American Idol Spoilers: 2014 Top 7 Song List Leaked

Here are your American Idol spoilers for tonight’s Top 7 performances live on FOX. Now we can start debating if these were smart picks or sabotage attempts with this week’s theme of “Competitor’s Choice.”

American Idol 2014 stage

Each of the Top 7 Hopefuls picked one song for their remaining competitors. The finalists then selected this week’s performance from that list of six options, so no one was stuck without a choice. Check out the spoilers below and get ready to join us for tonight’s American Idol 2014 show!

American Idol Spoilers – Top 7 Song List:

There are some great opportunities in this list for the Top 7, but we could get a few snoozefests too. CJ could use something with more energy than what’s going to be a slow performance. Then Sam doing another David Gray performance after his “Babylon” which didn’t wow me either.

Jena and Caleb should come on strong with these picks if they add their own little twist. Alex is right in his comfort zone which is good and bad. Then Jessica and Dexter should shine with some high energy that they’ll need to keep alive another week.

Which Top 7 song picks are you most excited to hear on tonight’s American Idol?

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  1. I’m not impressed. Gunpowder is IMO wrong for Jessica. Miranda is a pepper pot and the song suits her. It’s not Jess at all. Same goes for Caleb. The nostalgia rockers who vote for him won’t know the song and the lyric is kind of mumbly. We’ll see.

    • I’m not thrilled with the choices either. but remember, look where they’re coming from. BUT, a great artist will be able to handle just about anything. let’ s see who really shines tonight

  2. I wish Jennifer would act her age and not like a groupie. Caleb & Jena did the best tonight. My Fav is CJ and he sang in tune and on key… He really feels his blues-ee songs – I like his style!

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