American Idol 2016: Top 6 Rankings – Poll Results

Another round of American Idol voting is over and it’s time to look at who you the readers picked as your favorites to move on this week.

Dalton Rapattoni performs on American Idol 2016
Dalton Rapattoni performs on American Idol 2016 – Source: FOX

After two rounds of double eliminations on American Idol the hammer will fall on just one singer’s dreams as we’re back to single cuts for the rest of the Farewell Season.

Last week we saw Lee Jean and Avalon Young go home while Lee had done very well in our poll here, but it didn’t convey across to the official numbers. Now we have a new set of singers who could be traveling to the danger zone.

Running through your votes in our “Who Was The Best?” poll for the Top 6 we see that Sonika’s save from the Judges was justified by readers here who put her up in to fourth place ahead of MacKenzie and Tristan. If there’s a Bottom 2 again this week then I’d expect all three of those to be up for elimination.

As for the front runners, Trent and La’Porsha continue to hold their top spots with Trent again staying in first place and La’Porsha in second place for your votes. Meanwhile Dalton climbed back up from fourth in last week’s poll to return to your Top 3 for AIN.

American Idol 2016 – Top 6 Rankings:

  1. Trent Harmon – 28.9% (+0)
  2. La’Porsha Renae – 24.2% (+0)
  3. Dalton Rapattoni – 16.9% (+1)
  4. Sonika Vaid – 12% (-1)
  5. MacKenzie Bourg – 9.3% (+1)
  6. Tristan McIntosh – 8.6% (+2)

What do you think of these potential results? Share your thoughts below and get ready for Thursday’s two-hour live show with eliminations and the Top 5’s performances.




  1. Dalton is Most entertaining musically! Absolutely stands out with looks, talent, personality, etc.

    • Dalton was my week 1 pick to be the last GUY standing but the last couple of weeks he has struggled. He still looks the same, he still has the same stage presence he just hasn’t SOUNDED the same. He is the weakest vocally of all 6 not far away from Mackenzie however. Sonika has one of the best voices of any contestants in ANY year not to mention How cute she is. She needs a strong showing this week if voted through. I picked Sonoma in week 1 to win it all!

  2. I agree with Trent Harmon as #1 but believe that Tristan and Sonika’s vocals are far better than Dalton’s vocals, although Dalton has good stage presence.

  3. No judges save so of the predicted bottom two- Mac and Tristan; Tristan will perhaps be the one to go.

  4. Sonika has the BEST VOCAL talent. No on can go Toe to Toe with Sonika VOCALLY! She should win.

    • She’s a snoozer. Tristan got voted off because the judges know she will go far. Without AI, Sonika is a nobody.

  5. I think they should start voting for the best voice not anything else Sonika voice is so powerful n the best – what wrong with them

  6. Comments from Nashville…..Trent is the most vocally talented among the remaining contestants. Dalton has no vocal talent. People voting for him are temporarily smitten but he could not have a long successful career. Olivia Rocks, who has already been sent home, actually had the best voice with the most range, control and potential. It was a shame that we did not get to see more of her! She has serious talent! Sonika has a nice voice but she can’t hit the really high notes that Olivia can. Sonika stays in her comfort zone and sings songs that don’t show her weaknesses. She is not a performer right now; she stands their in a dress and sings like a school girl. She can improve that but right now she isn’t ready. Tristan isn’t ready either. She needs to mature, learn to write songs, play local, small gigs, ….just grow up and become an artist if she is actually able to. She may have a shot in the future but her time isn’t now.
    Honestly I don’t even care to discuss the others because they don’t stand a chance to have substantial music careers.

    • I mostly agree with you. Totally agree about Olivia. She got hosed! Sounds like to me she stood up to production and didn’t want to become one of there puppets. She paid the price for it! She was very talented. Probably the most ready to win this and actually do something with it. Most of the others I don’t see having the careers idol is hoping to be the bookend of the show.
      Dalton needs to go. He might have a future in a band where he isn’t singled out. He can perform well but does not have the vocal ability to become a solo artist.
      Trents good. Just don’t see him doing to much after the show. I may be wrong there but I personally wouldn’t bet on him.
      I feel the same way about Mack and laporsha. No need to go any further.
      I like Sonika but again don’t see her going far in the future. I do like her more than Mack or laporsha though.
      I disagree with you about Tristan. Well kind of. I know she isn’t the best performer or vocalist. But this girl screams super star. She’s very talented and she’s 15. She looks like a star. I’m not so sure she deserves to win based on talent alone but I think she’s what idol needs for there final winner. At least if they want to have the bookend the show should have. This show started off great producing 2 mega stars in the first 4 years. It’s slowly gone down hill after that. Don’t get me wrong there’s been some very good artists since then but nothing compared to Kelly or Carrie. Being that the winner signs with big machine records. With Tristan being a country artist. Scott being able to make something of young country artists. I.E. T. Swift. It just makes sense. I’d bet a lot on Tristan being the only one who we’re talking about 10 years down the road. I think it doesn’t matter if she wins or not but what a way for idol to go out!

      • I totally disagree about your remarks about Dalton. Dalton has great vocals and he also has written some fantastic songs that you can see on UTube or by googling his name. Dalton should win . . . He is so talented! Do your homework please about someone before you judge. Yes, Dalton looks good too but what makes him amazing is that he has a heart too. A heart with talent that shows in the artistry of how he sings a song. Now stop thrashing him and go look at his other videos. He is the most capable with diversity, artistry and pure talent in the competition.
        I really think Dalton should win!!!!

      • Well said! My husband actually knows Dalton and his family and can attest to their genuine quality of character. Dalton is super talented and by far the most experienced of the top 5. I can see him having a long and successful career, whether he wins AI or not. And he should totally win 🙂

  7. I am team Dalton, he is smart, musically talented, his vocals are good as well, and have liked him since he auditioned, and he is going all the way, and will be watching tonight, and good luck Dalton.

  8. Team Dalton all the wa . He has strong stage presence’s . and I feel like he can go a very long way . I hope he makes it to the finale .

  9. All of y’all are wrong now y’all know that LaPorsha Renae is the one with the winning voice fo sho and should be #1 up top

  10. I think La’PorSha is a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice but I would have thought at this point someone would do something about that horrible wig on her head! It’s obvious is a giant wig and you would think their hair dressers at American Idol would have her do something else. As I said earlier she has a gorgeous face I can only imagine how she would look with a decent wig.

  11. Team Dalton all the way! And no, it’s not because he is gorgeous. It’s because he is incredibly talented and works extremely hard to be successful and also to inspire others to achieve their dreams!

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