetti shower for his save may have drawn enough of a backlash that the people will surely try and send him packing this week. That was unnecessary, because he has won NOTHING!

      Whoever had the idea of unleashing that confetti for a saved contender made things worse for Sam. Even worse than that, it also makes people think that the top brass installed that confetti that very morning, because they intended to use the save all along, and gave the marching orders to the judges to use the save on Sam.

      What are they going to do if the votes are tallied this week, and Sam is at the very bottom again and it ain’t even close? Will they order another save? That will make their dwindling viewership abandon the show even more and in larger droves that is taking place right now.

  2. I thought CJ would be voted off, I really like Sam and although his singing is not in the top 3. I’m glad he was saved.

  3. Okay, I NEVER post on here, but I cannot believe they wasted a save on him!!!! He’s got a great voice, for sure, but he always looks so uncomfortable on stage. Not a natural at all, and no way can I see him going all the way. It’s all the pre-pubescent girls screaming their brains out for him that saved him. They are going to regret it.

    • GREAT VOICE ???????
      Are we watching the same Sam ???
      He has at best a high school musical voice.
      And not a great high school voice either….;-)

  4. Btw, that is absolutely who would’ve been in my bottom three. Jessica, Jena, and Alex are top three imo. Most original, most interesting, the three I’m most excited to watch every week. The others? Same old same old.

    • Doesn’t anyone remember how amazing someone like Adam Lambert was on this show. There isn’t anyone on that stage that should carry his luggage !!!!
      Embarrassing at Best !

  5. I personally see no reason for having the save. It has never produced an Idol winner, the closest any saved contestant has gotten to the top spot was Jessica S. when she was runner-up to Phillip Phillips.
    Also considering that the vote wasn’t even used last year proves to me that this judges’ save is bs and a lame attempt to try and boost their already poor ratings.
    Sam Woolf will not win American Idol.

  6. He is just a cute face that can sing, but he is not american idol material he needs a little more polishing. He should come back in a couple of more years. It does bother me that the judges are not discrete.

  7. I never liked Sam. Majesty should have stayed. Actually I only liked Malaya and Caleb from the start

  8. The save should not have been used on Sam simply for the fact there are better singers and performers that are still in the competition, while he may have one of the better voices his performance skills stink to be frank. If the save had to be used up to this point the save should have been used on MK even though she really wouldn’t have deserved it as well. Point is the save should still be alive. Bad move judges. To be completely honest this season best performers and singers are all around weak.

  9. I am soooo happy they saved Sam tonight!! If you get to read this Sam, I’m so happy you sang Babylon tonight. That has always been my favorite song that you have sung during this season’s show. You sang it fantastically tonight, too! You loosened up more than you ever have before, and as always, you sang it flawlessly tonight, with perfect pitch on every note. I couldn’t be happier for you. I hope you’ll choose another great song next week that really shows the quality of your voice like tonight. Those type of songs are just made for you, and we just have to keep you on the show. I really want to buy a CD with your songs, so I hope so much that people will vote for you next week. We’ve got to get you out of the bottom three. You don’t belong there. Congratulations on your save tonight! All the best to you next week Sam. We’re all voting for you and want you to win.

    • I am so happy for you Sam!! And I am starting a petition to have everyone that loves you to vote for you through everything as much as they can, next week so you can make it to the Top 6!! Because WE have faith you do!! We are voting for you tons!! <3 you Sam

  10. I like Sam. He is noble , sincere and has a very laid back way about himself, whether he is aware or it or not. His dispostion is good as well, and the younger generation adore him….Just the way he is…and thats genuine..

  11. I don’t think the judges using the save was just about Sam. It was a really good show this week and I think the judges just thought that no one really deserved to go home. They might have used the save no matter who finished last.

  12. The author has forgotten that next week, TWO will be eliminated! So it’s not just Sam that might go. CJ might. He’s got to shape his pitch up. Whilst Harry didn’t mention this on Wednesday, he was STILL sharp on that song!

      • that is common when the save is used to have two eliminations the following week. At least that has been the Idol format since the “save” was initiated.

    • We haven’t heard anything about a double elimination. There was an extra week built in to the schedule which mean Idol planned to use it on someone. It was just a matter of who.

