Who Went Home on ‘American Idol’ Last Night? 4/3/2014

Dim the lights, here we go! We’re about to meet the American Idol 2014 Top 7 contestants as one more finalist will be sent home from the competition.

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol results
Ryan Seacrest has the American Idol results – Source: FOX

Our predictions have been made on who will go home tonight and we took a look at your votes in our site poll but it all comes down to FOX’s official votes that are set to be announced.

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American Idol 2014 Top 7 Contestants:

  1. Dexter Roberts
  2. Jena Irene
  3. Caleb Johnson
  4. Jessica Meuse
  5. Alex Preston
  6. Malaya Watson
  7. CJ Harris

The Top 7 list will be built during the show as Ryan reveals America’s votes and singers either go back to the lounge or are sent to the stools to join the Bottom 3.

Top 8’s Bottom 3 Contestants:

One of these Bottom 3 singers will get the chance to sing for his or her American Idol life with the return of the Judges Save.

  1. Malaya Watson She is safe!
  2. Sam Woolf
  3. CJ Harris He is safe!

Will the Judges use their Save? The crowd is chanting “Save Sam!”

Top 8 – Who Was Eliminated on American Idol Tonight?:

  • Sam Woolf Sam is saved!!

Everyone is SAFE this week! We will get the Top 8 all over again next week. Are you excited for Sam? Was it the right choice for the Judges?

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  1. Jena continues to break new ground with her artistry! A ferociously unique performance of an Adele song was so powerfully her own that she has made herself one of the most formidable competitors to fear. Caleb continues to deliver powerful performances. His reinvention of memorable songs by legendary artists is exhilarating and an inspiration! I look forward to his promise to reveal his softer side in the next round. Other notable performances were Malaya’s rendition of an Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way”. Performed with understated elegance, she let the song breath in all the right places without added distractions of overdone theatrics from uncontrollable hand and body movements. A real joy to listen to and behold! Sam finally had his moment–Hooray! His solo performance was soulful and as a viewer I felt a real connection to him as a performer. Jessica’s performance of an original song was the most I’ve seen her go beyond her own comfort zone–finally. Alex continues to be an original artist with a strong delivery of one of his own songs. CJ Harris was the biggest surprise of the night, delivering an entire song with good pitch–and it only took him 7 weeks! Dexter gave a decent performance but, continues to be just average in my opinion. All in all, with exception to some fair to odd duet performances (Sam’s disconnected duet with Malaya was painfully revealing of his inability to ‘connect’), this weeks round was well worth the admission!

  2. I think it’s not a good decision that they use the save. It’s too early, they should use it when the competition is getting tighter already (Except for Jessica S.’s seasons, they’re right with their decision to save her). I don’t think Sam will be much stronger after he got the Save tonight (he has been in the bottom 3 several times, even if he did great job with his performances, it doesn’t affect him being in the bottom). Sorry for Sam fans. This is just my opinion.

  3. I’m glad they saved Sam. I’m not a fan, but he has potential, and this way they can’t save one of those who needs to go.

    • Sam is as unsavable as Satan is. He’s plain BAD and he will never become good.

      • What is wrong with you Archer Hjort!!! Comparing Sam to Satan Really… Will we now know what kind of a mind and judgment you have. Not a good one at all…

      • Archer Hjort you are wrong!! He is great!! He may not win it all! But the judges saved him because they wanted him to stay and see him develop as well! Why can’t you see that

  4. CJ is the weakest and one who does not sing in tune. Although I like him, he or Malaya will probably be next. Sam has such future potential that it makes sense to save him. Malaya’s high notes sound like a kid’s voice singing a mature song. She should get out of the very adult type songs for a mature voice and try something more fun and young. She has future potential too. Sam and Malaya both need to step it up in the entertainment aspect of connecting with the audience.

    • Sam has as much potential to entertainment as testicular cancer does to good health. He can’t sing very well and he can’t perform. That’s death in the entertainment industry.

      • Respectfully Archer, I think Sam can sing–although nothing that far above average. Having said that, ‘good-enough’ is not good enough at this point in the race. I totally agree with you that he cannot perform and that is indeed ‘death’ in the entertainment industry.

      • You guys obviously have no taste in great singing!! He can sing, Sam is shy but us girls we love that, and why can’t you understand he is working on performing?

      • GAGA, idiot…you clean your ears coz they cant hear what music really is.. sam’s voice is so good, he is just shy

      • I totally disagree with you! Maybe you should try cleaning your ears out before the next show! Sam may not make it to win but he does have talent and a great voice he is only 17 and has time to get even better. He’s not the worse on the show… The judges know best anyway!!!! They voted to save him!

      • I really don’t think anyone should compare anyone to joke about cancer! I know someone that died from testicular… Shame on you Archer

    • Rod Stewart sings offkey… I think CJ’s likeability and sincerity bring in the fans. Randy told Malaya to belt it and she’s been doing it ever since – which has produced screechy performances – everytime. She is just bursting with personality — I can see her being invited to some big special show to sing. Dexter, as a country singer, has lots of competition in that genre – could he really compete? Caleb is Mr. Entertainer – to the rock genre and I can see him leading a rock band. For some reason Jena’s voice is not that appealing to me… but I can see her singing the National Anthem, etc. I like Alex, Jessica – and I think both can have a career – perhaps not a star career, but be able to do what they love doing – writing and singing.

