American Idol 2014 Elimination Results Recap! 4/17/2014 [VIDEOS]

We just aren’t sure what to expect in our American Idol results recap tonight! While we’ve already made our prediction for who got voted off American Idol tonight by the viewers, we honestly think almost anything could happen.

Caleb Johnson

Well, anything but Caleb Johnson or Jena Irene Ascuitto going home. Because, let’s face it, if they don’t both go to the Top 5 at least after last night’s American Idol performances, it would be criminal. Heck, we’ll throw Alex Preston into that mix as well. All three of them truly deserve to make the Top 5, and we don’t see any of them going home in the American Idol elimination results tonight.

Even though he was almost booted off the show two weeks ago, if not for the American Idol judges’ save, we don’t think Sam Woolf will probably be the one who was eliminated on American Idol tonight either. He actually had a very strong performance last night and we’re seeing a lot of social media Sam love going on. He might even avoid the bottom two or three this week again riding that way of renewed fan attention.

It’s possible that CJ Harris could be the one who was voted off American Idol this week instead of Dexter Roberts, but he also had a good performance last night. One of the best he’s had all season in our opinion, and according to the American Idol 2o14 judges. So we think he could skate by one more week. But we do think CJ will go home either next week, or the week after.

Of course, it could also be Jessica Meuse finally losing out this evening because too many of her fans are wandering off to vote for other singers. Jess has so much potential, but we feel she’s stuck in a rut and may not find her way out in time to make it much farther in the competition. We could see her possibly landing in the bottom two and maybe even going home in the next couple of weeks.

That’s all in the future, however, and right now we’re all about finding out who went home on American Idol tonight in our recap below!

Well, that was unexpected! Kevin Bacon just opened the show with host Ryan Seacrest’s typical line, “This is American Idol!” How many degrees are you from Mr. Bacon?

 Now we have the American Idol Top 7 rehashing their performances over dinner, talking about how they did and what the judges said. Nice to see everyone… but get to the results already!

Oh but no, first we have to have another Ford commercial with the Top 7 finalists. At least they are better than they have been in the past with the terrible musical numbers and silly acting. This one is all about what the Top 7 would do if they had a Mustang for a day. (It’s the 50th anniversary of the Mustang this year.) Keith talks about his Mustang, blah, blah, blah.


Randy Jackson says some stuff we really don’t even care about because it’s the same stuff every week. Commercials, commercials, and let’s go already! (We’re impatient.) Finally, it’s time to find out some results! Ryan calls up Jena, Alex, and Dexter to the center of the stage. He announces the first person to be safe tonight is… Jena Irene!

Followed by Alex Preston also in the safety zone! And wait, we also have the first person in the bottom two tonight and it is… Dexter Roberts!

Now we have CJ Harris, Caleb Johnson, Jessica Meuse, and Sam Woolf up to learn their fate. And there is no shock at all when Caleb is immediately declared safe. Also safe is… CJ Harris? Really? We are a little surprised at that honestly. This guy has not just nine lives, he has a hundred! So that means either Jessica Meuse or Sam Woolf will be in bottom two with Dexter.

And we’re moving right along to find out which one it will be… and another surprise to us! Sam Woolf is safe and it is Jess going to the bottom two with Dexter. Wow, Jessica is looking quite pissed off.

Well, Jess is one lucky lady because it looks like she’ll be around at least another week. The final results are in and it is Dexter who got voted off American Idol tonight!


  • Jena Irene
  • Alex Preston
  • Caleb Johnson
  • CJ Harris
  • Sam Woolf

Bottom Two:

  • Dexter Roberts
  • Jessica Meuse


  • Dexter Roberts




  1. A bit surprised to see her in the bottom two, but I kinda figured that alien remark was going to cost her.

    • I think the alien thing was a bad idea for her pre-filmed bit. It made her look like she was a little crazy. She should have come up with 5 things that were all harmless, at least related to how people would think of her.

  2. Jessica is little left of mainstream. I love her but if she wants to win she has to pander to fox viewers. I have never seen a winner who was not mainstream win this show. Even Adam Lambert who was TALENTED did win.

    • She’s my fave, but IMO she won’t pander to anyone. She seems fairly rigid, and maybe half a bubble off plumb.

      • Love your analogy and I agree but if you look at recent past winner they are all right down the middle with nothing unique about them. As Simon use to say “This is a singing competition so she either competes to win or goes home. She will probably be going home after CJ

      • I wonder is she would be
        “happy” to be paired with CJ again (for a duet) next week? Not——-!

    • Lyle, Adam Lambert did not win because the homophobics kept him from winning. But Adam has no worry’s. Check him out on google. He is making much more mony than the winner made. I like Caleb, and one of the girl singers. I don’t know her name. I haven’t kept up with the show as much this summer. Everyone vote for your favorites!

  3. Every week it gets tougher and tougher. I think Alex is the most consistent on the show week after week. Alex should in my opinion go all the way!! He has a style no one can replace his voice is just incredible and all his. I think there is to much of the same old same out there and room for something new! Go Alex

  4. Alex is my favorite, I love his performances every week. he has his own style. All the ones that are there now deserves to be there. Good luck to everyone !

  5. So glad Sam was not in the bottom two and don’t expect him to be gain. He will be in the top two in the finale, most likely with Jena. Sam is awesome!

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