Tonight On American Idol 2018: Top 14 Sings For Your Votes

The American Idol 2018 Top 14 first live show is finally here! Tonight the finalists will, for the first time this season, be singing for your votes.

And if you want your favorite to make it to next week, you’re really going to have to vote, because four people will be going home Monday night. That means the American Idol Top 10 will perform for your votes next week.

But wait, there’s a twist.

The four people with the lowest votes, won’t automatically be sent home, however. Here’s how it will work on Monday night. The six contestants with the most votes from Sunday night’s voting will advance on to the Top 10 and will perform victory songs (to help fill out those two whole hours). That means the eight remaining contestants are all in danger of going home. Those eight finalists will each perform for the judges and they will decide which four move on to the Top 10 and which four go home. So the American Idol judges’ jobs aren’t over just yet.

For tonight, voting will open at the end of the show and will close the following morning, at 9:00 a.m. You can vote online at, in the American Idol app or by text. You can vote 10 times per contestant, per method.

The American Idol 2019 Top 14 finalists singing for your votes:
• Ada Vox
Cade Foehner
Caleb Lee Hutchinson
Catie Turner
Dennis Lorenzo
Gabby Barrett
Garrett Jacobs
Jonny Brenns
• Jurnee
Maddie Poppe
Mara Justine
Marcio Donaldson
• Michael J. Woodard
Michelle Sussett

What do you think of the judges deciding which of the bottom eight vote-gettings go home? The format is really close to Season 15 when the judges had a say in who stays and who goes the first couple rounds of voting, so this is nothing new. I like it, because it means someone really talented could last a little longer so that more people can get to know them and their abilities.

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