Who Is Going Home On American Idol Tonight? 3/27/2014

American Idol 2014's Top 9 Contestants

* UPDATE: Find out who went home in our full  recap of the Top 9 elimination results show!

The American Idol 2014 Top 9 performed songs with the band last night and there were some pretty strong performances and some not-so-strong performances. Will the performances actually have an impact on the vote results tonight or will it be the same people from last week?

I’m going to try to figure out who stays and who goes again this week. Last week I was right about who went home, but I had the bottom three off a bit.  So let’s try this again. Remember, these are not based on my opinions. They’re based on performances, polls and past statistics. Things could get tricky again this week.

Who is going home tonight on American Idol 2014?

Definitely safe

Caleb Johnson. Not only is he storming the polls, but his performances have been persistent and this week’s was no different. He’s also the one contestant that is not confused about who he is and what kind of artist he is.

Malaya Watson. I think it might finally be safe to put Malaya in the definitely safe category. She really fought her way back from nearly going home. Her performance last night was another home run so I think she’s just fine tonight.

Alex Preston. Things start getting  a little tricky here because according to our poll, Jena Irene had a better night than Alex, but I’m not ready to put Jena in the definitely safe category. She had too many close calls for that. Alex has been pretty solid so I think things are still looking good for her.

Most Likely Safe (but still in danger)

Jessica Meuse. I still think Jessica is more likely in the definitely safe category, but her results in our poll are less than several others. So I don’t see her going anywhere, but there’s always the slight possibility.

Jena Irene. I think she’ll be safe. She had a great night and was in the pimp spot. I think she’s still got a long way to go if she wants to make it to the finals, but last night was a good start.

Sam Woolf. I think if any of these three were to slip into the bottom it would be Sam. But I think his song choice and performance were good enough to keep him safe tonight.

Possibly the Bottom Three

Dexter Roberts. I don’t understand why, but I think Dexter will again make a trip to the bottom three. I don’t think he’ll be the one to go home but if he is, I think the judges will save him.

C.J. Harris. I think C.J. will find himself back here tonight. I just think he’s confusing viewers with his song choices and ever-changing singing styles.

Majesty Rose. I think she’s in danger once again. Her performance last night was weak and she’s already been in the bottom.

Possibly going home

Majesty. According to our poll, she’s not as low as Dexter or C.J., but I just have a feeling it’ll be her. If it’s not her, it’ll be Dexter and the judges will save him.

Who do you think will be going home tonight on American Idol 2014?