Who Wins American Idol 2014? Our Prediction From the Top 11!

We are now down to the American Idol Top 11 this week and rushing rapidly toward the upcoming finale on May 20 & 21. Now that we have a couple of voting results shows under our belt, it’s becoming much more clear who the favorites are with the viewers this season. But who will we say was the finalist who won American Idol 2014 when the last votes come in?

American Idol 2014 Top 11

As of this week, the Las Vegas odds still currently put Sam Woolf as the favorite contestant for who wins American Idol season 13 at 3 to 1.  Majesty Rose York, Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston, and Dexter Roberts round out the top 5 favorites to win for the rest of the remaining contestants.

So who will win American Idol 2014 and do the odds mean anything at this point? Well, we personally think the most likely winner is going to be one of the five contestants above. They are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the pack both in the American Idol Las Vegas betting odds, and in our reader’s polls for the most part as well.

American Idol Las Vegas Odds

While we’re very fond of the rest of the contestants, especially Jessica Meuse and MK Nobilette, it would be a very difficult mountain for them to climb to make it to the top at this point. Actually, we’ll be shocked if poor MK survives another week.

At this stage of the competition, if we had to pick one contestant to predict for who wins American Idol 2014, we’d have to give a slight edge to Sam Woolf. He’s a WGWG (white guy with guitar), a category that often wins, and he is young, cute and decently talented. He’s a formula for getting the powerful tween voting block in particular.

However, we wouldn’t count out Alex Preston, Caleb Johnson, Dexter Roberts or Majesty Rose York as potential winners either. And at this stage of the game, one or two big ‘ wow moment’ performances by an underdog could change up the whole game.




  1. the closest thing to real, polished talent is caleb. but he’s not going to win as he’s not the pretty boy in the bunch this season

  2. I hope Dexter doesn’t win. That would be sad if that’s the best Idol can do for a winner.

  3. Don’t write Jessica Meuse off. She has the most beautiful tone when she sings, a voice that’s distinctly different than the rest of the girls. it’ll be about song choices for Jessica. Everyone last week except Dexter and Caleb sounded bland or generic imo.

    • I agree. I really like her! Her voice reminds me of Stevie Nicks; it’s unique and it’s nice to hear a woman who doesn’t sound like all of the other women singers in the world. Sadly though, I don’t think she’ll win because of that. It seems that AI voters like the people who sound like everyone else.

  4. i want malaya to win this thing.. if she sing the right song for her every week… booom!! gameover to other contestants…:D

    • Yesssssssss I love Malaya she’s different and unique other than the rest of the contestant’s but weather she win this thing or not she WILL be somebody someday best beleive that!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I believe you will see a knock it out of the park performance by Jena
    Irene this week.This will throw the whole reshuffle the whole deck in this competition.

    • Jena Irene is absolutely the entire package; a wealth of talent. If she chooses to sing AND play keys tomorrow night, she will definitely be the standout.

  6. Truth be told Sam Woolf is a one-trick-pony, but that one trick is generally a very powerful one on American Idol so he probably will win.

  7. What the heck malaya got this season and if she dosent win This would have been the worse season ever .

  8. Jessica Meuse is the winner regardless, She is an artist that can sing any song and control her voice with ease.She gives goose bumps every time.Go Jessica.

  9. I think Jena Irene should win it. And Caleb in second place. Jena has an incredible voice and range, and she plays piano. She reminds me of Kelly Clarkson who emerged late in the competition.

  10. Are you kidding? Sam is definitely NOT cute and QUITE boring!!!!! Do you guys REALLY see a pop star when he sings? C”MON PEOPLE!!!!!

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