Who Will Win American Idol 2018? [Poll Results And Predictions]

Earlier this week we asked you who should win American Idol 2018. And after thousands of votes in our poll, we’ve got your answer.

In an overwhelming victory, Maddie Poppe is who most of you think should win American Idol 2018. And I must admit, I’m surprised. But in a good way. I thought everyone would be rooting for Gabby Barrett, or maybe even Caleb Hutchinson. Of course this poll doesn’t seal the deal for Maddie. Who knows what will happen on finale night after the perform their songs. It will likely be a tight race.

But now that we have a little more information on how our readers are feeling about this American Idol Top 3, we are ready to make our official predictions.

I’m reluctant, but I’m going to agree with our readers. I think Maddie Poppe might actually win American Idol 2018. I think it will be really, really close though, between Maddie and Gabby with Caleb not too far behind.

I say that I’m reluctant because I know this show — or I used to know it. And I know how hard it is for a girl to beat a guy, especially one who sings country music. And I’m also looking at social media following. Maddie has 33,000 Twitter followers while Gabby has 59,000. But, Gabby started the competition with a big following already, while Maddie gained all those 33K during the competition. So maybe Gabby’s entire following aren’t actually watching Idol or voting. Caleb isn’t far behind Maddie with 30,000 followers. But again, who knows how many of those people are voting.

And I’m going to stress this right now: don’t count any of them out. Caleb could win with Gabby as the runner-up and Maddie in third. This has been a weird season with some weird outcomes, so anything can happen. And as I’ve said many times, American Idol voters love male contestants, especially ones who perform country music.

But I’m going to take the gamble and I’m going to say Maddie wins with Gabby as the runner-up. But it could really go any way. I hope Maddie wins. I’ve championed her all season and I’m a big fan of her musical taste and her genuine artistry. So let’s make the predictions official.

Who Will Win American Idol 2018?

Here’s how I think American Idol will this coming Monday

UPDATE: I think I might have to change my mind on thinking Maddie will win. I’ve been watching the Top 3 singles on the iTunes charts and things are starting to lean in the direction of Caleb… Really, though, it’s anyone’s game. Caleb does have the South on his side though, and we know they love their fellow southern contestants. I’m going to leave the prediction as Maddie wins, but remember my feelings on Caleb’s chances if he wins. Ha.

  • Winner: Maddie Poppe
  • Runner-up: Gabby Barrett
  • Third place: Caleb Hutchinson

Who do you think will win American Idol this season?