Who Went Home on ‘American Idol’ Last Night? 3/20/2014

Dim the lights. Here we go! The American Idol 2014 Top 9 contestants results are set to be revealed tonight as another singer is voted out and sent home.

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol results
Ryan Seacrest has the American Idol results – Source: FOX

Our predictions have been shared and we’ve looked through your voting numbers in our poll. But now it’s up to the official numbers to call out the Bottom 3 and the singer with the least votes will be eliminated.

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American Idol 2014 Top 9 Contestants:

  1. Jessica Meuse
  2. Malaya Watson
  3. Alex Preston
  4. Caleb Johnson
  5. CJ Harris
  6. Jena Irene
  7. Sam Woolf
  8. Dexter Roberts
  9. Majesty Rose

We’re putting together the Top 9 contestants as Ryan reveals the results and we discover which singers are in this week’s Bottom 3 and sitting on the dreaded stools.

Top 10’s Bottom 3 Contestants:

  1. Dexter RobertsHe is safe!
  2. Majesty RoseShe is safe!
  3. MK Nobilette

One of these Bottom 3 singers will get the chance to sing for his or her American Idol life with the return of the Judges Save.

The judges agree that MK will be sent home. They will not use the Save tonight.

Top 10 – Who Was Eliminated on American Idol Tonight?:

  • MK Nobilette

Did your favorite singers survive the vote or were they sent home?

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    • Me too! Jena should never have been a wild card pick. I’m really sorry to see MK go — she was one of my favorites.

      • MK deserved to go. She has been lackluster on that stage since the live shows started; even last week when the judges said she was improved.

        Jena is fantastic and has a great, distinguishable voice. She deserved to be a wild card pick and I hope she’ll be around to the end.

      • Yuck. Jena is boring, has a generic voice, and the only reason she seems to be there is because she can also play piano. The light show last week covered up that her voice isn’t exciting, but running around a stage and getting the crowed to wave the light sticks that the producers put under their seats, that should NOT be enough to keep you in the game. She shouldn’t have made the live shows, or the tour.

      • Gay girl sucks, jena has a incredible voice and mk sucks, and mk forgets the words. why kick off a girl who rocks? for a girl cause shes gay?

      • Her being gay has nothing to do with her abysmal performances, true. Her voice is perhaps something with potential, but she does not connect with an audience.

      • Nope. Jena will not make Top 5. I don’t know exactly when she will go, but this week she should be in the Bottom 3 with Majesty and maybe Dexter again.

    • I don’t like Jena at all. Jena, Kristen, and Emily should not have been given spots in the live shows. I would like Jena to go this next week, before Dexter, although my first choice to go remains Majesty, who is just awful. Jena is the next awful.

  1. Thank you, America. FINALLY, no more MK. I was so scared that the Judges would save her. All’s well that ends well. Caleb all the way. Jena a distant 2nd.
    I’m sorry to be repetitive, but Jennifer was gorgeous again.

    • YES! Anyone who believes that MK still deserved to be there is either tone deaf or just plain stupid.

  2. America got it wrong, wrong, wrong. (Again.) CJ was supposed to go home. He’s got the likeability factor in spades but, his performance was painful to watch and even more painful to hear. MK fumbled in the second half of her performance but, she sang well in the first half and chose a good song. CJ was just bad throughout his song. Their refusal to use the one save they’re allowed was justified–given weak singers like CJ and Jessica are still among the strongest competitors and may even out-compete them by the way America is voting. The bizarre turn this contest is taking would dictate that a save be reserved for singers like Caleb (although I strongly doubt he’d find himself in the bottom 3), Jena, Majesty, Malaya, Alex or Sam. This season is not an easy one to predict. Things on AI are getting interesting…

    On a different ‘note’, after J.Lo’s offense-to-women, God-awful performance, she’s made a strong case against her own credibility as a ‘judge’–especially when it comes to holding her own against the likes of intelligent, serious, critiques by great MUSICIANS like Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban. Way to go J.Lo.

    • No America got it right just cuz CJ had a bad night doesn’t mean he should have went home before MK every week it’s the same thing with her.

      • Apparently EandM, you’ve just begun tuning into the show, “cuz” CJ has had ‘bad nights’ for several nights in the show now, and still manages to stay in the race. At this stage in the

        competition, keeping pitch should definitely NOT be his biggest challenge.

    • i dont know what the spades comment meant, but you might want to watch yo mouth! And he has done excellent since auditions, one performance doesnt define him. How many superstars are out that cant even sing live these kids can SANG! bye bye MK.

