American Idol 2014 Top 8 Power Rankings (Again)


Well, American Idol 2014 has again thrown me for a loop with its results from last night. For some reason Malaya Watson is back in the bottom and Dexter Roberts is safe again. And somehow, Sam Woolf was the one set to go home had the judges not saved him.

So since the judges used the save, that means I’ll again be ranking the Top 8. And I have a lot to reconsider after this week’s results. So yeah.

American Idol 2014 Top 8 Power Rankings 

8. C.J. Harris. I still think C.J. is the lowest person in the competition. Not just based on his voting standings the past couple of weeks, but also his song choices and performances are not up to par. I think he’ll be the next person to go.

7. Sam Woolf. Sam has been struggling with the votes and would’ve gone home last night had it not been for the judges, but I think he’ll ride this wave for at least a week or two and be safe. Usually when the judges save a contestant, their fans get scared and vote in overtime. Plus I think Sam deserves to stick around a bit longer.

6. Dexter Roberts. He might have been safe this week, but I don’t see him lasting much longer. I can’t bring myself to put him above Malaya, so this is where he lands this week.

5. Malaya Watson. I don’t know what happened. She had been going so strong for so long now and then she lands in the bottom three this week. I really am confused by this season. I don’t know what to make of Malaya’s placement now. I think if she comes on strong again next week she can recover.

4. Jessica Meuse. She was safe yet again, but she’s not fairing super well in polls. So despite her consistently flawless performances, something isn’t sticking with fans. But I think she’ll still be around long enough to possibly make it into the final three, depending on her song choices in the next couple of weeks.

3. Jena Irene. She’s finally cracked the Top 3. She went from struggling in the bottom to one of the most popular contestants. She’s made some good song choices and had some great performances the past couple of weeks. I’m almost ready to put her above Alex, but not quite yet.

2. Alex Preston. I’m starting to see the appeal of Alex a bit more than I have, but I think Jena is soon going to pass him up. But for now, he holds strong here in this spot.

1. Caleb Johnson. I could be way off with how I think everyone is receiving Caleb, but I couldn’t imagine anyone else taking the No. 1 spot after his consistently stellar performances. I don’t see him winning American Idol, but I see him definitely as a finalist.

How would you rank the American Idol 2014 Top 8 going into next week?




  1. In terms of Power Rankings, to me, would rank how well each person did each week, regardless of how I think the results will actually go in the end. If it were me, i would have:
    8. Sam Woolf
    7. CJ Harris
    6. Malaya Watson
    5. Dexter Roberts
    4. Jessica Meuse
    3. Jena Irene
    2. Alex Preston
    1. Caleb Johnson

    Next week will most likely not follow the system above, and that’s the point: rank how each contestant is doing compared to each other at this moment, not how people think the show will play out in weeks ahead.

  2. 1.) Jena-most marketable and Jlo knows it!
    3.Caleb- not doing his original knocked out some his “Taylor Hicks'” appeal-he’ll now have to rely on vocasl Vs. vocals more, in which Jena will obliterate him!
    4.)Jessica-even though not a fan.
    5.)Sam- will have a “comeback’ this week-if he sings to the teenyboppers!
    6.) Maylaya- her vocals have improved but being hyper is a minus
    8.) CJ-time is running out-like Lazaro last season!

  3. I love Jessica and would listen to her on the radio anytime. Her problem is her performances. She is boring. She just stands behind her guitar and quite frankly looks emotionless as she is singing. She almost comes across like she just doesn’t care sometimes. I know it isn’t true and she’s trying, but she just doesn’t connect. Same with Sam although he looks more terrified than anything else. Jessica’s best performance so far was when she didn’t have the guitar. It forced her to actually perform and it worked.

  4. How I think it will turn out

    8. C.J Harris
    7. Sam Woolf
    6. Dexter Roberts
    5. Malaya Watson
    4. Jessica Meuse
    3. Caleb Johnson
    2. Jena Irene
    1. Alex Preston

    How it should turn out

    8. Sam Woolf
    7. C.J Harris
    6. Jessica Meuse
    5. Dexter Roberts
    4. Alex Preston
    3. Jena Irene
    2. Malaya Watson
    1. Caleb Johnson

    • Your predictions are absolutely spot-on, although I highly disagree with your placement of Malaya and Caleb at the top (they’re my two least favorites – all screaming with them, all the time). But, yeah, there’s no way Alex doesn’t win this – likeability, originality, and a guitar go a long way on this show. Jena will be second and have post-Idol success, but she wouldn’t fit the winner mold, anyway. I personally really hope Jessica outlasts Caleb, because Caleb is ridiculously arrogant and boring. Still quite hopeful that Malaya will “shockingly” get seventh (CJ next week, then her – Sam with the extra votes from the save, Dexter with the added country bonus once CJ’s gone). But, anyway. all things considered, here’s how I think it’ll turn out:

      8.) CJ
      7.) Malaya
      6.) Sam
      5.) Dexter
      4.) Jessica
      3.) Caleb
      2.) Jena
      1.) Alex

    • I totally agree on how it should be Jessica should have been gone with her pitch out of control tone but Malaya gon have to step it up if she gon to beat the competition and the only one known for screams is Caleb just like harry said u scream every week do a slow ballet sometimes but Malaya is very unique you can not tell me you’ve heard anybody sing like her !

  5. 1. Jena (no question is she the best)
    2. Jessica (I’m sorry- I love her!)
    3. Alex (he’s another guy with a guitar- america is obviously a bit bias)
    4. Caleb (he’s good, but nothing original)
    5. Malaya (she’s come a long way, but I think time to grow would be in her favor)
    6. Sam (I think he’s good, but likely won’t be around for much longer)
    7. Dexter (I have an obsession with country music, but I don’t necessarily think that he is it)
    8. CJ (good singer- time is up)


  6. I don’t understand why Malaya was in the bottom i feel if people stop judging her off her hyperness u cant stop somebody from being who they are she only 16 which she just turnt she’s matureing slowly i know y’all see it …. For my final 3 i see Malaya , Jena and Caleb or Alex if they step it up

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