  5. Sam is a good singer but I don’t think he’s got it all to be the American Idol. That said, I think they should have held off on using the “save”.

    • They can only use it up to a certain point, I think they made the right decision. Sam is far more talented than Dexter, CJ and Jena.

      • I respectfully disagree Koko Snoot. Sam has potential to be better than his past performances and I would agree better than CJ or even about the same as Dexter but, he’s definitely not ‘far more’ talented than Jena. She has been consistently increasing strength as both singer and performer, whereas Sam continues to struggle with a basic performance skill which is to connect with the audience.

      • I hate when people diss people!! Its so rude and they don’t even know them!! He is a great singer and he deserved that save!! Fair and square.. deal with it!! I think just because you have great performances throughout the weeks they may be sent home, Jena is good but not great.. Sam is really good and he needs time to develop. Why can’t you people understand that?

      • How much time does Sam or CJ need? The show does not go on forever even if sometimes it seems like it.

      • SHAME SHAME SHAME- Harry Conman Junior sucks- he saved talentless chap with Penis appeal over some good female singers

      • It take all 3 judges to save anyone NOT one Judge. So what do you call the other 2 Judges Keith and Jennifer that voted to save Sam too? Harry is one of the best Judges ever to be on this show!

      • Yes he is, but… I really don’t think he likes the limelight…. is it shyness or low self esteem? I just don’t knoe about Sam as a future performer…. where would he play? I wonder if he’s ever had a girlfriend…

    • LMFAO- you are using your vagina and ovaries to listen to him rather than the ears you were born with.

  6. CJ Harris dodges the bullet again. Baffling! Sam’s potential is taking too long to bloom. Evidence of his inability to ‘connect’ after such an awkward duet performed with Malaya revealed what the judges critiqued him about repeatedly. Tonight’s save may prove to be premature–given inconsistent singers like CJ or average singers like Jessica and Dexter are still in the mix with stronger performances by Jena, Caleb, Malaya and Alex. Unfortunately, with the only ‘save’ gone, its anybody’s game now. The way this competition is unfolding, ‘likeability’ may just trump talent in this season’s contest. CJ, Jessica and Dexter are case-and-point. Their ‘likeability’ far more than their talent has kept them in the race when past performance inconsistencies should have eliminated them. It’ll be a terrible shame to see a gifted, strong talent who deserves the title lose to a weak but ‘likeable’ contender. I’m afraid that’s the direction in which this race is headed. If that’s the case, then the judges would be to blame for doing a poor job in giving America the best choices in talent.

    • A shame? That has been the case in most of the previous seasons and more ‘winners’ have turned out to be duds!

  7. This is bull!!!!!!! Sam is the worst performer on the show period point blank…..he has no connection with the audience or with anyone….he’s like a dead person or like a old person dying…..no wander he lives in a old folks how he learned well not to have a personality…..This is a horrible decision from our wonderful judges booooooooooooo

    • How rude and wrong it is of you to refer to Sam as lives with old folks something being wrong with that!!!!!. He is bless he has his grandparents and does not act old at all.. So you think being old is a bad thing?… One day you will be old yourself!

    • You’re an a$$hat. Putting down senior citizens is wrong / rude of you. Have some respect for goodness sake.

    • honey, i’m pushing 66 and i can STILL rock and roll with the best of them!! HOWEVER, sam really is NOT a wonderfui singer!! he never should have been saved

  8. I think Sam good looks saved him and his singing is not in the top 3. I thought CJ would be going home his week, don’t care for his singing. I think the 50 votes the most you an vote per singer does keep a few of the not so great singers in the competition.

  9. Sam has great talent. He’s young. I hope they show can give him more support and mentoring. He does need to hit it home with a great song pick this coming week. His voice range is far superior than many singers with recording contracts. I’m happy they saved Sam. Good luck!

  10. Poor Sam.. well, lucky Sam — the is the most awkward ‘singer’ – I guess he could come out of it – eventually… it’s up to him how much he wants to entertain or is he just singing because he likes to sing? The rest of the contestants ‘love’ to entertain – can’t wait to get on stage…..

  11. Aww man… it really R E A L L Y never shud’ve been for Sam. Definitely wrong.. tsk tsk. *SIGH*

  12. please send the girl home with the glasses and braces she is so annoying!

  13. it makes no sense to me to have saved sam. but this is just one girl’s opinion. i think caleb, jena, and jessica are miles above him. but sam is this season’s pretty boy and it looks like the judges are pushing for him in honor of all the little girls out there. as far as actual talen goes, he’s no where close to the others i mentioned above. but again, that’s just my opinion, to which i am entitled. as is everyone else

  14. Good decision to save Sam though it will probably only delay the inevitable. For some reason American does not recognize this young man’s true artistry. Voters would probably have sent Rickey Nelson or Buddy Holly home!! Sam has style, originality, great voice and guitar and his own compositions.

  15. Come on people- keep it respectful. We can disagree without resorting to name-calling.

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