  13. I am so happy they saved Sam. He is one of the only ones who has been pitch perfect every week. This is a singing contest meaning you have to be able to sing and other than the screamer, Caleb (who I love too), Sam is the ONLY one who has been pitch and timing perfect every week and consistent in his presentation of vocal talent.

    I am not going to say who I want to go home, only because it is rude to cut down other singers with rude comments. However, Sam is one of the better ones on the show since it is a singing contest and not the local talent show.

  14. Alex and Sam are the only two singers who don’t scream, can sing in tune. and write music. They are good artists but will NOT be commercial success as entertainers. Unfortunately, this seson is void of any ‘future mega star’.

  15. Well Sam is Young and all he really would have to do to win this competition is show some charm which is hard for him based on his age.

    Anyhow I am sure next week he will feel less stress and do better because he already lost once and will be singing like he has nothing to lose.

    The loss this week may actually loosen him up a bit to the point he does start being more personable with the crowd and letting himself go a little more on stage.

    At this point I highly doubt he will be going home next week even if they remove two people as he will get a backlash vote to stay from those who were taking things for granted.

    If they remove two it will be CJ,Dexter, or Malaya who go home.

    Needless to say its all game on now as no one will be saved again.

  16. I think the judges were going to save whoever was voted off this week. First, because they really like all of these finalists. Second, to get it out of the way. Now they can enjoy the rest of the season and not worry about people badgering them on this subject.

    • P.S. Something sweet that happened last night…right before Sam was to sing his save song, Malaya grabbed him, pointed to the audience and said, “pick one.”

  17. I think the judges used the save too soon! Won’t they have to send two people home next week to keep on schedule?

    • They only need to send one home. There is enough time in the schedule where they can send one home and stay on schedule.

  18. I have two comments on the subject:
    1. What was Malaya doing in the bottom 3? I personally believe that she was on of the best if not the best on Wednesday’s show.
    2. I don’t think Sam should have been saved. Let’s say Jena or Alex or Caleb get eliminated next week. They are 100% better than Sam ever was but they could do nothing about it. The decision would be consdereed a major blunder.

    • Name I have a few things to say about your comments
      1) I very much think he should of been saved, why? Because he is growing, and he needs time to develop. Plus why can’t you understand that it wasn’t your choice and the judges saved him based on their opinion
      2)Jena, Alex, Caleb are not better than Sam!! They may have better stage presence than him. But no one on this season is outstanding. I think Sam is just as good as Jena, Alex, and Caleb.

      • Sam is a good singer but he isn’t memorable. In the next two weeks, mistakes could be made and nothing could be done about it. This was his third stint in the bottom three so I am going to guess that this wasn’t a fluke. If there is a fluke like Jena, Alex, Caleb, or Jessica, which was my point in throwing names out then this save will be a mistake.
        Why can’t I share my opinion? You seem to be saying, “I don’t like your opinion so you can’t share it.” If it was my opinion, I would have been cautious and said no because obviously he isn’t a fan favorite. He isn’t as good as some of the other contestents and whether you like that or not, it is what I think.

      • Many of the reviews suggest that he is NOT growing! He’s been running in place ever since he made the final 13. And there’s little chance he will suddenly become a threat to anyone this week.

  19. No contender has ever been saved after 2 prior trips to the snakepit (i.e., bottom 2/3). Except for Matt Giraud (who was in the pit 3 rounds before he had to be saved), no other contender who was saved even made an appearance there.

    Sam’s save came on his 3rd trip there; for which, by that standard, they could have used it on Majesty the week before. But the fact that he’s been in the pit too many times is a clear indication that his fan-base has pretty much abandoned him, and he’s not going to get it back in a single week, not with the limited voting procedures in place.

    The public will be too busy trying to keep their primary favorites from going home to even bother trying to save him from landing at the very bottom. If it highly likely that the save will be wasted and he will end up going home this week, especially if he does not step it up BIG-TIME. If he delivers another so-so performance, it won’t matter how much of a trainwreck the others are; he will go home.

  20. You know, this show will be cancelled if they don’t care about the young viewer. AND it would be a sham of a show because without young viewers and without young fans there will be no “Idol” – so yeah it makes sense. I don’t understand why so many viewers of American Idol want this show and the talent to be boring and old-fashioned. If the premise of the show is to make stars, then we have to care about young viewers because they are who make stars. Plain and simple,

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