      • ‘Spades’ was not a comment, it is a word that was part of a sentence that meant that CJ’s likeability is emphatic (that means definitive). Your sentences are poorly worded and structured. For instance: ‘watch yo mouth!’ should’ve been written ‘watch yoUR mouth!’, and ‘doesnt’ should’ve been written ‘doesn’t’. You appear to have an aversion to apostrophes. Although I would agree that there are some superstars who can’t sing (JLo is case and point), your last sentence was so poorly written I couldn’t quite make out what you were trying to say–the word ‘SANG’ is a past tense verb that you utilized in 2 separate present tense sentences–both of which were combined to form 1 run-on sentence. It appears you have an aversion to punctuation marks and grammar as well. Oh, and 1 last thing, your final sentence, ‘bye bye MK’ should’ve been written: ‘Bye-bye MK’. Bye-bye idolfan!

      • He was downright awful last night and I’m a huge country fan. He destroyed a fantastic tune!

      • Dexter ididn’t ruin that song, he never went off key plus he put his own spin on it. Loved it myself. Dexter is pure country, I would like to hear him sing something by Ricky Skaggs, or Larry Gatlin,

      • I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree because I believe he did ruin that song. Just because he didn’t sing off key (which is your opinion) doesn’t mean he didn’t ruin the song.

      • He did make a really great song sound kind of boring, though, and that’s not the way he should be trending.

      • Agree to disagree, Dexter sings it in his own way and we enjoy his uniqueness in country music. I agree with Sunny. Everyone has a different taste in songs. Dexter stands out for me as a true country deal..

      • He didn’t hold the attention of the audience, and he seemed to be one of the contestants whose vocal faltered because the production staff wanted him to move around on the stage and touch people’s hands. That messes up a lot of the contestants, and it didn’t work for him this week. Loved how he started out the song, and he could have switched it up better than he did. I like Dexter, and hope he stays a few more weeks.

  3. As a Canadian I can not vote but watch Idol as with my other co-workers and than we discuss. MK deserved to go hands down. CJ did not perform well; however, he obviously has a huge fan base. Dexter was the surprise, but as I mentioned to my co-workers this week he is just coasting. He needs to start being a true artist like Alex and Jena. JLo nailed it last night, and to Miley Cyrus that’s how it is done with taste. Way to go JLo.

    • It’s not about having a ‘huge fan base’. It’s about having a huge singing talent–which CJ does not! MK sang in pitch every performance–CJ does not. MK’s song choices are good–CJ’s choices are decent but you can’t tell because he sings so bloody out of tune. JLo did not ‘nail it’. She just looked like she wanted to be nailed–badly. Especially when she squatted down on the stage with her knees wide open. The fact that you’re even comparing her to Miley Cyrus–a horrible sell-out for money (otherwise known as ‘the-oldest-profession’), then that says it all. You ARE right, however, that it was done with ‘taste’–POOR taste! Way to go JLo (NOT!).

      • MK most certainly did not sing on key throughout the live shows. Her performances were not good, except for week before she wrecked “Perfect” in the live show. These contestants, when they blow the live show, there’s just not a lot of hope for them that week, unless they’ve got a strong base of performances to lift them out of the mess they made in the current week.

  4. Its crazy how people say mk didn’t deserve to go home.
    like seriously i don’t care if she’s gay or not.

    lets forget about that for a minute, she forgets lyrics.
    shes got restrictions in her voice meaning her voice only allows her to sing a melody with no high notes at best.

    mk deserved to go home, i honestly believe if she wasn’t gay she would’ve never made it, cause she sucks very badly.

    no offense to mk or her fans, but she defiently needed to leave at 13.

  5. Unfortunately, it was MK that should go…however I do feel she is talented, and needs to keep trying to cut a record. As for the outfits this year..not a big fan.. many of them look like they walked off the street for an audition…not that they have to be fancy every week, just more polished. It may be that since the contestants this year are all young..they are dressing as they would for their age, but not a big fan of this weeks look for sure on any of them.

    • Jessica did pretty well this week, and I like her voice. She had two weeks where she phoned it in, and this week she actually sang enough for us to hear her vocal sound, and it’s worth keeping her a while longer. I think she will be in the Top 5, for sure. Not the winner, but she will be here that long.

  6. mk is good just cause she’s gay doesn’t mean a thing like stop hating on her like look how far she has come like

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