American Idol 2018 Top 14 Performances [VIDEOS]

American Idol 2018 amped up Sunday night as the Top 14 finalists sang for your votes for the first time this season.

There were some questionable song choices during the night, but for the most part, the Top 14 showed up to win American Idol. The standouts from the night were Michael J. Woodard, Maddie Poppe, Ada Vox, Cade Boehner and Marcio Donaldson.

The judges and producers seemed to really like Gabby Barrett, as she got the “pimp spot” (as classic American Idol fans would call it). I’m not on board with Gabby because I think she’s a better pop singer than a country singer, so I just don’t get what’s going on with that. I still feel like they let go of better country singers earlier in the competition just to keep Gabby.

Michael J. Woodard got that second-to-last spot, which is also a good place, but will that be enough for him to earn America’s votes? He hasn’t had the best edit yet, so a lot of people are just now getting to see how good a performer he is. Will that be enough to save him Monday night? We’ll see.


Some of the strangest song choices of the night were Jonny Brenns, Catie Turner, Michelle Sussett and Mara Justine. And Michelle and Mara were two of the finalists who really needed the perfect song choice to survivor this brutal cut coming up. Remember, four people will go home Monday night, so song choice was crucial this round. I think Catie and Jonny will be fine regardless, but the other two could be in danger over their song choices.

If you missed the performances or want to hear them again, we’ve got them all for you below. Have a listen and let us know what you think. Who had the best performance of the night and who do you think sang their way into the American Idol Top 10?

American Idol 2018 Top 14 Performances