American Idol 2014 Top 9 Power Rankings


Last night on American Idol 2014 we finally said goodbye to M.K. Nobilette, who sure had some ups and downs in the competition. So now that she’s no longer in my bottoms spot, who will be taking those honors now?

Let’s take a look at the power rankings for the final nine contestants.

American Idol 2014 Top 9 Power Rankings

(in descending order)

9. Majesty Rose. Two weeks in a row in the bottom three is not good news for Majesty. Also not good for her have been her past few performances. They’ve been weak at best and I think she’s most likely to go home next.

8. C.J. Harris. He might have skipped the bottom three this week, but he’s still not shining on the Idol stage and he’s also not doing well in our polls. I think even though Dexter Roberts was in the bottom this week, that C.J. is still ranked lower coming up this week.

7. Dexter Roberts. I cannot believe Dexter was in the bottom three last night. I think that he’s got enough fans that are now scared and will send him more votes to make sure he doesn’t end up there again. But for now, I’m going to keep him in the lowest three spots on this list.

6. Sam Woolf. Sam was much better this week and it showed in our poll and the fact that he was not in the bottom again this week. I think the votes are just all over the place this season and people are actually basing votes on week-to-week performances and not overall popularity. Which is very weird for Idol.

5. Jena Irene. I’m not sure if Jena is really at a Top 5 spot, but she’s had two great weeks and have avoided the bottom three both weeks. But with how the votes are playing out this season, she might make a return trip back to the bottom. But I think she definitely deserves to be in the Top 5.

4. Malaya Watson. As long as she keeps making the same song choices, Malaya will be sitting pretty for a few more weeks. In order to break into the Top 3 again, though, she’s going to have to do something incredible.

3. Jessica Meuse. I can never figure out what people are thinking of Jessica. She’s never been in the bottom, though, so I guess people are enjoying her. And her performances are always solid so I’d never have a reason to rank her any worse than this.

2. Alex Preston. I think America missed the White Guy With The Guitar because Alex has been sitting pretty for weeks and there doesn’t seem to be a sign of him letting up. And with his past few performances, he seems to only be gaining steam.

1. Caleb Johnson. I still don’t know how America is actually receiving Caleb. I still have a feeling they might tire of him. So even though he’s been at the top of the list for a few weeks now, I don’t think he’s going to win American Idol. At least I don’t think so at this moment. Check back in about two weeks.

What do you think of the Top 9? How would you rank the remaining American Idol contestants?





  1. Jena well deserves to be one of the top 5.

    Your mayala is the one who sucks branden

  2. Can i ask why cj is at the bottom?

    he has been the number 1 spot week after week on their supervote.
    he’s doing well. he don’t belong in that spot to be honest he’s probably in the top 4.

    and jena is way better than 5. i wish for once you would give her some credit for good performances….

    • No offense, but CJ didn’t do Hunter Hayes’s BRILLIANT new song any sort of justice. I couldn’t believe that he wasn’t in the bottom 3

  3. Watching Malaya is like watching a female nerdy Urkel at a high school talent show.

    Majesty is already damaged goods and traumatized from being in the bottom 3 two weeks in a row.

    CJ looks like he is eating sour lemons when he sings. He also looks like he’s in his 30’s.

    Overall just average talent.

    Meat Loaf Jr should do the Survivor song next week…

    • Funniest comment — entertaining and not boring!! Yes, Meatloaf – is not the next Amer.Idol. Pink hair ?- I like her, but nah! Majesty or Malaya?- Who will go first – Luv Malaya’s personality! Love Majesty’s stability- I don’t see her nervousness at all- loved her folksy performance! CJ-smooth CJ, I’m afraid is on his wait out – can’t have a screechy Idol – that goes for Malays, as well. The other two guys are basically the same type of guitar performer – one with a pompador- the other with a hat — I’m positive neither will win – tho each is that good! Country bumpkin? no way. I think if they cleaned up CJ – he could do it!!!

  4. Top three Dexter, Caleb n Jena.. Dexter is my American Idol no matter what the votes say. We can relate to country music through his performances..

    • Mine his confidence. I hope he doesn’t change too much for judge approval.

  5. 1.) jena 9idf she returns to her strength (piano)
    2.) Alex

    • For a singing career – a fan base is required…. This is the order I see their potential appeal: Alex, Sam, Caleb, Majesty, CJ, Jessica, Jena, Dexter and Malaya.

      I really only see Alex, Sam & Caleb with careers. As good as Jena is – who will her audience be? The rest may could entertain the way most of Amer. Idol winners have done — only periodically…..

      There are no Carrie Underwoods, Kelly Clarksons, Jennifer Hudsons, Adam Lamberts in this group!!

  6. AI has not been the same this season. Contestants so so. Mayala, Caleb, Jena, Dexter and a few more are OK. Still don’t feel it yet.

  7. 9th – C.J Harris
    8th – Majesty Rose
    7th – Dexter Roberts
    6th – Jena Irene
    5th – Jessica Meuse
    4th – Sam Woolf
    3rd – Caleb Johnson
    2nd – Malaya Watson
    1st – Alex Preston

    I think the judges will use their save on Malaya at top 7/6 and the public will vote her through to the finale….like what happened to Jessica Sanchez.

    • Thank God that didn’t happen. While I’m not a Sam fan I’m glad he got saved before they could use it on Malaya.

  8. 1. JENA IRENE
    3. Sam Woolf
    4. Caleb Johnson
    5. Malaya Watson
    6.Alex Preston
    7. Dexter Roberts
    8.CJ Harris
    9. Majesty Rose


  9. I put Alex and Jessica at the top. I am tired of Caleb. Sorry. He doesn’t have the artistry and interest that the other two do. I thinnk between Alex and Jessica, whoever wins top spot, Idol will have a great one on their hands.

  10. He may lack showmanship, but Sam is a great singer, and he could go places … no more shy than James Taylor was when he started. CJ sings off tune when the lights go up. He’s loveable, though, like a teddy bear, and when he is good he is GREAT. Gotta love him! Majesty is done. I don’t see the appeal in Jena or Malaya. What are people going to actually buy? I like Dex a lot, but missed his last performance. I think song choice might determine where he goes. I have never taken to Caleb. Loud and outdated? Hmmm … Unique Artistry, and so interesting: Alex ~
    Beauty and raw talent/superstar: Jessica! 😀

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