American Idol Predictions: 2014 Top 6 – Who Will Make It?

* UPDATE: Click here to find out who went home on American Idol 2014 from the Top 7 in our recap of Thursday’s elimination results show!

It’s time for the weekly American Idol predictions based on your votes in our “who was the best?” poll for the Top 7 artists.

Alex Preston serenades a lamp
Alex Preston serenades this lamp – Source: FOX

While we can’t claim these results are exact predictions, they should give us a strong indicator of who is in the clear and who could end up in the danger zone. With so few singers left on American Idol 2014 we’ll only get the Bottom 2 again this week before the elimination results. Let’s see what you the readers are predicting.

Riding very high with nearly half of all votes is Jena Irene with her performance of “Creep.” She had the pimp spot and she capitalized on it with a great delivery that will absolutely keep her safe this week.

Also most likely safe are Sam Woolf (15%), Alex Preston (12%), and Caleb Johnson (12%). Sam has come roaring back since his elimination vote two weeks ago so maybe the Judges did make a good choice on keeping him in the race with their Save. Alex and Caleb both had solid performances and have spent a lot of time on the high side of our numbers, so I don’t think either could be in trouble.

That leaves us with Jessica Meuse (8%), CJ Harris (5%), and Dexter Roberts (3%). This is definitely our danger zone. CJ has rarely done well in our polls and even took a trip to the bottom, but he still keeps hanging on. The same goes for Dexter. Either of these contestants could go home tonight and most viewers would not be shocked. But seeing Jessica suddenly drop to the very bottom would be a surprise.

I don’t think Jessica can win the race, but I’d be surprised for her to go before either of these guys. With that in mind I’m agreeing with the readers voting here and expecting CJ and Dexter to be the Bottom 2. One of these two guys will go home. Who do you think will be voted off tonight’s results show?

We’ll be live blogging what happens tonight on American Idol with the voting results, so keep checking back here starting at 9PM ET for the spoilers!