American Idol 2013: Top 10 Guys Elimination Predictions

American Idol 2013 Top 10 Guys

With half of the singers on American Idol Season 12 being eliminated tonight it’s fun to go through and make our predictions for what we expect to happen on tonight’s results show. We’ve already prognosticated the future of the ladies so now it’s the guys’ turn.

In the “gotta be safe” category I’d place Paul Jolley, Lazaro Arbos, and Burnell Taylor. Jolley is exactly the kind of singer production doesn’t want getting to the end of the road which is probably why they picked the weaker of the Johnny Keyser, Jimmy Smith, etc. group. Yet here he is leading our poll. Lazaro has been a standout fan favorite for both his compelling back story, charisma, and vocal talents. He’ll survive to wear that pink shirt another week on American Idol 2013. Burnell Taylor is another talented singer boasted by an interesting past. Despite it being nearly a decade ago, Ryan Seacrest still introduced Burnell as a “[Hurricane Katrina] Survivor” and I expect he’ll survive this storm too.

The middle ground group, or “danger zone” are the probably-but-maybe-not-safe singers. That group covers Curtis Finch Jr, Devin Velez, and Nick Boddington. Out of the three I’m pulling for Devin and if I get to bring another along, well I don’t know. Curtis’ genre isn’t my thing, and while Nick is talented he’s just a touch too boring for me. I’ll flip a coin and say Nick moves on while Curtis heads back to the choir.

That leaves us with the “set for elimination” group for American Idol consisting of Charlie Askew, Cortez Shaw, Elijah Liu, and Vincent Powell. Charlie blew it. Plain and simple. His antics last night cost him his spot on the tour and a seat in the finalists group. If there’s a wildcard, then the judges will give it to him because production can only pray for another live television meltdown. Cortez sure knows how to make it look good up there and that’s about it these days. Talented singer, but two straight weeks of these high songs has worn me out. He won’t be here next week to try and bring it down. Elijah fades in to the background for me and is another of this season’s “pretty faces” guys. Finally there’s Vincent who fumbled his pimp spot last night and will have to ship his collection of Randy Jackson official eyeglasses home after tonight.

Think my predictions are way off? Share your thoughts in the comments below and explain who and why for how you expect tonight’s American Idol 2013 results show to turn out as we meet the new Top 10 finalists.




  1. i think you’re right on with this poll. i think its accurate lol .. Probably gonna be -Paul,Lazaro, Burnell, Devin and Curtis

  2. Have they done anything to limit the number of votes per person this year or simply added another method to vote?

    • Not exactly. From what I read in a previous blog they’ve set up a way to spread 50 votes around per person (or phone #) in one shot. I don’t think that actually fixes the issue of unlimited voting, but it may for AT&T subscribers. Its explained in detail in one of the previous articles on here. Quite confusing. Maybe matt or branden will respond. I’d like a better explanation too.

  3. I really like the kid who sings in part spanish. But I do not think he should have sang more than half of the song in spanish. There is not much poularity for spanish singing on the radio. Sorry I can’t Keep their names straight.


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